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With wedding planning and its endless to-do lists, there is nothing better than a little pampering and reinvigorating your skin care routine for the big day. The folks at Clarisonic sent me a Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing last month to test it, and I gladly scratched that off of Christmas list. The Mia is small, cordless and super gentle on the skin – perfect for my low maintenance self. The cleanser is exceptionally great if you wear make up everyday. Since it deeply cleans your skin and pores, the skin becomes a smooth canvas for faster moisturizer and make up absorption.

Here’s the best part: we’re giving away one Mia Sonic to one lucky reader!

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2. Leave a comment here telling us what your skin care routine is

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We will announce the winner this Friday, November 26th!

  • Cambria Harris

    Wow this is spectacular!!
    My skin care routine is probably not the best for me. I don’t cake on the makeup but on those days where my face is feeling *blah* the make up can get a little much. At night I take off my eye make up with vaseline and then I wash my face with water and a washcloth. After that I use an alcohol pad to zap my blemishes. Although that dries out my face a lot and I already have overly dry skin so I have a night moisturizer I use after.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!! It would be so fantastic to have the Mia!


  • Amanda Wright

    Since make up is a part of my everyday life, my skin care routine involves lots of cleansing, including a daily facial scrub, and moisturizing. I love the feeling of clean, smooth skin. The dedication pays off though. The compliment I get most is that I have beautiful skin.

    p.s. Ruffled is my absolute favorite Web site right now. I found the link from Minted … another one of my favorites. I’m planning my spring wedding and am loving the inspiration from the beautiful weddings you’ve shared. Keep up the great work!

  • Sarah @ Dream in Domestic

    My skin routine is simple: moisturizer every day, a gentle wash every morning and night and a scrub alternating nights.

  • Egill

    I wash my face twice a day with a natural soap I bought in the Northern Peruvian Sierra. I follow this up with a moisturizer that has SPF 30. Aveeno has a nice one. I never wear make-up, except on extremely rare occasions. Let’s say maybe half a dozen times a year :)

    I also regularly use a Mary Kay face mask for exfoliation, and a lip mask called Soft Lips for the same effect.

  • Rebecca

    My skin care routine is pretty basic and simple. First, I wash my face with a gentle cleanser. Second, I put toner on my face. Third, I put moisturizer on (this is key!) my face and neck. Finally, I dot some eye cream under my eyes. Love this giveaway! I’ve always wanted a clarisonic!!

  • Casey Bohne

    My skin care routine involves Clear + Clear face wash, astringent + moisturizer in the AM and PM + various night and eye creams before bed… I lather on Vitamin E and/or Vaseline when my skin needs a lottle extra TLC

  • Julie

    Nothing too crazy. I just use a cleanser(just bought the Trader Joe’s wash with tea tree oil) and a moisturizer.

  • Amy

    Every evening I wash with Tea tree oil facial cleanser from the Body Shop and use Arbonne’s skin conditioning oil. In the morning after I shower I use a Vitamin E face lotion before applying my makeup.

  • I have a strict regimen of not washing my face at night, but religiously washing it in the morning. It has worked (thank to mineral make up) thus far, mixed with a facial a few times a year to deep cleanse. Having the Clarisonic Mia would help a lot too!

  • Sarah VP

    I have had stubborn acne since highschool. Its not intense, but I usually have a small pimple somewhere on my face at all times, an I am super oily. I have tried everything and would love to win a Mia! Currently I wash my face every morning and evening with Eminence Mineral Face Wash, and in the morning I use Eminence Pink Grapefruit C-Gel as my daily moisturizer (it fights acne and keeps my face from getting greasy), and every other night I use a Retin-A gel prescribed by my derm. I try to exfoliate 2-3 times per week with Burt’s Bees Apricot Scrub. I really need to get my skin looking fantastic by my August wedding. Help!

  • Sarah Jayne

    Fab!! My skin needs HELLLLLLLLP. Currently, I use an exfoliating wash 3x a week, makeup removing pads at night, and a tinted moisturizer during the day.

  • Deanna

    I wash my face every morning with a foaming cleanser and I use make up remover wipes at night. I need to do more though!

  • Milena

    I switch products a lot, trying to find something that works for me, but basically cleanse in the morning , moisturize, and makeup, and I always, always (try) and wash my makeup before I head off to bed.

    Thanks for the give away, and keep up all the great inspiration!

  • Megan

    My skincare routine is pretty elaborate. My bf constantly teases me that I’m never going to age! But I work at a dermatology office and have access to everything!!
    AM routine: I wash my face with Aveeno positively radiant pads, I apply Neocutis Lumiere on my eyes, Topix DNA repair to my face, Replenix antioxidant defense serum to my face and neck, and then lastly I add Revale day cream with SPF. Then I put my makeup on- a little Clinique sheer tint moisturizer with more SPF and mascara!
    For the PM routine: I wash again with my Aveeno pads, apply Topix 10x retinol to my face and neck and let soak in for about 30 minutes. Then I finish up with Revale eye cream and the Revale night cream!
    And yes, that’s everyday…I’ll use anything I can to slow the aging process. I’ll always turn to creams before I’d choose fillers or surgery.
    I’ve read that the Mia will help everything absorb better, I’d love to try it!!

  • Carly

    I fell into the viscous cycle of wearing more makeup, which caused me to breakout more, which cause me to layer on my makeup, which made my skin even worse….Finally I had to put a stop to this and try something new. Instead of covering my face in thick concealer everyday, I tried a tinted moisturizer with SPF. Instantly my face felt 10 lbs lighter, my skin got miraculously better, and best of all…I didn’t need as much makeup!

    I have also accumulated some not-so-cute dark pigment spots, so I am eager to try new products to help exfoliate and renew my skin. I need this Mia Sonic!

  • My skin care routine is easy – wash with dove soap and apply moisturizer twice a day (in the morning and before bed). This looks great!

  • Carolina

    My routine is fairly simple – facial cleanser and lotion with SPF in the morning, Ponds facial wipes after the gym and again before bed.
    Would love to add the Mia sonic to my routine!

  • Kerry

    My routine is also faily simple. A gentle exfoliating cleanser every day, followed by moisturizer w/ SPF. If I wear makeup (I wear it seldom these days), I use oil free makeup remover, wash my face, and moisturize again. And for my eyes, I use a moisturizer at night and a repair serum in the morning to reduce puffyness. This gadget would be fantastic to have! Thanks Clarisonic and Ruffled!

  • a friend of mine who’s going to get married this dec is going for regular facials once a week and stocking up on collagen drink and other goodies so that she will look extra pretty on her big day. I told her she’s making me feel so under-prepared for mine! All I did was buying 3 cheap facial masks and puting them on whenever i can remember in the last few weeks leading up to my wedding. This post, again, made me feel so under-prepared and wish that i had seen this earlier…

  • Heather

    One word…simple. I apply eyeshadow and mascara in the morning and clean my face with Aveeno in the shower the next morning. Perhaps this would persuade me to clean my face at night;-)

  • Marissa

    i wash with a gentle cleanser, my favorites are clinique mild liquid soap and philosophy purity made simple. Then I use retin-a, pca collagen moisturizer, vitamin e oil under my eyes, and obagi c rx c-exfoliating day lotion.

  • Julie

    my routine isn’t very sophisticated. I use moisturizer twice a day and wash my face in the shower. I think something like this could really help!

  • Sarah

    Love this! And they’re cute too!
    I wash, tone & moisturize. I also need to get in the better habit of always taking my makeup off at night!!
    Thank you!

  • Amanda I

    I usually wash my face morning and night and use Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Blemish cream after. pretty simple!

  • Jessica

    I have dry skin so I really have to take care of my skin specially in winter season, yet my routine is simple. Every morning I wash my face, every two days I exfoliate with a lovely apricot scrub, and apply a very moisturizing lotion (so far Neutrogena is what works for me). At night I remove my makeup with Neutrogena Cleansing towelettes, wash my face and apply a night cream. :) I do this everyday and it helps lock the moisture in my face during really cold days!

  • Liz

    My skin care routine is very basic – I wash and moisturize my face twice a day, usually with acne fighting products. I’m in my 20’s, and I still have acne like a teenager. I’ve always had pretty bad acne since I was about 11, and I’d love a product like the Clarisonic Mia that would cleanse and exfoliate my skin to help to get rid of these embarrassing pimples! I look at other women my age and wonder if I’ll ever have clear, smooth skin.

  • staceys

    Cetaphil cleanser in the morning and evening, Kiehls mosturizer and Aveda SPF tinted moisturizer for when I wear makeup. Its nice to see all the simple and fresh routines girls are doing. Yeah for simple skin care!

  • Joanna K.

    My skincare routine is pretty much all Philosophy products. I love them and have been using the Purity cleanser for about 12 years now. I use the miracle worker line at night and the When Hope is not enough spf in the am. I am blessed with great skin from my mom’s genes so if miss a day I still doing ok.

    Although if I won a Clarisonic I wouldn’t want to miss. I’ve been eyeing one for a year now.

  • Stephanie

    I like to make sure I use natural, paraben-free products, and so I use a pineapple-based scrub morning and night, with an astringent/toner at night to help cut back on oil because my skin is still very oily and prone to breakouts. My doctor actually recommended the Clarisonic to me because I am 24 and still have acne!

  • dolly

    I’m 25 and I wear a light foundation powder and mascara every day. I also have combination, acne-prone skin. My current skin care routine has worked pretty well for me, but with all the stresses of wedding planning, my acne has been flaring up…yikes! I cleanse with Philosophy Purity Made Simple, then apply Paul Thomas Roth AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel. After that, I use Philosophy Eye Hope and then apply Korres Balancing Moisturizer all over. I exfoliate three times a week and use Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque twice a week. I’d LOVE to incorporate the Clarisonic Mia into my routine!

  • Kaycie

    My skin care routine is pretty basic. I just use an exfoliating scrub with salicylic acid every morning, and when this time of year comes around I use Clean and Clear moisturizer. Nothing like a good old North Dakota winter to dry out your skin! I actually have been wanting to try something new and this cleanser looks awesome.

  • no matter how tired – ALWAYS wash face before bed!!

    that, and… SPF – 50, baby! i hope to be pale and wrinkle-free forever :)

  • Natalie

    Lets see…Burts Bees cleanser in the morning, and then Neutrogena at night. Aren’t you supposed to grow out of acne???!! I need help!

  • Rhonda

    I’m pretty simple. Aveeno’s face wash and both eye and face moisturizer. I think I should be doing little more though as I’m approaching a new decade. Mia would be sooo helpful!

  • Krista

    My skincare regimine is pretty simple: wash with Bliss milk cleanser, use some stridex if I’m breaking out. Done.

  • Courtney

    My skincare routine is very simple. I was with a gentle cleanser and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!!

  • Judith

    I have pretty bad skin, so both morning and night I was my skin with a benzyl perioxide face wash, witch hazel toner and then salycilic acid lotion. I do an occasional wrinkle cream or deep exfoliation.
    I found that by barely touching my face even when applying face wash and lotion, it reduces my breakouts dramaticly.

  • Kitty

    The Clarisonic is so cute! I love the colors!
    I use Nuetrogena 3 step Anti Acne every day. That paired with mineral makeup keeps me break-out free!

  • Ana

    My routine is pretty simple. I use Boscia’s cleansing gel, facial tonic and spf 15 lotion every morning, and then the cleansing gel, facial tonic and willow breakout treatment at night. The products are a little pricey, but work wonders!

  • Adalee

    What a fun contest! Thanks so much for offering it! I also have a simple routine- I wash with Neutrogena Deep Clean in the morning & at night (I also exfoliate with a microfiber cloth at night), and follow that up with a natural-ingrediant moisturizer. Oh, and sunblock during the day! I would love to try a Mia.

  • kirsten

    I wash my face at night with an arbonne cleanser then use a toner and some moisterizer.

  • Justine

    toner at night, then cleanser, then You Rebel Lite tinted moisturizer and powder. I love the tinted moisturizer – I hate foundation and my skin gets dry after I shower and all through the winter. Could use a better way to cleanse though!

  • Karina Korpela

    Wow I want it! It is actually in my xmas wish list for this year! I’ve read really good reviews about it!
    Well, I have sensitive skin and most of time is shows some redness. So I need to be very careful with a put on my face. I wash my face in the morning with Philosophy washing lotion, then I apply Proactive clarifying lotion, because I have been having acne lately. Then I use their moisturizers as well. At night I use a towel (which I cut into smaller pieces so that I only use a piece a day) to exfoliate and apply Vichy Mineral Balm before going to bed. The proactive stuff tend to dry out my skin, so the Vichy balm makes wonders!

  • Corbett Grace

    Oh my goodness you have got to be kidding me! This has been on my “get it once I work 100 hours of overtime or hit the lottery” list! I’m in love with these and I hear they work wonders. It would help my skin glow for our wedding!!

  • Kristen S

    Eeek, my regime needs help! I am really bad for not taking my make-up off before going to bed. I wash my face every morning with a basic cleanser, but usually forget to moisturize, as I am always rushing out of the house to get to the office! As I am now closer to 30 than to 25, I really ought to start being nicer to my skin, not to mention for my upcoming wedding!

  • Erica H.

    I have used Clinique acne solutions for years now and would love to add this to my skincare routine. So cute! That along with Sephora’s bronzer with sunscreen is keeping my skin nice and healthy. :)

  • Leika

    My routine is about as simple as it gets — gentle cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Low-maintenance is definitely my watch-word!!

  • scarlet

    Ooh, I’ve heard such great things about Clarisonic, thanks for the great giveaway!

    I have pretty sensitive skin and keep my routine pretty simple – basic cleanser + moisturizer with spf 15 in the morning, creamy exfoliating cleanser + moisturizer at night. Searching for a good eye cream!

  • Molly

    dermalogica special cleansing gel, moisturize w/ spf30! at night a little extra ring of moisturizer around the eyes

  • Rebecca

    I wish my skin care routine was better. I am in college and do not make that a priority sadly. Basically, I wash with an average face cleaner and then put my make-up on in the morning. The nights are the worst for my face, sometimes not taking off my make-up like I should. I could really use of these cleaners. This would really help with my break-outs.

  • I wash my face morning and night!

  • Sarah Mendenhall

    I wash my face with a natural soap when I take a shower and when I go to bed. Then I moisturize with olive oil and let it soak in. Then I put on my makeup and that’s it!

  • emily f.

    Ooh I have ALWAYS wanted a Clarisonic! I love having my skin feel squeaky clean, so I wash my face in the shower and leave on the face wash while I wash my hair and body. It’s the last thing I rinse off. Then when I get out- I use astringent, eye make-up remover, slather on a light moisturizer and then spritz myself with a misting astringent or Evian mist.

  • Kanicia

    I start my day by washing my face with an all natural oatmeal and lavander soap, followed by a witchhazel toner. I finish with Neutrogena sunscreen. Pretty simple.

  • Caitlyn

    I have a very inconsistent skin care regimen, although I always vow to improve with this as a new years resolution. I have very sensitive skin, so I use a gently cleanser. Currently this is philosophy’s face wash, but my heart will always belong to Cetaphil. I have been really wanting to try this clairsonic product!

  • Maureen

    I use the Philosophy cleansers in the morning and in the evening.
    I use a moisturizer before I put on my makeup.

  • patti

    i would love to try the clarisonic, i feel like it would do wonders for my stubborn skin.

    Currently i use better well beings acne kit, as well as some clinique products to even out old acne scars.

  • Stephanie

    I’ve been wanting to try clairsonic for some time! My routine is using DDF cleanser, followed by Clinique moisturizer, followed by sunscreen.

  • Laura T

    I use a face scrub in the shower and follow it up with some lancome moisturizer. In the evening I use a gentle face wash and more moisturizer. I’ve been getting some dry skin areas with the weather getting colder so I’d love to try the clairsonic!

  • Jessica

    I actually don’t have a skin care routine, I have tried different things but I stop doing them after a while. I hardly wear makeup but when I do I am terrible at keeping my skin under control. I have been looking for something new to try before my wedding, this could be interesting.

  • I swear by sunscreen. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. I wear it every single day and my skin is smoother, more even, and I get the added benefits of preventing future wrinkles! I’m lazy with make-up, but I always make sure to keep on my sunscreen.

  • Roxanne P.

    I’m a make-up artist so I spend lots of time with my skincare!
    I wash my face every night and use a gentle exfoliator every morning (use one with jojoba beads since they are perfect spheres and thus no micro scaring and premature aging). I then do an eye serum and an anti aging serum followed by a moisturizer (I’m 22 and I’m already using serums since it will prevent early aging plus it makes you moisturizer go deeper). Lastly once a week I use a mineral mudd mask to pull out any gunk from under the surface and leave my skin brighter and smoother!
    Skin care makes me happy! I’ve wanted one of these for about 2 years now! They are fantastic!

  • morning: cleanse face, moisturizer/SPF right after. my makeup is pretty simple, a few dots of foundation, concealer & a tap of powder & bronzer under my cheekbones. typically for work i go with a thin line of liquid liner, or just mascara. then chapstick or a fun lipstick, depending on my mood! & always, always, always wash & moisturize at night! would love to get a little more serious about my beauty routine now that i’m getting older & noticing more imperfections…i know several people with clarisonics & it is definitely on my wish list!

  • Monelle

    In the morning, I wash with cetaphil face wash. Then, I tone my face with Clinique Step 2 an then use clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel all over and an eye cream. At night, first I remove all makeup with CLinique Take The Day off Balm. Then, I wash with cetaphil again, then I tone with my Clinique step 2 and apply night cream and eye cream.

  • betsy

    i use neutrogena face wash and st. ives moisturizer, sometimes i use jergens build-a-tan face

  • I hardly wear makeup, so i rely a lot on exfoliating and moisturizing. otherwise i keep makeup light and never caked on!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  • iv been on the obagi system for normal skin. I would Like to try something new and easy.

  • Lindsey

    I have very sensitive skin, so how I take care of it is so important! I cleanse twice daily with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, and I moisturize in the morning with Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer (which also has SPF-15).

  • Cate

    Mine is simple! At night I wash my face with Purpose face wash, and then I use Retin-A micro. In the morning I rinse with water and slather on sunscreen, usually Purpose SPF 15.

  • I’ve been using the oil cleansing method which I like a great deal. I use castor oil and olive oil. I don’t use soap on my face any more.

  • Christine

    I’m a Clinique girl! I use the face wash and moisturizer for dry skin in the winter, but in the summer I have to switch to Yonka pampel mousse because my skin gets too oily.

  • Kristin

    What a great giveaway! My skincare routine is pretty basic I wash my face with cetaphil and then moisturize with kiehls lotion morning and night.

  • Johna

    My skin is very sensitive, so I need something really gentle. Boots’ line of sensitive skin products is great. Everything I use on my face is from that line. I especially like their cleansing lotion.

  • I’ve only heard great things about these!

    My routine? I’m a philosophy girl and use both Purity and the exfoliating wash. My mom is 63 and looks 50 and has used original Oil of Olay for 50 years. So, I do too but I use the kind with sunscreen. Only change.
    Oh, I started with eye cream around 30 and wish someone had told me to start earlier!

  • Melody

    Woohoo! Well, my skin care routine consists of washing my face with Philosophy’s Purity morning and night, and when I’ve got time, I wear a light base, blush, and mascara. Occasionally throughout the week I also use Philosophy’s Micro-delivery Exfoliating wash. My skin tends to be oily and has a lot of build up, so anything that will take that away or enhance my skin’s naturalness is welcomed in my home!

  • Virginia C~

    I use an exfoliating scrub once a week, water the rest of the time and moisturize as often as I can remember (I don’t wear foundation or powder).

  • hi! i actually just heard about these beauties last night (when shopping for my birthday…which is actually extended til next week, so this would be amazing!!). i am delighted at the possibility to win one! my regimen includes: washing with an aveeno bar of soap, their clarifying type. i then use a skinceuticals toner that evens my skin tone and then i use a moisturizer by galderma. on occasion but not often enough i use the skinceuticals clay masque which is wonderful and my favorite facial product!

  • Megan

    I always use a neutrogena make up remover sheet. Then I use a toner, salicylic acid treatment, and under eye cream. In the shower I alternate between using a facial scrub and a benzoyl peroxide cream face wash. I use both on my entire body to keep all my skin clear and even. It usually works!

  • neriza

    i’d love to have a clarisonic Mia to help my acne. My routine consists of just the basics. Cleanse with Cetaphil. and moisturize with clinique gel moisturizer. =}

  • Thifa

    In the morning I wash my face with neutral soap and moisturize. At night I clean it with a cleaning lotion and use a tonic afterwards. Then I put on my night cream and I am good to go! Once or twice a week I scrub my face and body in the shower.

  • Catherine

    I wash my face with Fresh Farmacy from Lush, use witch hazel as a toner, and then moisturize. I use the latter 2 twice a day, but the Fresh Farmacy just once a day since too much washing dries my skin out. It generally works, but my skin has been breaking out more lately. I’d love to try something new!

  • Vanessa

    Wash face with clearasil
    Use face cloth to gently exfoliate
    Apply Spectro gel’s peroxide based cream
    Apply Pond’s night cream

  • claudia yu

    i wash then tone. after that i use a serum and then a moisturizer. once a week i will use a scrub and a mask.

  • Kathryn

    Gosh, I don’t have one. I probably need to get on that, huh?

  • Honestly? I don’t have a skincare routine per se. My face gets washed when I shower and in between I moisturize. Would love to try something new though …

  • Vee

    I exfoliate using Snap, cleanse and moisturize using Neutrogena. However, this routine is always changing because I just haven’t found one that works. Maybe this would help me get the deep clean that I need. Great giveaway Ruffled & Clarisonic!

  • Oh my goodness, how wonderful these seem! I’d love to try one but it’s definitely not in my budget! Currently I’m using Loreal’s Go 360 cleanser for sensitive skin, it’s mild and creamy and doesn’t over dry! After that I use a Clean and Clear moisturizer with Salicic acid in it to help my mild acne. I’m at a stand still as to if it’s really working or not, but maybe a clarisonic would work!

  • Kathy L.

    My skin care routine is as follows:
    1) cleanse with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash
    2) tone with Clinique Clarifying Lotion
    3) treat with Rx Differin
    It works ok, but I have pretty stubborn acne I wish I could get rid of. I have a friend that started using Clarisonic about 6 months ago and her skin has cleared up a lot. I’m getting married in March and I NEED this Mia. I know all about it. It removes 6x more make-up than washing with your hands. It moves 300x per second. It deep cleanses…it’s great! But I’m on a pretty tight budget before the wedding. Hope I win it. Thanks Ruffled & Clarisonic!

  • Dana

    Wash morning and night, moisturize, mask twice a week. I love trying new products but my staple is the dove beauty bar. I can’t live without it!

  • crystal

    my skin routine is pretty basic as i’ve got pretty normal skin. i always cleanse and moisturize AM and PM and will do a st. ives scrub every few days. if i remember, i’ll do an eye cream once a week or so. my go-to face wash is the neutrogena acne stress control power-foam wash!

  • Emily

    I use cetaphil and Ahava products and make sure to wash my face in the morning, evening and after a workout.

  • Lindsey

    My skin care routine is pretty simple, I wash with the trader joe’s tea tree oil face wash and moisturize twice a day!

  • Courtney

    Right now, my routine doesn’t consist of much. I’m allergic to almost every face wash, soap, etc. so that really leaves my options limited. I tried the battery powered neutrogena thingy but it broke after a few uses. I’ve been dying for a clarisonic mia but just can’t afford one. Fingers are crossed!

  • Tanya

    I use natural products on my face because I have sensitive skin. Basically wash twice a day with a gentle cleanser, and moisturize. I use an ex foliating scrub about twice a week.

  • Elizabeth Cline

    One word, Ladies (& Gents): CONDITIONER!!!!!

    That’s right…the stuff you put on after Shampooing your hair! It is such a winner and will make your face feel smoother than a baby’s bottom. It’s quite simple really: when you’re in the shower and you condition your hair, take some excess and rub it in a circular motion all over your face and neck for about two minutes (while your conditioner is soaking), and leave it in a little longer while you shave, etc. and then rinse off when rinsing your hair. You won’t regret it!

    Additionally, I use the three-step skin care line by Clinique in the AM and PM (though SKIP the lotion in the PM, as it clogs pores and leaves a greasy film on face during the night which can cause break outs).

  • Sweet giveaway! I’ve been using Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple for the past two years and have been very pleased with it’s effectiveness at removing makeup. I highly recommend using a toner to remove stubborn makeup that cleansing left behind. I also use an BHA GEL exfoliant every other day not remove all the gunk that builds up in my pores. Future Mr. & I share these products, our skin is silky smooth…

  • Anne M.

    I cleanse every morning and usually remove my makeup before bed (but not always). I have sensitive skin and too much cleansing makes my face irritated and red, so I exfoliate about once a month. I am big on moisturizer (with sunscreen of course) and I can’t go a day without moisturizing lip balm!

  • Ashley Keller

    Wash in the shower and moisturize all day

  • I use Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash with Organic Tea Tree Oil and Awapuhi every time I wash my face. It makes my skin clean and smooth.

  • I wash with Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser, tone with Clinique Clarifying Lotion and moisturize with Clinique Moisture Surge. :)

  • Amy

    wow was a great giveaway.

    my routine’s pretty basic with skin id’s face wash and costco’s aging serum. at times i will add a face lotion which i know i should be using more often.

    thanks for the opportunity

  • Since having a baby two months ago, my routine has been pretty non-existent. My hormones have caused my skin to declare war against me… I have hardly worn make-up for the past two months, so a quick cleanse in the shower has been it!

  • Sarah Peracchino

    my skincare routine (morning & night):
    – target brand makeup remover wipes
    – clinique mild liquid soap
    – clinique #3 clarifying lotion
    – clinique DDML
    – clinique all about eyes


  • Lucia

    I know that this sounds simple, but washing my face just once a day has done wonders. When I do wash it I use a tea tree oil soap, and once a week I use an exfoliating scrub.

  • Christina V

    I splash my face with cold water every morning, but only wash it every other day because it’s super dry! I swear by Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar moisturizer.

  • nidzara

    I use Murad’s products to wash, tone, and moisturize my skin because they keep any adult acne at bay and the company doesn’t test on animals. To remove eye make up, I use Earth Science Chamomile and Green Tea Eye Makeup Remover. I love pampering myself and taking good care of my skin, but in a way that is completely consistent with my commitment to living kindly.

  • Melissa

    My Daily Routine:
    1. Wash face with St. Ives Apricot Scrub
    2. Tone with Biore Triple Action Toner
    3. And apply makeup with CLEAN fingers
    4. Just an inside tip, and don’t panic when I say this, but I also use Monistat Chafing Gel as my primer!!! (It’s the exact same thing as the Smashbox Photofinish Primer, but costs WAY LESS!!!)

  • Krista

    I don’t have a specific skin care routine… I wash my face partially in the shower, then afterwards with facial cleansing wipes, and then moisturizer, because otherwise my skin feels tight. That’s about it, very low maintenance.

  • Lauren

    I use Mario Badescu products — cleanser, toner and their drying cream is godsend for pimples.

  • Miss Pete

    I was not kind to my skin during my youth, I was a real tanning nut. Now I *always* wear sunscreen, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! It’s never too late to start a routine that cares for your skin.

  • Erin B.

    Simple: Every day I wash my face and try to get a healthy dose of sunshine by running with my dog. <3

  • Drink a lot of water! Hydration is fabulous for your skin!



  • Oh and I use clinique anti blemish solutions face wash followed by their super defence moisturoser x2 per day! Missed that out in my excitement! xxx

  • Josie

    My skin care routine is dismal! Quick wipes to take my make up off at night, a smear of moisturiser after the shower in the morning, some serum when I’m feeling rich, some eye cream when the shadows and puffiness get unbearable. I think I need Clarisonic’s help!

  • Brid

    Clense, tone and mositurise each night, mask once a week and exfoliate twice a week.

  • susan h

    In the mornings, I wash my face with cold water to reduce the puffiness around my eyes. I pat my face very lightly with a towel as to not remove all the moisture. Then, I use the following products, in order:
    – Biore Triple Action Astringent: the 2% Salicylic Acid helps fight off bacteria that causes me to break out
    – DHC Platinum Silver Nanocolloid: a serum with coenzyme Q10 to prevent wrinkles
    – Kahina Giving Beauty 100% Organic Argan Oil: there are countless benefits to Vitamin E and essential fatty acids but what I like most is that it’s so versatile (I can use it on my skin without feeling the weight of product, I can use it on my hair to moisturize the ends and in the bath for an all over effect) and consciousness of the product (made from recycled glass, gives back to the Moroccan women that produce the oil, carbon neutral…)
    At night, I have the same routine but I add:
    – Biore pore strips once a week on my nose: the results are gross but results are results!
    – La Mer Refining Facial twice a week: there’s pure diamond powder in here, folks! All in all, the smoothest, gentlest, softest exfoliater out there.
    – La Mer Moisturizing Cream in the winter months: I have no words for this amazing product, I’m a devoted fan.

    Note: I have sensitive skin and break out very easily. So I’ve tried many products out there, this is just what works for me. Also, I to avoid the sun religiously instead of putting on SPF because I’ve read that SPF doesn’t last very long on skin.

  • My skincare routine includes a mild cleanser (I use Cetaphil) morning and night, followed by a spritz of toner, dab of eye cream and moisturizer. I use a heavier moisturizer at night/winter. I try to exfoliate twice a week as well.

  • savannah

    my beauty routine is so simple-
    wash the face at night to get rid of the grime and make sure i call my mom every day because she thinks im beautiful and talking to her makes me feel it too!

  • I usually don’t wear makeup. I clean my skin using a homemade mixture of castor oil and olive oil.

  • Elise

    My skincare technique is wash with Clinique mild soap and moisturize with Dove deep moisturizer :)

  • yvonne

    Water, water, and more water! I rarely use cleansers but I splash my face with water every morning and night and use minimal toner and lotion. Plus! I’d drink water consistently throughout the day. :))))

  • Jennifer K.

    I use Origins for everyday wash and scrub. Vitamin K under the eyes every once in a while.

    That’s it.

    I would love one of these…to give my skin a good ‘glow’ before the wedding.

  • Heather

    I’m a bit of a routine freak – I have separate skin rituals for the morning and night.

    Night time is all about removal! Getting off my make-up & making sure my pores are as clean as I can get them. I’ll use some astringent pads & toner as well as deep cleaning facial scrub. Top it off with a little spot treatment & I’m off for bed.

    My mornings are all about moisture! A gentle apricot scrub to help make sure my skin is as fresh as possible, then I slather on my moisturizer! (Yonka is my fave, but it has a hefty price tag, so sometimes I will just use Spectro gel’s daily moisturizer).

    For really dry skin, (esp. this time of year) I like to cover myself in coconut oil after a bath or shower. It IS greasy & takes a while to absorb, but it is the BEST skin care product I own! I even put it in my hair for a few minutes before a shower. It’s a miracle worker :)

    I would love to try Clarisonic’s Mia though! I think it would be a perfect addition to my routine! Pick me please!

  • Kelaine Haas

    I have heard so many good things about these!!
    I wash my face once a day and moisturize twice a day with SPF moisturizer.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  • I would love this. My poor skin just hates me, though I take very good care of it.

    I wash with a soft scrub every morning in the shower, do a rollerball under-eye treatment, dab some persa gel on my everlasting pimples and use a moisturizer loaded with sunscreen. I wear very little makeup (concealer, powder, eyeliner, mascara). Every night I use a cleansing wipe to remove makeup and refresh my face before re-upping on my eye-and-pimple treatments and using a nighttime moisturizer.

  • Sara

    My skincare routine is pretty simple. I have very dry finicky skin, so it’s all about moisturizing . I apply a simple oil daily as a moisturizer all over, such as massage or coconut oil. I also keep a heavy duty salve available for after dishes or my son’s bath time. I shower once or twice a week with mild almond soap, that is also when I exfoliate. I should clean, and moisturize my face at night, especially on the days that I wear makeup, but once that baby’s asleep, so am I!

  • Alexis

    Oh my gosh – I would love to win one of these! My skincare routine is pretty simple. I wash my face with Aveno Positively Radiant face wash and follow with Aveno Lifting and Firming eye cream and Lifting and Firming moisturizer. I don’t really wear makeup during the week, but on the weekends I’ll use baby wipes to remove my makeup before bed.

  • tatiana

    i only wash my face at night with olay cleansers and then i use coconut oil as a night moisturizer. I just rinse in the morning and use a moisturizer with sunscreen. I would love to have one of these though!!!

  • Candace

    I wear clinique moisturizer every day, which really keeps my skin in check. At night, I wash off my makeup & cleanse w/ DDF cleanser, take makeup off with olive oil, rinse, and then wear olay night cream. :) I’d love to win!

  • OOOHH!! What a glorious giveaway! My co-workers talk about this little guy ALL the time! And I can only dream of owning one! My skincare regimen is pretty simple and CAN NOT take much time (I am a mom of a toddler, work fulltime and my husband and I just launched a photography and event design business). I have dry skin, so here are some of my tricks…..
    -wash face with a cream cleasner
    -Lather on that THICK creamy moisturizer
    -splash with some water
    -SPF! I embrace my SUPER pale face!
    2-3x per week:
    -I use Philosophy’s Microderm abrasion exfoliating skin wash…..leaves my skin smooth as a babies……well you know ;)

    Look forward to reading more Ruffled! Thanks!


  • Summer

    I wash my face with a scrub in the morning to wake me up and then moisturize. At night I wash my face with a cream cleanser and every once in a while I will moisturize at night as well. This tool looks so handy! If I don’t win I am going to buy one for myself for Christmas :)

  • Panda

    I wash my face every day with shiseido face wash, then apply sunscreen. During the day, my skin gets oily easily, so I use rice paper blotting sheets to freshen up. Before bed, I wash my face again (the facewash also removes makeup) and then apply moisturizer. :)

  • Pa

    I exfoliate my skin about twice a week in the shower. My daily routine includes washing once in the morning and once at night. I wear only lotion and no makeup. I like simple and this seems simple but effective.



  • I’m a big fan of Proactiv. I have never had a breakout while using it!


  • this sounds cool and would love to win. i wash and moisturize once a day – very simple.

  • Sara pea ham

    Wash face last in shower. Exfoliate lightly once a week. Moisturize immediately after shower. And spot moisturize hours later. I have super dry skin. Anything more and it goes haywire.

  • Wow! What a wonderful giveaway! The name itself makes this product enchanting ;)

    I wash my face every morning and evening with Humphreys Organic Botanicals Non-Drying Cleansing Gel and then moisturize my face with Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion with UVA+UVB SPF 30 protection!

  • Vikki

    I use Pangea Organics – wash, toner, moisturizer every night. I use a tree tea oil after a sweaty workout to get rid of the grim, exfoliate once a week and do a deep pore cleanse once a week.

  • Whitney

    Over the years, I have realized how much my skin adds to my self-confidence. When it isn’t so good, I feel terrible. So I make it a priority to cleanse my face and neck in the morning and at night. I usually use a Neutrogena face wash or St. Ives gentle exfoliant. Then a lightweight moisturizer with spf 15.

  • Carol

    I use a clinique face wash and lotion and use little to no makeup on a daily basis to maintain my face looking younger and smoother.

  • Danielle U

    I have acne so I wash with a benzoyl peroxide wash in the morning and always follow with Purpose Moisturizer/Sunscreen with SPF 15. I ALWAYS wash my face at night with Cetaphil and then follow with my prescription acne medication, Ziana. Making sure to wash your face at night is probably one of the best things you can do for your skin. Its sooo bad to go to bed with a dirty face. It can make your pores bigger, cause breakouts, etc. The Clarasonic Mia would definitely help to clear out the day’s dirt and make-up from your pores.

  • I have really sensitive and dry skin that also likes to break out whenever I eat what I shouldn’t. So I use Muji products because I find them very gentle, yet effective. First is the light toning water (regular toner is too harsh) and then followed by their moisturizing milk (real cream clogs my pores). I exfoliate weekly with Estee Lauder’s exfoliating scrub for dry skin and zap any zits with a Burt’s Bees blemish stick. Oh, and lots and lots of water! And no nasty cover-up and make-up unless it’s a really special occasion.

    Aaah I wanted one of these for a while! I read somewhere that Leighton Meester swears by it. And she does have amazing skin even without make up on.

  • Awesome giveaway! I’m getting married soon, so I totally need to start taking better care of my skin! My daily routine consists of the three-step cleansing procedure from Clinique. I’m allergic to practically everything and this is the only thing which has really worked for me (without spending lots and lots of money).


  • There is nothing better than having a clean face…when I shower in the morning, I start off with a scrub that wakes me up and gets me going! I usually use a light moisturizer when I get out of the shower. At night, I use a make-up removing facial cleanser to let my skin truly breathe. Feels wonderful. Would love to try this product out!!! Thanks!

  • Piroska

    My skin is so sensitive, so I don’t use soap…or cleansers, just water. No moisturizers, because they cause hives.

  • ana carol

    Besides the cleaning time, i use sunscream all the time. really. i was call freak because of that. i also use a mascara of cinnemon with honey, twice a week.
    i would love to increase my rotine with clarisonic!!

  • Sarah Grace

    soap and water morning and night. vaseline to remove eye makeup. burts bees moisturizer with spf 15 daily. and bobbi brown makeup to keep me looking fresh and natural. would love this cool gadget thought! would be a fun treat for my skin in preparation for my brothers’ upcoming wedding

  • Linda Thomas

    I am TERRIBLE about my skincare routine…but I am trying to rectify that. I do a thorough scrub and wash, caudalie vinoperfect serum day and moisturizer… but my nighttime routine is what could use a turnaround.. I’ve been trying the Caudalie no rinse cleansing water and then the caudalie vinopure purifying concentrate… so far it’s been helping.. the serum on my acne scars and the concentrate on decreasing my “oiliness”… I’ve been looking into the Clarisonic and it would be sooo cool if I got it! Pretty please with a cherry on top?! My face will thank you!

  • Andria

    Morning skin routine:

    I was my face with Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser. At least twice a week, I exfoliate while in the shower. I was using a Neutrogena scubbing thing; however, I am having trouble finding the pads. I do wash my face in the shower as the final step before getting out.

    I do use an under eye cream (L’Oreal Collagen Micro-pulse). If I am experiencing breakouts, I use an Erythromycin and Benzoyl Peroxide topical gel prescribed by my dermatologist. I moisturize with Aveena Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30. I make sure I apply it to my neck and chest.

    I use Bare Essentials make-up.

    Evening Routine:

    I remove eye makeup with Almay moisturising eye make-up remover. I wash with the Neutragena Fresh Foaming Cleanser then use Neutragena Alcohol-Free Toner. I use Retin-A and L’Oreal RevitaLift PM eye cream. I then use Neutrogena Ageless Restoratives Energy Renewal Hydrating Night Cream.

    Now, I do get very lazy! If I have a lazy night I use Neutrogena Make-up remover sheets with lavender and/or Olay Regenerist Advanced anti-aging wet cleansing cloths.

  • tricia

    Wash. Exfoliate. Moisturize.

  • Amanda Glick

    I don’t want this giveaway… I NEED IT!!! haha. My current skincare routine is fairly non-existent. With a wedding coming up I really want to start working on my skin. I can see my pores so vividly and its utterly depressing!

    Thank you very much for the opportunity!


  • Sarah

    I use a cream cleanser once a day and make sure I wear plenty of sunscreen that is also a moisturizer. I also drink at least 64 ounces of water a day, which helps my skin alot. I tend to break out when I am under alot of stress (wedding planning) and need something like the Clairsonic to help my skin look fresh. I would love to win!

  • Aileen C

    Here’s my bland skin care routine:

    1. Wash face with Burt’s Bee’s Facial Cleanser
    2. Apply facial moisturizer.

    1. Clinque’s Eye Make-up Remover
    2. Burt’s Bee’s Facial Cleanser

    I would love LOVE love to add the Clarisonic Mia to my routine!

  • Kadye

    I try to keep a good skincare routine but I can’t find anything to keep me from breaking out! This would be a great item to have to help keep my skin under control.

  • Brooke

    In the morning I use a calming cleanser to tone down the redness and wash away the grogginess! At night I use face wipes to remove makeup, then a lavender-based wash to get me good and clean for sleep! What a cool product this is – I’d love to try it!

  • grace

    I have sensitive skin, but I’ve found that Clinique is gentle enough to use daily. I wash my face in the shower and again before I go to bed and then some moisturizer and call it a day.

  • Jennifer

    My best beauty tip is like most– to use sunscreen & moisturize morning & night and a exofoliate to renew yourself!!

  • oh my. i wash my face in the shower at night. then, in the morning, i use an astringent to get rid of the oil that has developed over night. thats it! what a shame!

  • I wash my face every night and every morning with soap-free face wash. I exfoliate once a week with a scrub (but would much rather use this cute Clarisonic!) If I’m going to the gym, I wipe off my makeup with a cleansing cloth beforehand. I wear sunscreen every day. :)

  • My skincare routine consists is quite simple I try to keep it as chemical free as possible…. A Burts bees orange oil cleanser followed by Korres eye cream, and then either burts Beeswax Moisturizing Day Creme or Neutrogena Healthy Defense® Daily Moisturizer SPF 50 if I’m going outside. In the evening I would add either a ROC night time defense or a night repair serum before the burts bees moisturizer. I try to keep it as paired down as possible since I travel a lot!

  • Margie

    Remove eye makeup with eye makeup remover, little face wash, multivitamin serum and moisturizer. Done and done!

  • I use Acne Free and Neutrogena, switching every other day.

  • Emily

    My routine is Practive in the morning and evening and moisturizer when I remember. Other than that, I have E.L.F mineral make-up that I love and use everyday. But a Clarisonic would really benefit my combination skin!

  • Rocio

    I turn on the tv, put cleanser on with sugar, rinse off and then tonic and moisturize…. In the morning the same without the music and the sugar… :)

  • sara

    My routine is Proactiv, Dove soap, and that’s about it. I use Bare Minerals for makeup which I LOVE. I would love a Clarisonic!

  • Lia

    I try to keep my routine as easy as possible…Wash w/ soap that will remove my makeup, lately i’ve been using a brand elemis. Eye cream, serum, and the BEST….3 Lab M CREAM. It has a wonderful texture leaving your skin feeling fresh and dewey. It’s the most amazing lotion in a small little bottle!
    I have heard that the Clarisonic does wonders for your face/arms/etc.

  • Elizabeth G.

    Face wash, one of three kinds, with warm water and then a splash of cold water. Simple, yet effective. :o)

  • shiori

    Cetaphil! Always!

  • Krista Gamble

    I use purpose face wash followed by oil of olay moisturizer. Sometimes I use Borghese face mask! My mom uses one of these and she swears by it!

  • Megan

    I use a Neutrogena acne face wash at night…and in the morning I use a basic face wash…and then slather on Olay lotion. I have been wanting a Clarisonic for forever…but can’t justify the purchase. It would be amazing to win one instead. Crossing my fingers.