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Australian Polo Club Wedding

Australian Polo Club Wedding

Prepare yourself, dear readers, because you’re about to have your socks knocked off by this wedding at one of our new favorite venues, Sydney Polo Club, photographed by none other than Lara Hotz. Jam-packed with color, poms, amazing flowers from The Sisters, and a dress to die for, we guarantee you won’t be able to make it through without smiling from ear to ear!

Australian Polo Club wedding - photo by Lara Hotz

From the couple, Gena and Tony: Our wedding was at the Sydney Polo Club, about an hour away from where we live. We wanted to have something a bit out of the ordinary (this can be hard with a big Jewish wedding but we knew we did not want a hotel reception room) and not expect people to have to travel too far. We had our ceremony and dance floor inside the barn on the farm and connected a marquee to the side where the guests were seated. The barn doors slid open to connect the two spaces. We wanted a relaxed feel while still observing the traditional side. We wanted it to be a little rustic, a little Mexican fiesta and a big colourful party. We didn’t have a colour scheme — rather every colour imaginable! If you would like a description it would have to be “a Mexican Fiesta in a barn.” We spent many hours making our own decorations, including: cutting & gluing 1200 coloured ribbons to make the chair decorations as well as emptying 60 cans of limited edition Andy Warhol Campbells soup cans to serve as flower holders for the table.

wedding flowers - photo by Lara Hotz

unique boutonniere ideas - photo by Lara Hotz

bride getting ready - photo by Lara Hotz

Australian Polo Club wedding - photo by Lara Hotz

pom pom bouquets - photo by Lara Hotz

bride and bridesmaids - photo by Lara Hotz

The first time Tony and I met, I wore a giant green crayon in my hair – it was a hairclip I had made at the time. We always refer to this moment and Tony says it was that crayon in my hair that caught his attention and thought, “Who is that girl with the green crayon.” I decided that as a surprise, I would make him, his groomsmen & his dad, a green crayon boutonniere. I made them out of resin and polished them so that they actually looked like a real shiny wax crayon. I then sent them to the florist with some brightly coloured baby pom poms and the result was amazing- the flower were perfect and the addition of the tiny pom poms tied in nicely with not only my head piece but the overall collection of colour and pom pom garlands around the barn. Not to forget the pom poms that were included in my bouquet!

colorful yarmulkes - photo by Lara Hotz

colorful wedding decor - photo by Lara Hotz

colorful ceremony decor - photo by Lara Hotz

wedding processionals - photo by Lara Hotz

wedding ceremony - photo by Lara Hotz

wedding recessionals - photo by Lara Hotz

The fabulous florists, ‘The Sisters’ created the most beautiful sculptural floral creations. I wanted to have a very low collection of flowers down the centre of the long tables as to not block off ones view. The florists did this beautifully and scattered the rest of my pom poms, a little bit of glitter confetti, candles and a few stems in bottles and Campbell soup cans to fill the space. We also decided to have some hanging flowers down the side of the marquee, as well as some floral garlands in the barn. It was all done so tastefully and I couldn’t have been happier. When I saw my bouquet on the morning of wedding I actually squealed with joy. It was perfect and contained every bold and bright flower I had wanted from chrysanthemums to tulips, dahlias and asters. Combined beautifully with the ribbons from the chair decorations tied into the bottom & some pom poms on wire popping out amongst the flowers. All in all, an explosion of colour, a fiesta of flowers!

confetti weddings - photo by Lara Hotz

bride and groom - photo by Lara Hotz

bride and groom - photo by Lara Hotz

bridal portraits - photo by Lara Hotz

hanging flower decorations - photo by Lara Hotz

Australian Polo Club wedding - photo by Lara Hotz

hanging flower displays - photo by Lara Hotz

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colorful centerpiece ideas - photo by Lara Hotz

Australian Polo Club wedding - photo by Lara Hotz

Any advice for couples planning their weddings now? Don’t let the things you cannot control affect you! Like the rain! Often things end up being even more beautiful when you don’t plan it in your head. Although I had visualized walking out the barn and down the aisle onto the grass, having it inside because of the rain was truly gorgeous and intimate surrounded closely by everyone. The music was loud, the colourful ribbons and pom pom garlands were perfect set amongst the chandelier and together with chuppah (Jewish canopy under which we are married) it all resulted in a magical moment. Lastly, the day goes by so quickly so just take a deep breath and take in each moment as much as you can. All that planning, thinking, organising for your wedding day is part of the process too so enjoy the whole journey as much as you can. Try not to stress because its just one day and its a happy day. Just enjoy being in that beautiful dress, surrounded by your loved ones!

Australian Polo Club wedding - photo by Lara Hotz

color filled receptions - photo by Lara Hotz

couples dancing - photo by Lara Hotz

Australian Polo Club wedding - photo by Lara Hotz

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Wedding Music:
Our song was “Wait” by M83, a beautiful and tear jerking moment. It was so powerful and many people said it felt like a real live video clip. We chose not to have a first dance but rather we dedicated a song to my dad who passed away when I was younger. I have memories of him listening to “I Wonder” by Rodriguez and so we got the band to learn this song and invited everyone onto the dance floor to enjoy the moment together.

Wedding Location: Richmond, NSW, Australia / Photographer: Lara Hotz / Event Planning: Styled by Sting / Flowers: The Sisters / Venue: Sydney Polo Club / Wedding Dress and Veil: Jane Hill / Wedding Shoes: Ebony M / Pom-pom crown handmade with pom-poms from: iammie / Rings: King St Design, Amy Robson / Hair: Jessica Di Donato / Makeup: Cassie Mendoza-Jones / Groom’s Suit and Tie: P.Johnson / Groom’s Shoes: Clarks / Caterer: Amaze In Taste / Music: Furnace & The Fundamentals / Balloons: Bespoke Balloonery / Tissue Paper Garlands: Studio Mucci / Papel Picado: Vintagebabydoll / Stamps: Yellow Fish Paperie / Celebrant: Rabbi Ritchie Moss / Transportation: Kombi Style / Wedding Invitations: Invitation Tea Towels / Cinematographer: The White Tree

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