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Besides pots and pans, wouldn’t it be fun to able to register for things that aren’t tangible but would go a long way during your first year of being married? Like cooking classes for the two of you, or a weekend trip away, not everything can be added to the traditional wedding registry. Deposit a Gift, has created a wedding registry alternative that allows you, as the couple, to request what you truly want, in a classy way. So whether you would love contributions toward your dream honeymoon to Italy, the down payment for your first home, or cooking classes for two- you can register for whatever you can dream up!

Deposit a Gift lets friends and family contribute monetary gifts towards the dreams and experiences that you both really want, in a registry structure that’s easy for the bride and groom and their guests. It’s a better way of asking for cash, and fun for guests to choose what they would like to contribute to rather than just cutting a check. Don’t we all have guests that would agree on that? They have FREE unlimited cash-outs through direct deposit, personal check or gift card, it couldn’t be simpler. So save your guests the cost of shipping, and register for what really excites you!

If you want to hear what people are saying about the ease and flexibility of the registry process, check out the Deposit a Gift Testimonials, and you won’t need anymore convincing. Happy Registering!

  1. We had some friends do this for their wedding and almost all of their honeymoon was paid for and they got some really cool perks on it to, such as scuba diving trip and things like that, that they normally wouldn’t of been able to afford.

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