Honeysuckle & Wine Photography

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Based in Jackson, Tennessee, Honeysuckle & Wine Photography was named affectionately after a love letter that my husband left on my bathroom mirror when we were still dating. Just like the name implies, I value storytelling, detail and romance, and I desire to help each of my couples experience the culmination of these on their wedding journey and beyond. I strive to serve each of my brides and grooms well, and make sure they know without a doubt they are loved and well-taken care of, so they can relax and experience a joy-filled, stress-free wedding day. My favorite part of being a wedding photographer is connecting with my couples, getting to know them, and learning about them through interaction and conversation. My approach to visual storytelling is to blend the fun, candid and traditional images with timeless, editorial-style portraiture in a way that preserves each unique story. My signature style produces bright, vivid, film-inspired imagery that never goes out of style, and can be adored and cherished for a lifetime. Honeysuckle & Wine Photography serves all of West Tennessee, and is available for travel worldwide.