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Marie Antoinette-Inspired Wedding

Marie Antoinette-Inspired Wedding

When Miles and Corina started to plan their wedding, they decided on two big factors. First, they were going to get hitched across the country in San Francisco, in the city where they started dating. Secondly, they were going to take inspiration from the original fashionista herself, Marie Antoinette. That combination, along with an awesome antique store venue, Rojo Foto, and those sunny SF skies gives us today’s supremely pretty wedding. This color palette is so fresh and fun! Congratulations, you two!

marie antoinette la wedding

From the bride. We wanted our wedding to have a very romantic and vintage feel to it, with a touch of quirkiness…and for both of our personalities and style to truly reflect through it. Our theme inspiration came from Marie Antoinette. I’ve always loved Marie Antoinette’s fashion aesthetic, so we tried to work in that whole era but still make it about us and a little more modernized. Since we were going with the whole Marie Antoinette look, we used a lot of those colors from that era only much richer.

marie antoinette la wedding

marie antoinette la wedding

marie antoinette la wedding

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to do a lot of DIY projects to make it more personal and unique….and it was so wonderful to have our family and friends be a big part of that. My bridesmaid Liz has always been so crafty, so whenever I would find something that I loved or an idea that I had she insisted she make it! She made my veil, my garter, the vintage button and flower boutonnieres, and the bride and bridemaids’ bouquets.

marie antoinette la wedding

marie antoinette la wedding

marie antoinette la wedding
We wanted our wedding to be in San Francisco, which is where we had our first date. We were looking for something very unique and a place that had chandeliers galore! We stumbled upon this antique shop which was aboslutely amazing, and they had just started to open up their place for weddings. It was exactly what we were looking for….quaint, rustic, romantic, intimate and chandeliers everywhere!

marie antoinette la wedding

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marie antoinette la wedding
Any advice for brides planning their weddings now? Let your wedding be completely you because in the end you’re the one who has to look back and know that it was YOUR perfect day. Take in every moment from the beginning of being engaged to being married because it all goes by way too fast! Definitely invest in a great photographer, because you want to make sure you have someone capture every sentimental moment.

marie antoinette la wedding

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Wedding Vendors (San Francisco, CA):

Ceremony and reception location(s): The Ambiance Venue / Florist: arranged by Bride and Bridesmaids / Photographer: Rojo Foto / Wedding Dress: Jinza Jin / Veil and button boutonnieres: My Darling Dearest / Shoes: Asos / Vintage buttons and doilies: Creative Crafters / Bridesmaid Dresses: family friend / Groom’s suit: JCrew/ Groom’s tie: Macy’s / DJ: DJ Kool Kuts / Caterer: A family friend, Yolanda / Wedding Cupcakes: That Takes The Cake

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  • love this wedding! love how they went with a “theme”, but made it their own.

  • This is one of the most beautiful and fashionable brides I’ve ever seen. I love everything about this wedding.

  • oooo i love her single lace fingerless glove!!! that is so pretty! what a lovely wedding ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ok, this is beautiful for so many reasons! One — infusing their personality. Two — tons of quirky details without being over the top. Three — diviiine photography! I really loved this wedding! The style reminds me a lot of my own ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love the detail in the photography like the crowd in the mirror while the bride and groom are cutting the cake!!!

  • This is an absolutely beautiful wedding, but realistically has very little to do with Marie Antoinette. It is more similar to the “vintage” style that is popular with most weddings nowadays.

    Obviously I have nothing against this couple, and wish them many happy years – but as a historian I feel it is important to mention that I’m not sure what aspect is Marie Antoinette/18th century inspired.

  • This wedding is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! The bride is stunningly beautiful and they make such a cute couple. I love her style: jewelry, accessories, shoes, etc. & those boutonnieres were so creative. I believe Marie Antoinette would have been proud to be an inspiration in this wedding with the brocade bridesmaids dresses, colors, venue, chandeliers, etc-Modern Marie (how sweet). She had a nice balance between vintage, modern, and 18th century – a new twist on old things. Absolutely DIVINE!!!!!

  • oooo…and I forgot to comment on her dress…I LOVE IT!!!

  • I love this Marie Antoinette inspeired wedding! The pictures are beautiful, and that dress is amazing!!! I love that this doesn’t have a literal “historical” Marie Antoinette look, it looks like a Modern twist to Marie. it reminds me a bit of the Marie Anotinette movie with Kirsten Dunst. And I’m pretty sure the article said the bride was taking INSPIRATION from Marie Antoinette, not a literal “historical” theme. Oh, and I too would like to know where the bride got her necklace? I love that color purple!

  • Did you DIY your headband also? It is so cute. All of your DIY projects turned out splendid.

  • Thank you all for your wonderful comments! It is truly so flattering to be on this amazing wedding blog…throughout the entire planning process I got so much inspiration and ideas just by looking at this blog along with many others.

    Allie & Cheeky Baby, I actually got my purple necklace at an antique shop ๐Ÿ™‚

    Margaret, My headband was made by one of my bridesmaids who has a website on etsy called My Darling Dearest…I have an original headband just like it that I got from an antique store….and thought it would look absolutely perfect in Ivory for my wedding day!

  • This Wedding is like a Dream come true, you have to see more photo’s to see every detail that was inspired by both the Bride & Groom.

    You both seem so happy and you can tell you put a lot of thought into every thing you created yourself. I really think that you were the most beautiful bride I have every seen, and your dress fit you like a glove and was “PERFECT”. The photo with you on the stair with your dress was Amazing, I love the shots of the wedding party and signature “Frame” with everyones thumb print.

    You definitely have a UNIQUE Style and a BEAUTIFUL smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This wedding was gorgeous beyond words! Too, love the long photo of the bridesmaids… truly cool! <3

  • Is it possible for me to contact your family friend that made the bridesmaids’ dresses? I’m impressed.

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