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We’ve all heard of wedding websites, but how helpful would it be to have your very own wedding app? Appy Couple is a brilliant new app that allows you to organize wedding details such as schedule, music, photos and events, while also providing an easy, interactive platform to communicate with your wedding party and guests. With their beautiful, customized designs, you are going to love sharing all your wedding details with this fun app.

Appy Couple is a breakthrough service that lets you create your own mobile app for your wedding to share with guests. It’s easy, fun, and gorgeous. We have so many unique designs to choose from so that your app can match your wedding’s theme, style, and colors— and you get a free coordinating wedding website as well. You start by creating an Appy Couple account online and use our amazingly simple drag-and-drop interface to add information about yourselves and the wedding party, events, playlists, registry, etc. When you’re ready, our system sends each guest an email with a unique code. They then simply download Appy Couple from the App Store (Android coming soon), enter their email and the code, and they get in to the app you’ve created. Once there, they can send instant messages, real-time photo uploads with automatic facial recognition – even pop some virtual champagne and solve a custom puzzle. Not to mention being able to map their way to the wedding while they’re actually on the road, or buy a last-minute gift from your registry!

The beauty of the app is that it’s private but social at the same time. Appy Couple makes it a pleasure to create your own unique mobile app to share all the excitement around your wedding — and guests will love it too. Use coupon code RBSP1 to get your free download (limited time only).

  • Katelyn

    My fiance and I are using this. We started it a few weeks ago and I love it!

  • This app is gorgeous!! I wish I was getting married so I could use it myself!

  • Dang iPhone 3G! It won’t let me download the app because I don’t have the most recent operating system. Darn!

  • Erika

    I wish the Android App was available now! Oh well. Hopefully it will be made available prior to my wedding in June. I’d love to use this! :)

  • Super excited to start our app! Thank you for the promo code.

  • Jeannie

    I can’t get the code to work :( is it expired already??

    • Sr

      The code didn’t work for me either so I am going to ask if I can get one. I’m so excited !!!!! I was going to design an app myself but then this came out !

  • Wendi

    Wedding Row works great and I love it. No problems. Great inspiration.

  • Lauren

    So awesome, does anyone know how much is costs?!

  • Jeannie

    Wedding row is different, Appy Couple is all your wedding info for guests to see, not use inspiration boards. I am still waiting anxiously for my invite!! Ruffled, please bring the promo code back!!! PLEASE!!

  • Janette

    Can someone please give the invitation code??? I can’t seem to get through. :(

  • Thank you everyone for the comments on Appy Couple!

    Vivek Ratkalkar
    Marketing Manager
    Appy Couple