Beside You Forever

Beside You Forever is officially the coolest kid on the block for wedding websites. It gives you all the same convenient tools – RSVP (with a bonus to set reminders), map and directions (with a visual street view), links to registries, etc but the way you customize is what got us hooked. You can use your own photos to design your wedding site, and put your gorgeous engagement sesh photos to use by uploading a different background image per page if you’d like. Layering text with customizable fonts sets the mood of your wedding vision in a snap.

Creating a website with Beside You Forever is super intuitive. As you breeze from page to page, picking fonts and photos, you can add all of your wedding information in 5 minutes. Or maybe 6 if you can’t decide on the font. As you create your photo gallery, there is an option to credit your photographer, with a link to his/her website — which I’m sure your he/she will be super grateful for the shout out!

Head on to Beside You Forever to try out for free!

Enter code RUFFLED at checkout to sign up for just $5.

All lovely photos from this feature shot by Rachael Grace Photography.

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  1. This is beyond an awesome idea! I will be sure to share this with all my lovely bride-t0-be friends.
    This would have been so perfect for our wedding, we set up our own site, which I assume took MUCH longer..