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Cake Toppers for the Diverse Bride.

Cake Toppers for the Diverse Bride.

As discussed in a previous post, I am not planning to have a traditional wedding cake.  I will have five different cakes on vintage cake stands.  Originally I wanted everything to look homemade with very little decoration in order to focus on the cake stands themselves.  Well, my mother and twin sister were not too crazy about that idea.  They really felt like it needed to be just a little bit more clearly a wedding spread. 

So we compromised. 

Three of the five cakes will be decorated and the other two will look homemade.  Two of the decorated cakes will have the same type  of decor, a nice and simple flourish design that will continue from the sides of the cake to the top.  Then the larges of the five will have a simple decoration that makes it stand out as “focus point”.  So what does this have to do with diverse cake toppers?  Well, originally I wasn’t planning on a cake topper at all, but now the “focal point cake” will have a cake topper.  And everyone is happy.  All of these were found on Etsy!

For the chic, unfussy bride: 

Wooden Cake Topper

From Etsy seller Naked Peggies

For the rockstars in all of us:

Rock 'n Roll Cake Topper

From Etsy seller Hell in Handbag

And for the animal lovers 🙂

Animal Cake Topper

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From Etsy seller Mud Cards

And here is the cake topper I want to have recreated by Home Made Circus:

Vintage Circus Cake Topper

I am asking the vendor Home Made Circus (who originally made this one) to recreate the image above, only in my colors and without the larger pedestal. 

How are you topping off your cake?

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