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Build your Wedding Site with Squarespace

Build your Wedding Site with Squarespace

Before your save-the-dates fly out, the best way to share your big news is by creating a website with all the romantic details. Share your love story in a beautiful and custom way, including the wedding day rundown, virtually. Having a website as a couple creates space to have everything in one place, and what better to kick off your engagement than with !

Squarespace wedding websites

Creating a stunning wedding website doesn’t have to be a challenge. Since their beginnings in 2004, millions of websites have been created on the Squarespace platform. With so many templates to choose from, you can design your own website with ease and beauty. There are endless possibilities to personalize personally your website and it’s also and fun way to get excited for your big day. You are even given the opportunity to create and design your own wedding logo to go along with your web page with the latest tech features built in such as photo galleries.



But doesn’t just stop there. They don’t just make space to let you share your beautiful engagement photos and fun videos, they also created a way for you to collect mail address from guests, have a place to provide your wedding registry links, allow your guest to RSVP online, and so much more. Everything is customizable to fit your look and personality as a couple, and it’s super easy to setup and use. It’s also a beautiful place post photos of the wedding to share with friends and family. But if you do run into any questions or need help along the way, Squarespace has fantastic 24/7 customer care support to come to the rescue.

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Create your very own wedding website with Squarespace and easily access your site from any laptop, smartphone or tablet with their responsive design. So give a go and build your dream wedding website today! Use promo code RUFFLED15 to receive 10% off your first purchase.

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