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As a film wedding photographer based in Chicago, I’m passionate about documenting the moments and heirlooms that tell stories of legacy. I consider it an honor to walk alongside you in this process, witnessing your love story unfolding. It’s a privilege to capture the images that you and your family will cherish for many lifetimes yet to come.

Your grandmother’s pearl earring—given to her by your grandfather. A vintage photograph from their wedding day, worn and frayed around the edges from years tucked into his wallet. An intricately embroidered handkerchief once carried down the aisle by your mother on her own wedding day. A venue brimming with rich history; walls that hold stories from ages past and ages yet to unfold. These are the details that make my heart flutter: the common threads that tie your love story to the generation before and the generations to come.

Hi! I’m Sarah. I believe that your love story is your legacy. You are planning a wedding that honors your family ancestry and classic traditions… but it’s also a celebration to reflect your own unique love story: who you are as a couple, and the legacy you want to create.