Dreamy and Elegant Wedding in Houston

Ready to add a heavy dose of chicness to your day? We can’t think of any better way to kick off the weekend, so we’re bringing you the stunningly beautiful wedding of Katy and David, photographed by Katie Grant Photography. As always, Bows + Arrows provided some of the most eye-catching floral arrangements we’ve ever seen!

Chic Houston Garden Wedding - https://ruffledblog.com/chic-houston-garden-wedding

bridal bouquet - https://ruffledblog.com/chic-houston-garden-wedding

groomsmen boutonnieres - https://ruffledblog.com/chic-houston-garden-wedding

wedding sign - https://ruffledblog.com/chic-houston-garden-wedding

lush bouquet - https://ruffledblog.com/chic-houston-garden-wedding
This oversized bouquet is just the perfect size to make an impact without overshadowing the bride. Contributing to the fullness in no small part is the array of peonies, an all-time favorite for sure.

wedding party - https://ruffledblog.com/chic-houston-garden-wedding

bridesmaid bouquets - https://ruffledblog.com/chic-houston-garden-wedding

wedding ceremony setup - https://ruffledblog.com/chic-houston-garden-wedding

ceremony flowers - https://ruffledblog.com/chic-houston-garden-wedding

wedding ceremony - https://ruffledblog.com/chic-houston-garden-wedding

ceremony kiss - https://ruffledblog.com/chic-houston-garden-wedding

wedding table - https://ruffledblog.com/chic-houston-garden-wedding

candles - https://ruffledblog.com/chic-houston-garden-wedding

tablescape - https://ruffledblog.com/chic-houston-garden-wedding

floral table runner - https://ruffledblog.com/chic-houston-garden-wedding
When haven’t we been thrilled to see a floral table runner? The coral charms and open white peonies in this one makes our hearts sing, that’s for sure.

wedding cake with flowers - https://ruffledblog.com/chic-houston-garden-wedding

cake table - https://ruffledblog.com/chic-houston-garden-wedding

wedding getaway - https://ruffledblog.com/chic-houston-garden-wedding

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