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Bridal Scents

Bridal Scents

My original inspiration for this post came from what I think is a very thoughtful gift idea from my Maid of Honor. She took me shopping last weekend to find my perfect wedding day fragrance. I can’t believe that with all the planning and accessory hunting I’ve done, it hadn’t occurred to me that I needed a perfume that will always remind me of my special day… what a fantastic thought!

After roaming the fragrance counters of a local department store, nostrils inundated with florals, spices, citrus and the like, it occurred to me that this experience might make a good VG blog.

Ok, the glam may be obvious, but where’s the vintage, you ask?

Well, after a little research I realized that my search for the perfect bridal scent isn’t limited to the fragrance counters in the mall. There are ton of vintage scents available too! Check out these classic perfume ads:

Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps circa 1950

Patou - Caline circa 1940

Lentheric - Anticipation circa 1938

Source for vintage perfume ads above

The lovely vintage ads are endless (and may even serve as inspiration for other areas of your wedding!), but let’s face it, half the glamour of a perfume comes from the bottle. There are some fantastic vintage bottles out there!

Perfume bottles from the 1800's

Perfume bottles from the 1920's

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Source for vintage perfume bottles above

Of course, finding the perfect vintage scent is easier said then done. Many classic perfumes that date back to the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s are discontinued and only available online and in specialty shops. Tester bottles aren’t easily found on cosmetic counters these days. And even if the bottle looks fab, who wants to buy a perfume without trying it out first?! That seems to be the trick with vintage perfume shopping. Here are a few articles and links that you may find helpful if you decide to take on the task of finding the perfect vintage bridal fragrance. I suggest you start early, and talk to friends and family. I discovered that I was surrounded by people with who had some great suggestions – and great collections of vintage perfumes that I can test!

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Shop Vintage Perfumes Online

Whether you decide to select from the abundance of lovely modern day fragrances, or embark on a hunt for a vintage scent, don’t overlook this opportunity to make your wedding day truly memorable for you and your groom!

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