30 Color Wedding Dresses That Are Positively Perfect For Fall Brides

Color Wedding Dresses Alice Mahran

There’s a special place in our hearts for color wedding dresses. Not only do they look MAGICAL every time, they are the perfect way to show off personality and style. And hey, white wedding dresses only became a tradition after Queen Victoria wowed in her own. So for anyone wanting to be a tastemaker, we beg you to consider this bright idea. Instead of hoarding these images any longer, we are sharing them with you with the hopes that even more nonwhite wedding dress love can go around. Cheers, friends!
blush ruffled wedding dress
Photo by Alice Mahran

First, we owe this couture ruffled gown in a dusty rose hue a moment of silence and respect because oh-my-gosh it’s unreal!
green wrap dress with high slit
Photo by Heather Payne Photography with a gown by Givenchy
And then we have this sexy (but equally cozy?) almost-wrap dress from Givenchy in a beautiful sage green. Hello, earth tones for fall!
embroidered v-back wedding dress
Photo by Alexandra Grant with a gown by Marchesa
As if that wasn’t good enough, we had to stumble across this v-back gown with floral embroidery that would make even Miranda Priestly smile.
hot pink wedding dress with groom in white tux
Photo by Alexandra Grant with a gown by Marchesa
We’ll save you some commentary as you browse the divine beauty below!
gold wedding dress with tulle maxi skirt
Photo by Corbin Gurkin with a gown by Emily Riggs
pink wedding dress with floral appliques
Photo by KT Merry with a gown by Marchesa
pink wedding dress with ruffles
Photo by Cambria Grace with a gown by Naeem Khan
red wedding dress with traditional Asian headpiece
Photo by Erich Mcvey
pink and red floral printed wedding dress
Photo by Let’s Frolic Together with a gown by Naeem Khan
The silence can’t last long though, oops! Not when we have this pink + red floral printed gown from an indie desert wedding. We’d like to frame this one, please.
velvet mustard wedding dress
Photo by Jen Rodriguez
blue embellished wedding dress with flutter sleeves
Photo by Kaity Brawley with a gown by Gossamer
All hail the dusty blues with flutter sleeves!
embroidered wedding dress
Photo by Erika Delgado
mustard wedding dress with colored veil
Photo by MK Sadler with a gown by Emily Riggs
Mustard gowns like this one are the perfect complement to a coastal soiree.
blue wedding dress with bridal bouquet
Photo by Heather Payne Photography with a gown by Marchesa
long sleeve beaded wedding dress with custom made groom suit
Photo by Kaoverii Silva
And colorfully beaded bodices are equally as charming for a mountain fete.
embellished blue wedding dress
Photo by Charla Storey with a gown by Gossamer
dusty rose wedding dress with tulle skirt
Photo by Kiive Photography
Heck, these colorful wedding gowns work in every destination across the globe!
embroidered floral bridal gown
Photo by KT Merry with a gown by Marchesa
beige wedding dress with off-the-shoulder straps
Photo by Alejandro Cerdena
We love the way they invite texture + unique silhouettes to center stage. Cause let’s face it, if you’re not afraid to wear color on the wedding day, then you’re not afraid of anything! Boldness is your middle name.
beige wedding dress with off-the-shoulder straps
Photo by Maria Lamb
lace bodice with mauve tulle skirt bridal attire
Photo by Carrie King Photography with a gown by Sweet Caroline Styles
backless wedding dress with pink and gold
Photo by Julian N Photography
And why not go for a couple colors with a two-tone dress – blush + glitz + sophisticated bow.
periwinkle wedding dress
Photo by Vicki Grafton Photography with a gown by Carol Hannah from this desert oasis workshop
light gold wedding dress with hydrangea bouquet
Photo by Maria Lamb with a gown by Emily Riggs
emerald wedding dress with v-neck
Photo by Maria Lamb with a gown by Gossamer
We only have eyes for this ethereal emerald beaut!
beige wedding dress with flowy skirt
Photo by Tyler Rye with a gown by Cathy Telle
pink embroidered wedding dress with cobalt blue groom suit
Photo by Michael & Carina Photography with a gown by Monique Lhuillier
That is until this cheerful pink gown introduced itself into our lives.
twopiece wedding dress with mustard skirt
Photo by Kate Osborne with a gown by Gossamer
wedding dress with gold threads - photo by Jamie Rae Photo https://ruffledblog.com/serenity-blue-wedding-inspiration
Photo by Jamie Rae Photo with a gown by Gossamer from this serenity blue wedding inspiration
beaded v-neck wedding dress
Photo by Tara Bielecki with a gown by Claire Pettibone
We’re wrapping it up on a high note with another v-neck wedding dress boasting a colorfully embroidered bodice. There’s no stopping these incredible ladies who took a chance and stayed the game. And full disclosure, we could never pick a favorite because they’re all. too. good. So don’t be afraid to paint outside the lines for your wedding if these styles are speaking your language. Because at the end of the day, your mantra should be this: “You do you.” And perhaps also, “Live colorfully!”

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