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City Chic Denver Courthouse Wedding

City Chic Denver Courthouse Wedding

If a big wedding is not for you, then you’re in for a sweet little treat. Vanessa and Atiq skipped the guest list drama -oh, you know, that one we all experience trying to invite the ones we love yet not inviting the entire town to the wedding – and decided to elope in style. Captured by Melissa of Fresh In Love Photography who kind to send this gorgeous elopement our way!

balloons cab pink blue elopement wedding
bride groom pink balloons elopement cab

Atiq and I wanted everything to be simple and cozy. We wanted to enjoy our wedding day and not plan a day for other people. The only details I wanted to plan was what we could carry in our picnic basket and of course what would we be wearing. I picked Cheesman park for its beautiful and solemn columns and picturesque settings. I wanted the balloons for a bouquet because ever since I was a kid I wanted to be carried away into the sky with balloons. I felt it would be a charming scene to be in a white dress stepping out of a yellow city taxicab with a bunch of balloons in toe. From the moment I stepped out of the taxi it was going to be about us sharing our love and exchanging our vows. Melissa’s pictures showed it all. I was so happy that this moment was here and I was able to enjoy all of it with my husband. All the details came from our hearts we wrote our vows, I made our cake, and even sculpted the wedding cake topper. We topped it off with the most romantic and unforgettable carriage ride to our favorite restaurant, Luca D’italia, where we had our wedding dinner. We planned it to be our romance day, and it was.

bride pink hearts balloons wedding elopement

Atiq and I met in Arvada at D-Note salsa dancing. We said we would be meet up for Tango classes. Four years later we still haven’t had a lesson! We even tried last week and got the date wrong. Poop. We will soon, though, our honeymoon is going to be in Argentina! We both moved here in Denver for work, Atiq is from Pakistan and I am from Utah originally. I am a flight attendant/ ceramicist and Atiq is a computer guy/ animal lover. We couldn’t be more opposite, but we are the better for it.

cute bride purple gemstone ring weddings eloped
 pink ruffle shoes white fascinator white flower bride elopement
Her gorgeous ruffled sandals are Badgley Mischka Randee.
 bride groom balloons pink elope wedding
 bride groom outside elopement pink wedding
 balloons pink white bride elopement groom

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We have decided to marry ourselves by exchanging our own personal vows. I haven’t decided where would be most romantic, but I have in mind Cheeseman Park’s Roman columns. I use to live around there. Then I thought we could have a picnic with a mini-wedding cake and champagne. I do ceramics and I made the wedding cake topper!

 happy bride groom lens flare elopement
 kissing bride groom elopement wedding
 bride groom elopement vows headband
 bride groom talking elopement
 bride groom vows eloped elopement wedding
 kissing bride groom wedding outdoor elopement
 kissing bride groom after elopement
 hot pink bride groom balloons wedding elopement
 blue cake elopement wedding bride topper
 just married sign eloped bride groom elopement wedding

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  • These photo’s are great! This must have been a lovely wedding. Very inspiring.

  • Such a honest, beautiful wedding filled with so much love. And the photos captured all the joy, love it…

  • This bride was absolutely spot on with her balloon idea! The shots of her emerging from the taxi are just perfect.

  • SO sweet, SO beautiful and I love that couples today have finally realized that just because you elope doesn’t mean that it’s not an important or special day or that you shouldn’t treat it as such! This was and is a beautiful event and these two did a beautiful job at honoring their day for the special moment in their lives that it was! Excellent job to everyone all around. The styling, the photography, the baker and the love between these two. Good show.

  • I know this can be truly boring and you’re skipping to your next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks – you cleared up some things for me!

  • So, I was reading my rss feed yesterday and I came across this one. I have to comment because Vanessa is my doppleganger completely; we have the same facial bone structure and surprisingly the same haircut and skin tone! It was quite strange to see myself eloping in denver, however I was glad to see I was doing it in such style! Lovely wedding and what a lovely bride (if I do say so myself!) Best wishes! Emma

  • I love this wedding. I adore the idea of having a wedding for each another not for everyone else. I think its classy, sweet, and really creative. This wedding is inspirational to me to be unique and in love and to show it and share it the way I want to.

  • I LOVE this! I live in Denver and wanted to do a small court house type wedding as well but I wasn’t so sure how it would look but this is BEAUTIFUL and so inspiring!

  • This was and still is one of my favorite elopements to date – the love and cuteness between these two is adorable!!

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