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Whimsical Garden-Party Wedding II

Whimsical Garden-Party Wedding II

Jenna and Dustin had a whimsical garden-party theme which transported their guests into a wedding wonderland! Check out that antique door set-up! It was placed at the entrance to the reception, where guests passed through it underneath a swarm of fluttering paper butterflies. Lang Photographers were on hand to capture all the darling details.

DIY vintage wedding details

A little more info straight from the bride, Jenna:

We made all of the centerpieces for the tables from logs at my cabin from an old tree. My mom took a drill and put holes in the logs for the tables (so we could put flowers in the holes). She also put varnish down the holes so they would hold water for the flowers. She’s amazing!

pink and green wedding cake table

My sister made all of the butterflies (from music sheets) that hung from the old doors at the entrance of our reception.

Wedding chandelier and paper butterfly

The images below were sent by Jenna, shot by Jenna’s new sister-in-law, Anne Robert:

Some advice from Jenna:

Plan, plan, plan! But don’t overdo it, stay happy during your engagement. You’re only engaged once, and when you get stressed over planning, you’re most likely not happy. Sometimes you’ve got to let go of that small stuff. And on your wedding day, plan for not everything to go smoothly, but ignore it! It’s literally the most fun day ever!

Wedding Vendors (Mesa, AZ):

Photographer: Lang Photographers / Venue: Bride’s Backyard / Wedding Planner, Florist & Caterer: Sandy Hestand / Bride’s Dress: Melissa Blackburn / Bride’s Flower Crown: Whichgoose / Hair Stylist: Michelle Franklin / Bridesmaid’s Dresses: J. Crew

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  • I love that this rustic chic soiree still has a touch of glamour with the string lights and the chandelier. This is so very cool, I’m loving her dress!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE everything!!! I want those doors and the centerpieces are wonderful!!

  • wow, i’m loving the inside brought outside feel! The vintage door is TOOOO cool. And that reception looks like a scene from a movie. Love the details like the paper butterflies, beautiful!

  • I’m loving those centerpieces! So rustic and elegant, and the “Oh Happy Day” is such a wonderful touch!

  • love it! i just wanted to say thank you thank you for having this site and putting up so many wonderful weddings and more!!! i found it while searching for ideas for my own country/vintage wedding! it turned out great and now that is is over, i still LOVE looking at the different styles!

  • I love the bride and grooms individual pictures, but their wedding is just amazing! It definitely has a backyard party feel that makes it so personal and great!

  • Absolutely LOVE these backyard weddings. Being an eco-friendly wedding photographer, I feel so inspired by the creativity and personality that brides bring into their weddings these days. There’s nothing quite like the re-used vintage look.

  • I loved this wedding and am going for a similar look at my own reception.
    Jenna-Strange question but I am having a reception in Phoenix in March and wondering if you have that huge chalkboard for sale….:)

  • Im looking for ideas for a Birthday high tea and love these photos, espeically the chair by the front door with the flowers. Such a simple idea but creates such a lasting entrance.

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