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Chocolate Wedding Favor and Dessert Table Ideas with Godiva

Chocolate Wedding Favor and Dessert Table Ideas with Godiva

There’s no question edible wedding favors are the way to go, but can you think of something better than chocolate? And nothing beats Godiva.


Founded 90 years ago in Brussels, Belgium, Godiva Chocolatier has become a household name when it comes to delicious, premium chocolate. The quality of their sweets is unparalleled and they always bring forth such exceptional goodies from their milk and dark chocolates to their unique chocolate cigars.


The scrumptious little treats of happiness come already packaged for wedding favors, in a MINI GOLD BOX no less. Everything can be ordered online, so it’s the best of online convenience and edible treat worlds. The packaging can be personalized with a ribbon (tons of great color choices) and custom text with your own wording. Done and done, right?


These cuties can be part of place settings for a few reasons. One is that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill chocolate, and two, gold is the new neutral so chances are it will go nicely with any color palette.

And if you’re not sure what gifts to give to your bridal party, parents or other immediate family, take a gander at their gift section. There’s free standard shipping on orders over $49, so you can tackle a few things off of your planning list in one fell swoop.




After your big wedding day, keep the trend going with Godiva being part of your future life milestones from baby showers to anniversaries. Chocolate is always going to be in style and a classic gift. Save 15% with $200 Spend on Favors

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