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6 Date Night Ideas that Don’t Require Reservations

6 Date Night Ideas that Don’t Require Reservations

Man and woman enjoying an intimate dinner overlooking a lake and mountains

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we’re racking our heads for date night ideas that don’t break the bank or require reservations. So after lots of research we have put together the ultimate date night list that’s both budget friendly and doesn’t require a reservation. Score! Let us know what your favorite date night idea is because we love them all.

A man picks up his wife and kisses her while they are ice skating
Photo by Jana & Simon Photography

Stroll Through a Museum

Fun Fact: Did you know that some credit cards/banks offer discounted or free entry to select museums? Also, some museums allow for discounted tickets on Friday evenings making museums skyrocket to the top of our date night list! Cost effective option? Check.

Drive-In Movie

Super cozy, you can easily bring your own snacks and you can cuddle the entire time! We love drive-in movies for so many reasons but especially love that there really isn’t any advance preparation needed. Just pick your must-see movie, grab a blanket and snacks and your on your way to an incredible date night.

A couple snuggled up together in the back of a pink car surrounded by candles
Photo by Jana & Simon Photography

Cocktail/Mixology Class

We especially love the option for a cocktail/mixology class because you KNOW you’ll be using these new found skills for future date nights and your next party trick. While many classes need to be booked in advance to secure your slot, you can also schedule an at home class or DIY a cocktail class using our good friend, Youtube. There are a ton of cocktail classes showing how to make specific drinks on Youtube so all you’ll need are the materials which you know you’ll be using again and again!

Create a Gourmet Charcuterie Board + Wine Tasting at Home

Just when we thought we couldn’t love cheese and wine more, we thought up creating a gourmet charcuterie board at home with your favorite wines. So whip together your favorite cheeses, crackers, jams, nuts and of course, wine pairings for the ultimate date night to be enjoyed at home picnic style.

Man and woman enjoying an intimate dinner overlooking a lake and mountains
Photo by Amrit Photography

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

For all you sentimental people out there, this one is for you! You can create a custom scavenger hunt that is also a walk down memory lane. Creating the clues to bring you back to your favorite spots, where you met, your first kiss, where you said I love you, well you get the idea. This will not only be a tender new memory for the two of you but will also be so much fun to reminisce on all those special moments you’ve shared together.


As Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec would say: “Treat yoself!” So while some people might be a little hesitant, the absolute glory of a relaxing mani/pedi will just what you need for an incredible date night after a long week at work or wedding planning. You can also make this an at-home spa experience complete with a massage from your favorite person. Yes, please!

There you have it, folks! 6 incredible date night ideas that don’t require reservations and that we know you’ll love. If you happen to have a little extra time on your hands, here are 9 more date night ideas!

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