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First Anniversary Shoot

First Anniversary Shoot

I love the idea of a post wedding day shoot. This couple got married last April and contacted the talented Leo Patrone to take some portraits of just the two of them in full wedding attire to celebrate their first year anniversary. They couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful time of year in Washington DC to do it! The cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and the scenery is so dreamy! The bride wore a drool worthy vintage wedding dress and lace veil she bought in London. Big thanks to Leo Patrone for sending this gorgeous session over.

So many gorgeous images to swoon over…

cherry blossoms spring bridal day after session Washington DC
cherry blossoms spring bridal day after session Washington DC
cherry blossoms spring bridal day after session Washington DC

From the bride:
About the dress: the underlay is a cotton-silk fabric that I found at MacCulloch & Wallis, a haberdashery store in London that appears just as it did in the nineteenth century. The overlay is a guipure lace that I found after many visits to London haberdashery shops. It was made in Italy and patterned after a 300-year-old Swiss lace. I made basic designs for the dress, which my dressmaker, Jana Hill-Dyble of London, carried through to the final product.

I found the beaded handbag at Church Street Antique Market in London. The veil is Victorian and handmade, and I found this at Portobello Market, also in London.

Leo Patrone is a Destination Wedding Photographer and loves to travel worldwide. Check out his blog and website for more info.

Thanks everyone who voted for their favorite DIY project. We are processing the votes as we speak and should have the winner names on Monday!

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  • Beautiful! Love the vintage elements and soft colors. The cherry blossoms make the perfect backdrop!

  • Beautiful shoot! Our favorite is the photo with the canopy of cherry blossom trees – love DC in the spring 🙂 Also, love the fact that her veil and handbag are from London (our very favorite city). Thanks for sharing!

  • so pretty! his work is divine.
    our one year anniversary is coming up in just 2 months!
    it would be so fun to do a post-wedding shoot :]

  • Oh these are just too lovely! How charming and marvelous are those spring flowers and the way they look in such a brilliant camera angle! Feels like you’re in a Fellini movie/M. Night Shyamalan work and a bisaya short film. All these in such a simple set-up. Kudos.

  • Her dress is to die for! Probably my favorite dress posted on ruffled.

  • Kim!! These are stunning! So happy to find such gorgeous pictures of you so unexpectedly. Hope you’re doing wonderfully. I got married last year, too. And I’ve been toying with the idea of doing an Anniversary shoot – after seeing yours, I am now convinced I must find a way to make it happen. Congratulations!

  • Love this dress! Long-sleeved dresses are my favourite. The cherry blossoms look fantastic and that addressed envelope is the perfect prop. MacCulloch & Wallis sounds like my kind of store!

    Great photographs. Going to check out the blog right now.

  • Love these photos! And the lace in the dress is exquisite!

  • I’m seeing this idea everywhere all of the sudden! I love the concept, especially since my own wedding pictures did not come out as well as I wanted them to. Thanks!

  • Greetings,

    I love what you found at this haberdashery however try though I did I could not find the address to said haberdashery. Would you be so kind as to provide me the details of the location of the haberdashery.



  • Those cherry blossoms alongside that lace couldn’t be more stunning.

  • Ruffled, thanks so much for featuring these photos, and for Leo Patrone, whom I can’t say enough positive things about. He was the most easygoing, accommodating, and talented photographer that I’ve come across. Like many others, I admire his work like artwork and am so pleased that his quality photos can remind us of our marriage. I’ll value them like heirlooms.

    We actually had wanted to take post-wedding photographs just after our wedding, since the rain prevented a full photo shoot after the ceremony. But as we lived in London and flew into Vegas (yes, we actually grew up in Las Vegas) for the wedding, we couldn’t really reschedule something sooner. So when we moved to DC and the weather improved, the fates aligned and Leo was traveling to DC at an ideal time, the season of our original wedding date. (We did take some photos with non-wedding clothes as well.)

    I thought I’d write a note to anyone who might still glance at these comments, since I learned that you can “fix” anything that might not have gone perfectly on your wedding day. In fact, scheduling a separate photo shoot would probably take stress off of planning for the perfect picture on the actual day. This works with other aspects as well; for example, I didn’t have time for all my DIY details, so after our wedding we held a small picnic under a beautiful grand tree in Hampstead Heath in London, and I was able to make these little projects for our friends. (Silly to some, but somehow really important for us brides.) The preparations and events before and after the actual wedding have been just as special to me as the actual day – a thought that might take the pressure off the day for some others!

    Also, a note about the dress materials: the underlay is from MacCulloch and Wallis near Oxford Street, as someone helpfully noted. The lace is from an amazing couture fabric shop: Joel and Sons, near the Church Street antique stores and market, 75-83 Church Street, London NW8 8EU, United Kingdom. They have an amazing assortment of all-over bridal lace, guipure and otherwise.

    (And hello Maren … contact me through my name and linked blog, if you can). ?

  • I can’t believe it, I have seen this post over and over again because I love the dress so much. But it wasn’t until a friend emailed me about it that it became even more to me. That friend was Jana Hill-Dyble, the seamstress. I had read the dressmaker’s name in passing before but it didn’t dawn on me that it was Jana, my Jana. We met ,while she was still going to UCLA, in Sacramento doing Music Circus, where my mom is the head stitcher there. She’s originally from Washington, but moved to London for many reasons and is now based there.

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