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Coordinate Your Wedding App + Site with Appy Couple

Coordinate Your Wedding App + Site with Appy Couple

You may have already noticed that most of your guests are turning to their phones to search for information about your wedding, whether that’s for your registry, wedding location, or engagement photos. What Appy Couple offers is an app that resolves and encapsulates everything you digitally need to share about your wedding day. They are famous for their amazing designs that are customizable as well as easy to install with just the click of a button. Their easy to use apps paired with their stylish modern designs are what makes Appy Couple the best wedding app available. They are now offering matching wedding websites and new designs to boot!

When you set up your app, a coordinating wedding website is automatically created for free! A matching wedding website will reach guests without smartphones, so no one is left out. Appy Couple is getting ready to release brand new wedding websites, and Ruffled readers get an exclusive sneak peek! The new Appy websites are even more beautiful and easier to use. The best part? If you sign up today for Appy Couple, you’ll get the premium upgrade for free!

So after seeing these examples we can all agree their designs are amazing, yes? And these are just a few of over 300 designs to choose from. Now, let’s talk about the installation. It requires no technical skills. You can choose any design and change it at anytime, too. Perhaps their designs will spark ideas and you’ll want to design your whole wedding around your app 🙂 A one-time fee gives you the entire suite, with unlimited photo uploads, unlimited guests, unlimited stories, unlimited events—we would never put a limit on sharing! Plus, all future updates are included. And app downloads are always free for you and your guests.

The apps are compatible across multiple platforms, so it works on iPhone, iPad, Android, and web. Being available on all digital platforms opens the gate for guests to know everything they need for your wedding in your app, making Appy Couple the most social and stylish way to share your wedding. One of my personal favorite features is that guests can upload photos of your wedding into your app. You can view all photos, taken from all guests in just one place without the need to filter for hashtags in a public website.

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Among fun features and beautiful designs, their privacy options are incredible. We don’t just mean privacy as in keeping it away from the public, their privacy settings also allow you to choose which guests are allowed to view certain content and information. Don’t need your long-lost cousin at the rehearsal dinner? He won’t be able to see that event, but those invited will. Don’t want drama if you mom’s coworker sees photos from the bridal brunch? You can choose to section off access to this gallery for her.

Appy Couple is offering a discount to all Ruffled readers! Just enter the promo code APPYRB25 at checkout and pay only $25 for your Appy Couple account.

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