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Andalusian Garden Wedding Editorial

Andalusian Garden Wedding Editorial

There’s so much color and beautiful garden inspiration in this styled shoot from Pedro Bellido, Caprichia Weddings & Occasions, and VG Florista that I hardly know where to begin! Just one look and I instantly feel transported to southern Spain, thanks to the overwhelming Spanish charm and authentic treats and details.

Andalusian garden wedding editorial - photo by Pedro Bellido

From the event designer and planner, Caprichia Weddings & Occasions:
Feel welcome to see our interpretation of a perfect blend between the unique Spanish charm, the warm light of the Andalusian sun, our vibrant colors and our delicious gastronomy and local products… Simply pure inspiration for our Andalusian Wedding Shooting! A joyful journey towards the deepest, most authentic roots of the Andalusian culture, to create our own vision of a truly Spanish wedding.

backyard wedding ceremony - photo by Pedro Bellido

pomegranate wedding details - photo by Pedro Bellido

winter bouquet with reds - photo by Pedro Bellido

wedding ceremony - photo by Pedro Bellido

Andalusian garden wedding editorial - photo by Pedro Bellido

We couldn’t have chosen a better wedding venue background than this property in Malaga, which used to be an ancient flour wheel dating from the XVIIth century, breathing history from every corner. We wanted to make our particular wink to our internationally awarded Spanish courtyards in Andalusia, packed in clay pots with hanging colorful flowers, and we recreated those as the perfect scenery for a wedding altar, where our bride, wrapped in a hand-embroidered Spanish shawl (“mantón”) merged with a vibrant background of geraniums, carnations, bougainvilleas, azaleas and grasses, facing simple wooden chairs.

Andalusian garden wedding editorial - photo by Pedro Bellido

wedding reception - photo by Pedro Bellido

Andalusian garden wedding editorial - photo by Pedro Bellido

Spanish bride - photo by Pedro Bellido

red bouquet with greenery - photo by Pedro Bellido

An emotional look back to the ancient Spanish craftsmen took us to discover amazing hand-made ceramics, hand-painted tableware, brass containers, wooden tools, iron utensils and other antiques, to shape our food stations and dinner table, where a splash of abundance of first quality ingredients displayed with care and delicacy made the rest. Spanish cheeses accompanied by quince, natural nuts, forest berries and other seasonal fruits made it as appealing to the eye as to the taste. Following the cheese stations, our olive oil station showed the essence of our Spanish liquid gold treasure, and offered the guest the chance to learn about the origin of our Spanish olives through our self-designed stationery, while tasting the olive oil poured over a slice of one of the many types of freshly-baked bread displayed in hand-made baskets.

centerpiece with flowing eucalyptus - photo by Pedro Bellido

wedding desserts - photo by Pedro Bellido

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Andalusian garden wedding editorial - photo by Pedro Bellido

bridal looks - photo by Pedro Bellido

teal plates with a pink centerpiece - photo by Pedro Bellido

And we could only leave the sweetest taste in your mouths with our hand-picked selection of Spanish sweets and desserts, which we honored by allowing them to become the center of attention of the table, letting them overflow the brass containers and emerge from wooden plates, following a unique color palette of browns, ocres and golds, only seasoned with white sugar, honey and cacao powder. The jewel of this sweet rhapsody was waiting to be served in the form of the most famous Spanish sweet duet; “chocolate con churros.”

dessert table with cheese cake - photo by Pedro Bellido

unique wedding dress - photo by Pedro Bellido

dessert tables - photo by Pedro Bellido

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  • Love how everything is so lush but cozy at the same time!

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