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Carolyn Scott Photography

Carolyn Scott Photography

Carolyn and Geoff, a husband and wife team based in Durham, NC, are the talent behind Carolyn Scott Photography. They like to think of their selves and their clients as an Island of Misfit Toys in a sea of ordinary weddings: their clients are a little offbeat, a little quirky, and a little nerdy, but they know how to throw a killer party and an inclusive, joyful wedding. Most of these weddings are more casual, smaller, and that’s the way they like it. They strike a balance by photographing their events with a candid style but taking all the necessary posed photographs that your grandmother wants (who wants to upset their grandma?). Go check out their website and meet their awesome clients for yourself. And contact them, too, if you want to talk weddings (or if you want to talk about Star Wars to Geoff, or about growing and propagating succulents to Carolyn).



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