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Colorful Foresthill Wedding

Colorful Foresthill Wedding

Not only does The Goodness deliver awesome wedding images, they also provide the wedding invitation suite for many of their couples – including Ryan and Rene’s wedding. This big day is filled with bright and whimsical paper goods right down to the signs for the (many) dessert items.

colorful wedding invitations

From the bride, René: Our wedding style evolved quite a bit over the year we had to plan it. The only staples we started out with were fun, colorful, good food, a ton of desserts, and stay true to who we are. It just evolved from there. Quite a few people tried to deter us from color, and to stick to just one or two colors or else it would get “too busy.” And to that we said, “challenge accepted!” We never even considered a run-of-the-mill wedding. Anything we could do differently we shot for. The most difficult part was figuring out how to include all the ideas we had without it seeming like a garage sale. Our biggest issue was too many ideas. In the end we figured out a way to include travel, food, color, and a lot of humor. And it all started with a pop-up save the date card.

soft pink bouquets

Colorful Foresthill Wedding // photo by The Goodness

whimsical wedding invitations

Colorful Foresthill Wedding // photo by The Goodness

fabric boutonnieres

Our color scheme started as everything “I want the rainbow… without it looking like a rainbow.” From there my now-husband and Lisa from The Goodness had to reel me in. After many drafts of color palettes we all finally got to our color scheme. Which ended up being an array of tropical colors, which our wedding coordinator fondly referred to as a field of wild flowers. We ended with and offset rainbow in multiple shades of coral, orange, yellow, lime, teal, blue and orchid.

multicolored bridesmaids dresses

Colorful Foresthill Wedding // photo by The Goodness

outdoor wedding ceremonies

outdoor wedding ceremonies

Colorful Foresthill Wedding // photo by The Goodness

groom and groomsmen

The biggest challenge was figuring out the centerpieces, which actually ended up helping us define our theme. I was really stuck on having something besides a bouquet as the centerpiece. We had been to nearly a dozen weddings in the last year at which candy bars were extremely popular. One thing we kept noticing was it would be nearly demolished by the time dinner started because people just couldn’t stay away from an entire table of delicious treats. Dessert tables turn every adult into a sugar crazed 5 year old. Then we had an epiphany, why not just put a plate of desserts at each table! That was a turning point that clearly made desserts a focal point of the wedding, in fact the centerpieces. That then turned into a travel theme with each table becoming a place we’d traveled, with a corresponding dessert for the centerpiece.

photo booth accessories

Colorful Foresthill Wedding // photo by The Goodness

travel themed weddings

Colorful Foresthill Wedding // photo by The Goodness

travel themed weddings

Colorful Foresthill Wedding // photo by The Goodness

indoor wedding receptions

Any advice for couples planning their weddings now? If you decide to take on DIY project, start as early as possible if you have the space to store it. Otherwise you’ll stress yourself out more than necessary. When everyone tells you your wedding day will go by “so quickly”, it will. DO plan for even 30 minutes of quite time with just the two of you, you’ll need it, and appreciate that you did. Remember that this is YOUR wedding (however that doesn’t mean to become a bridezilla). While there might be parts you have to compromise because of budget or time, remember why you’re planning this. Everyone around you will be so excited, that they’ll want to help and just want to see you happy, don’t be afraid of that.

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wedding cake signs

Colorful Foresthill Wedding // photo by The Goodness

graphic design menus

Colorful Foresthill Wedding // photo by The Goodness

wedding cake alternatives

outdoor wedding portraits

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Wedding Music:
Pre-ceremony Seating: A mix of songs from the Vitamin String Quartet, specifically Michael Jackson, Cold Play, Muse and White Stripes
Bridal Party Processional: “All I Want Is You,” performed by Vitamin String Quartet
Bride’s Processional: “Thousand Years,” performed by Vitamin String Quartet
During cocktail hour we had a mix of Beatles, Brubeck, motown, and of course Richard Cheese. We really tried any way we could to sneak things in that would be comical, but you’d only catch if you were paying attention.
First Dance: “LOVE,” Nat King Cole
For our open dancing at the wedding we took all the requested songs from our mad-lib RSVP’s and had that added to our song list. That was mixed in with top 40’s. There were quite a bit of outlandish songs I had never heard of, but one was The Hokey Pokey, followed by Rydin’ Dirty. We had a fantastic DJ though that figured out a way to make it all transition smoothly.

Wedding Location: Foresthill, CA / Photographer, Videographer, and Paper Goods: The Goodness / Bouquet: Bride, Rene’s Fab Lab / Table Floral Arrangements: El Dorado Floral Design / Wedding Venue, Coordinator, Caterer, Cake, and Cupcakes: Forest House Lodge / Wedding Dress: Maggie Soterro via Enchanted Bridal / Hair and Makeup: Luxe Image / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Enchanted Bridal and J. Crew / Groom’s Suit: R. Douglas Designs / Groomsmen’s Suits: Crown Tailor / Desserts: Sweet Cakes by Rebecca / Caramels: Piece of Love Pie / Haupia, Cookies, Marshmallows: Bride’s family / Wedding Music: Hits Entertainment

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  • So, so cute! I love the stationary Lisa!!! Such a great job, and the bouquets- so gorgeous! I was just up at the Forest House Lodge a couple weeks ago- they’ve done so many awesome improvements- love it! 😉

  • LOVE your theme and how you incorporated it all throughout the planning. Great job! We are planning our wedding for August 1, 2014 at Forest House Lodge!

    I also got some Polaroid cameras. Trying to figure out how to use them for the event…did you do a DIY photo booth or have everyone take a picture for you to keep in an album? Interested to know your take on it.

    • Hi Laina!
      We actually used The Goodness for our photobooth. We’ve been to number of weddings where they set up and iPad and it was self service. But realistic you could do Polaroids and just ask your guest to swing by and take a picture of themselves. We did see one where they had their guest book right next to the photobooth table and people inserted the picture then signed the book.

      The front nook in the bar area would be perfect for booth like that 🙂

      Best wishes! And give Kathryn a hug for me 🙂

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