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Beautiful photographs are born from great connections. 

The connection between you and your partner. The connection between you and your family and friends. And the connection between you and your photographer. 

A strong connection lets you two be yourselves. Which shows in your body language, infectious smile, romantic embraces, and happy tears.

And makes for photos that show a true depiction of how your day looked and felt. 

Many Australia photographer specialize in digital photography. Instead, I specialise in the fine art, film side of it all. Film allows me to naturally capture the light and colours of your wedding day – Giving your photos that bright, classic, editorial and true-to-life quality you, and I, Can’t seem to get enough of.

As a hybrid photographer, I capture as much of your wedding on film as I possibly can. And I always take a digital backup of everything I photograph. So, no matter what, you’ll have timeless photos to look back on.