Loreto Caceres Photography

Website: https://loretocaceresphotography.com

Instagram: @loreto_caceres_photography

Facebook: LoretoCaceresPhotography

I’m Loreto Caceres, a New York-based photographer who brings a contemporary, documentary and fine art approach to wedding photography. My focus is to work with clients and allow that genuine moment to arise which translates to beautiful, spontaneous images.

Loreto holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York City (2005 graduating class). When Loreto is not working, she is either in the ocean surfing, traveling or documenting the surfing lifestyle. Her surfing photos depict the texture, current and swell of the ocean through colors, details, and motion. Her deep affection and intense emotion for the ocean and its power is translated to the viewer as she leads us onto the beach and into the ocean with her. This personal and passionate body of work is not only a study of the artistic curves of the ocean; it is also a first-hand look at a circle of individuals that live a unique lifestyle.