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Borrow Baby Couture

Borrow Baby Couture

The idea behind Borrow Baby Couture is a fashion heaven’s sent. Borrow Baby Couture is an online high-end children’s clothing rental service for baby + toddler girls, providing designer clothing for girls ages 9 months to 4 years old. This is the perfect service to outfit your flower girl in an adorable, fashionable, high-end dress, without breaking the bank. We’re in love with the Stella McCartney Eyelet dress for a stylin’ boho flower girl!

Customers can choose from numerous high-end designers for 1 or 2 week rentals with discounts up to 85% off the retail value. Unlike any other children’s clothing rental business, Borrow Baby Couture gives you the opportunity to borrow “new” clothing so your child can be the first to wear that article of clothing, and they provide the opportunity to borrow high-end designer outfits and dresses. They receive all of their merchandise new and in-season so the first borrower is borrowing it “new,” which is a one time opportunity at that item. Once an item has been borrowed the price to borrow decreases a second time allowing borrowers thereafter to borrow it nearly new. When an outfit or dress is rotated permanently out of the borrowing cycle or season, it will be available for sale in their semi-annual clearance shop. Isn’t that brilliant? As the season turns so will their inventory.

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Borrow Baby Couture makes the borrowing process so simple! 1. Create an account. 2. Select your dress or dresses, select whether you want to rent it for one or two weeks, enter shipping and billing information. 3. Receive your picks via USPS in as little as one day. 4. Dress your little one up in a beautiful dress for a special occasion, take lots of pictures. 5. Bundle your orders up in the return shipping materials provided, which includes pre-paid postage, and send it back to Borrow Baby Couture. 5. Repeat steps 1-4 for your next special occasion. Each time an item is returned, it’s professionally dry-cleaned and each article is inspected before it is shipped to your child! Are you as in love with this service as we are?

Borrow Baby Couture will be holding a clearance sale at the end of August, so be sure to check it out! They are also offering Ruffled readers 50% off their next order with coupon code BABY50, so get borrowing!

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