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Design Your Own Engagement Ring with Diamond Mansion

Design Your Own Engagement Ring with Diamond Mansion

Many of us have dreamed and fantasized about our engagement rings, poured over Pinterest, mags and blogs and squealed with admiration over a sparkly stunner. It’s no secret either that many of us may even have had an exact design mind. has a “Design Your Own Engagement Ring” feature, so any bride (or groom!) will be able to design the exact ring she’s always wanted.


Based in Los Angeles and able to ship internationally, is a diamond jeweler that offers equally-appealing and beautiful diamonds at revolutionary prices while keeping their quality goods natural and ethically-sourced. When the design process begins, it’s important to have some light background on diamonds so you know every single detail of the ring you’re going to be wearing forever. Luckily, has an¬†ultra-helpful “” that gives you all you need to know about the 4 C’s of diamonds, setting styles, metal types, and even ring sizes if you’re still playing a guessing game with your ring finger size.

Once you’ve absorbed that much-needed information about diamonds and the other details about your ring,¬†start with your ring setting. has an array of beautiful settings to choose from, like exquisite halos to the always-classic solitaires. After selecting your setting, you’re given free reign to select your chosen diamond shape (shapes if you’re a lover of side stones), the carat size, and the rest of the 4 C’s along with your ring metal and if you want a matching band.

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As soon as you are more than happy with your engagement ring, begins the creation process and it’s their guarantee that you’ll receive your ring in as little as two weeks, with 45-day full money back guarantee and a lifetime upgrade. If designing your own engagement ring is in your future, ‘s process is quick, informative, and easy-to-use. Get inspired and check out these beautiful rings straight from them!

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