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Appy Couple App’s New Features + 20% Off Code!

Appy Couple App’s New Features + 20% Off Code!

Appy Couple lets couples easily and stylishly make their own wedding apps and websites to share with their friends and family. Appy Couple has brought design and fashion to the forefront of everything they do, with technology powering the magic at every turn. Below are some of the fantastic features this app can offer you.


Set the stage: With over 300 designs and more coming soon, Appy has a design to fit any wedding style, color palette and theme.

appy couple-01

Share photos: Guests can capture every moment with the point-and-shoot feature on the app. Photos get added to the gallery for you to view after the wedding! Also, both you and guests can upload your favorites to the website.

Share with guests: The app is now beautiful on every device (Android, iPhone 5, 4 or any number you choose). The coordinating wedding websites take the Appy style to guests without smartphones—so everyone is included! Keep guests in the loop with messages and emails.


Keep it private: Appy Couple is flexible and easy for couples to show off what they want, when they want, and to whom, revealing content and surprises only when ready.

Collect RSVPs: Manage the unmanageable by allotting +1s, adding family groups and collecting meal choices right from the app and website. Appy Couple keeps you organized so you spend less time counting who wants chicken or fish and more time finding your perfect dress!


Coordinate your stationery: Have the best of both worlds: send traditional paper invitations that match your Appy Couple design! Appy Couple has partnered with the best designers in the business to offer coordinating invitations.

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  • I absolutely love that first photo of the wedding party with cameras! As a photographer, I suppose I am biased, but seriously, what a fantastic idea!!

  • This is a beautiful App and It’s perfect for my sister’s wedding! So excited to show her!

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