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Anolon Sweet & Savory Bakeware Registry Picks + Recipes

Anolon Sweet & Savory Bakeware Registry Picks + Recipes

Registering for bakeware is a doozy. These are used for years to come, and differently than your china, bakeware is something that will live with you everyday. Anolon Bakeware’s lifetime warranty is a guarantee that your registry gift will be baking the cake of your future anniversaries. The Anolon Advanced Bakeware’s superior nonstick and unique grip means sweet and savory versatility.


Love Anolon‘s Bronze 12 Cup Muffin Pan – it’s stylish and robust, perfect for heavy baking. Muffin pans aren’t just for sweets! Muffin pan meals are perfect for hosting a dinner party or serving bite size appetizers. Everything from mini shepherd pies to deep dish pizzas can be tried on a muffin pan. This mini meatloaf recipe is next on my list. For sweets, this Rice Krispie Treat Cupcake recipe is a must try for a party!

Our top 5 bakeware picks are the Anolon Bronze 12 Cup Muffin Pan, Gray Bakeware 5-Piece Bakeware Set, Bronze Bakeware 9”x13” Cake Pan, Gray Bakeware 2-Piece Loaf Pan Set and Bronze Bakeware 10” x 15” Cookie Sheet. Even if you’re not a baker like me, these are staple bakeware items that you will need and use over and over again.

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Head on over to Bed Bath and Beyond and Macys to register for them!

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