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Ask VG: Free Standing Escort Card Board

Ask VG: Free Standing Escort Card Board

Reader Jennifer emailed me with this project idea she has in mind and I instantly loved it. She wants to make a free standing board for escort cards, using vintage knobs to hang the cards from.

Q: I’m currently working with a vintage bride and we would love to create a fabric folding screen for her escort cards. Any suggestions?…I would like it to look similar to a memory board but I would like it to be a freestanding structure. I’m looking for a freestanding folding screen that stands approximately 5-6 ft. tall with 2 to 3 panels. Just think oriental screen in nature but made of fabric and looks similar to the memory boards. I thought it would be cute to apply antique kitchen pulls hang the cards with adorable ribbon.

A: The easiest to make this project would be building upon a ready made room divider and upholstering with foam (for padding) and fabric. You can find room dividers on craigslist or at garage sales for a bargain and you rent a good stapler at Home Depot. Just look for room dividers with a sturdy free standing structure. To make double sure it won’t tip over, I’d place it against a wall – it will also hide the back of the drawer knobs would like to use. If you think the knobs will make the board too heavy, consider using cute sewing pins like in the board above.

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Has anybody made something similar? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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