Crafting the Pronovias Wedding Dress

It has to be said that Pronovias creates some of the most brilliant gowns we’ve ever seen. Though each one is designed differently in the end, all of the painstaking process to make these beautiful creations come from one team of designers, model-makers, pattern-makers, and seamstresses all led by Pronovias’s creative director, Herve Moreau. Within their walls, everything moves like clockwork to produce these internationally-recognized and loved wedding gowns.

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Like the gown seen above, it started off as a sketch from the Pronovias design team. As soon as the outline is finalized, the team communicates to the dress model makers every fine detail, from the way the wedding dress flows to the materials used to create the final product. As soon as this process is complete, the pattern-makers take over and begin piecing together the dress on the mannequin with toile fabric until they are confident enough to begin creating the dress with the actual fabric to be used for the wedding dress.

Following this, the pattern-makers begin the very meticulous task of creating the paper pattern of the dress. Pronovias wedding gowns are decorated in detail, so this step can be quite lengthy as some dresses are made up to 300 different parts.

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The last remaining steps consist of cutting the dress out of the final, intended fabric; sewing each piece together; adding any of the timeless Pronovias appliqués and embellishments; creating manufacturing instructions on how to recreate the dress to be sold; and final pricing. Over 80 hours are put into just one of these show-stopping gowns and with Pronovias seen as a innovative bridal house, wearing one of these on your wedding day will have you feeling on top of the world.

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