Happy Monday! Hope everyone is having a fantastic Memorial Day if you’re in the U.S. I promised I’d be back tomorrow, but couldn’t wait to share these wedding invitations inspired by Bob Dylan’s first album, The Freewheelin’ in 1963. Barb and Josh had their engagement session inspired by the cover, and how did Josh propose to Barb – singing one of Bob Dylan’s songs of course!

From Maia of Toast Photography:
The whole theme of their engagement session was around Bob Dylan, specifically The Freewheelin’ cover. Bob Dylan and Suze had a dynamic relationship, as is the case of Josh and Barb. He proposed to her on thanksgiving, surrounded by their “family”; aka, friends, and as the circle was coming around on all friends discussing what they are thankful for, Josh started reciting a song from Bob Dylan before getting down on his knees and proposing to Barb, that she was what made me love this song out of them all. They truly are an amazing couple, and you can see it in the photographs. The concept of the engagement photo were on two specific concepts, Bob Dylan and the late nights they spent at cafe’s getting to know one another when they first started dating. The Freewheelin’ photoshoot came together brilliantly from their wardrobe, the album cover itself, and the random found blue VW bus I saw in the location we were shooting. The owner was kind enough to unlock the car to let us shoot in!

Freewheelin' 1960s 60s engagement session Chicago
Bob Dylan Freewhelin Vinyl Cover wedding invitations
Bob Dylan Freewhelin Vinyl Cover wedding invitations

Wedding invitations designed by Chad Pickett. Maia of Toast Photography are based in Chicago but will travel worldwide.


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  • sage nelson on October 7, 2012

    How and where can I order these invitations? Please send me all info needed, thanks!
  • diana on August 17, 2010

    these so rock. CONGRATULATIONS What a creative and happy way to do it!
  • Deirdre on August 17, 2010

    This makes me want to get married. Or just have a wedding.
  • Desiree on June 11, 2010

    These are amazing!!!!! I am so inspired!
  • Hi-Fi Weddings on June 5, 2010

  • Janice Carnevale on June 3, 2010

    I love love love this. It's so original and fresh. It's vintage but also a little bit rock n roll. I can't wait to get a couple who would like to do something similar!
  • Parthenia on June 1, 2010

    Super cute!!
  • Neaner on June 1, 2010

    Very cool! What a fun idea, and so perfect for this particular couple it seems...
  • Lori on June 1, 2010

    I love how everything is pulled together and perfectly themed ...it is so personal and speaks to who the couple is! Love it.
  • Sara Gray on May 31, 2010

    I love the individual flair of these -- such a great idea for something totally original and meaningful to each couple.
  • Amberdawn on May 31, 2010

    Really unique. Looks great :)
  • Kimberly on May 31, 2010

    This is one of THE coolest wedding ideas I have ever seen!
  • Becoming Mrs. Ford on May 31, 2010

    All I can say is WOW! Those are gorgeous, I LOOOOVE a well crafted handmade invitation suite. So swoon worthy.
  • Lace.and.Likes on May 31, 2010

    these are AWESOME!!!


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