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Darling Gloves

Darling Gloves

I have to say bridal gloves have always looked tacky to me. But after looking at 1950’s inspired daytime gloves, with the right outfit and attitude, I immediately changed my mind:

Darling Wedding Gloves

(left, Rebekah Westover; right, Wedluxe)

These polka dot fishnet gloves with a tiny bow below are incredibly cute! You can find them from Etsy seller Samantha Sultana (she does not currently carry them, but I’m sure you can shoot her an email if you’re interested). And if you needed some real bride inspiration, let me start with Jackie Kennedy wedding style:

Darling Wedding Gloves

(source 1, 2)

Gloves have been part of women’s accessories for centuries, but reached its peek in the 1950s. It was customary for a lady to wear short gloves (or “shorties”) in the daytime.

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How could I talk about vintage gloves and not mention Audrey Hepburn in one of her movies (she also wore short gloves on her real wedding day, but that deserves a post on its own)? I added this photo of Carrie from Sex and the City to illustrate that gloves can look fashion forward even these days:

Darling Wedding Gloves

(source 1, 2 and 3)

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  • The picture of Audrey is “funny face” (1957). She dances with Fred Astaire wearing that groom. If you like fashion you must see that movie. It shows you how much of fashion icon Audrey was going to be.

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