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A Coral & Blush Wedding at Chateau Saint Georges

A Coral & Blush Wedding at Chateau Saint Georges

Coral Blush Wedding Chateau Saint Georges

Today’s French Riviera wedding at Chateau Saint Georges – the kind of historic grande-dame hotel that would tickle Wes Anderson – was exquisitely designed by Nomad Republic. A ballroom ceremony flooded with natural light transports us to Eden… if Eden traded au naturale sensibilities for vintage Dior heels and Elizabeth Taylor wedding dress vibes. Sprouting out from the billowing greenery accenting the aisle and wild arch backdrop were cafe au lait dinner plate dahlias, autumn-kissed limelight hydrangeas, waxy anthurium with a just peachy sheen and romantic rose varieites among other darling blooms. We could wander this indoor garden from Floraison Paris for eternity! A rioutously good time followed the classically elegant ceremony. The diner tables were laden with blue velvet table numbers, seashell-crowned busts, vintage sea green plates and clouds of textural dyed foliage to name a few of the headliner design moments. What can we say? Celine Chhuon‘s images have found a way to transcend the barriers of time and space as they immerse us fully in Tara & Gabriel’s South of France love story. Ready to bear witness to this timeless wedding at Chateau Saint Georges with us? Allons y.

Coral Blush Wedding Chateau Saint Georges

From the Planner, Nomad Republic: Tara & Gabriel tied the knot at Chateau Saint Georges in the beautiful hillside of Grasse, France. Their wedding had been postponed three times due to Covid and was supposed to happen at the end of this summer when they decided that they couldn’t wait any longer and sealed their love in the fall of 2021. Their wedding was supposed to be set entirely outside but nothing went as planned and they received the only day of rain in Grasse that September.

They started their 3-day wedding festivities with a welcome party at a restaurant terrace with sea views in scenic Villefranche-Sur-Mer. The weather forecasts for the next day, THE day, weren’t optimistic: heavy rains and thunderstorms so we had no choice but to move their black-tie al fresco affair to indoors.

We chose Saint Georges‘ grand „Salon Napoleon”, with its spectacular views of the Grasse Valley, as a set up for their Jewish ceremony. With its beautiful French window walls and rich decoration ceilings, it was the perfect backdrop for their celebration.

After a lavish aperitif by the indoor pool to the groovy sound of pop accoustic music, dinner was served in the Chateau’s gardens where a rain-proof crystal tent has been set up for the occasion.

For the table designs, the bride had a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve: a chic intersection between glamour and whimsy with a vintage flair.

Their florist created lovely floral centerpieces in champagne and peachy colors to contrast with the soft blue touches brought by the candles and napkins. Mismatched French dish ware, and velvet table numbers crafted by Tara’s mom added a vintage flair to the decor. And for the touch of whimsy, in lieu of centerpieces, Greek busts embellished with seashell crowns were placed on some dinner tables. The focal point of the reception designs was two floral clouds suspended over the head table.

Between each course, the couple and their guests hit the dance floor for the hora and other traditional dances. Their dinner reception ended with a speech by the bride & groom who invited everyone to join them inside the Chateau for cake cutting and their first dance, signaling them that the evening was segueing to PARTY mode.

The next day, the sun has returned and Tara & Gabriel’s wedding weekend ended with a barbecue brunch in the Chateau’s gardens.

Coral Blush Wedding Chateau Saint Georges
Coral Blush Wedding Chateau Saint Georges
Coral Blush Wedding Chateau Saint Georges
Coral Blush Wedding Chateau Saint Georges
Coral Blush Wedding Chateau Saint Georges

From the Bride: Our wedding was a marriage of cultures, languages, religions and countries. Like many covid weddings, our Day was nothing like we expected, however, in a strange way, even better.

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I chose to design my own dress, based on a vintage dress Elizabeth Taylor wore to one of her many weddings. After only 3 visits to bridal stores, I knew I wanted something more unique. I sat down with my dressmaker Laurent Kapelski and showed him everything I wanted, and he sent me a drawing within a few days. I cried and went on the long process of creating the dress with him.

To go with the vintage inspired gown, I made a selection of 200 vintage dresses on Etsy and asked my bridesmaids to wear a mix of vintage dresses in blush and champagne tones, which matched the decor and the chateau. I also got each of my bridesmaids different vintage peignoirs to get ready in. In the 3 years I had to plan my wedding, I was lucky enough to find the most beautiful hand beaded vintage Christian Dior heels, which were the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen.

Nothing in our wedding went according to plan. However, I think the intimate yet cramped inside setting of the ceremony looked even more magical and gorgeous in the end.

Coral Blush Wedding Chateau Saint Georges
Coral Blush Wedding Chateau Saint Georges
Coral Blush Wedding Chateau Saint Georges

We could marvel at Tara & Gabriel’s wedding at Chateau Saint Georges until it crystallized in our memory forever. Though we’re confident it wouldn’t take long. The French Riviera nuptials, in all their blooming glory, are a perfect lesson in collaboration between color, storytelling and place. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Wedding Vendors:
Venue: Chateau Saint Georges
Planner: Nomad Republic
Photographer: Celine Chhuon
Video: Ben Walton Films
Florist: Floraison Paris
Wedding Dress: Laurent Kapelski
Makeup & Hair: Joana JM Ronquillo
Caterer: Jerome Ravel
DJ: Thomas Dusseune
Photo Assistant: Camy Duong
Rentals: Maison Options
Tabletop: Madame de la Maison
Jewelry: Chopard & Cynthia Findlay Jewels & Antiques
Tuxedo: Boggi
Bridesmaid dresses: Etsy
Shoes: Dior via Les Merveilles de Babellou

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