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Alternative Metal Wedding Bands with TungstenWorld

Alternative Metal Wedding Bands with TungstenWorld

While the obsession for engagement ring designs is something that will never go away to most of us, guys’ priorities in wedding bands are practicality above all else. They need a wedding band that will keep up with their lifestyle and personality, and often times traditional metals don’t fit the bill. Alternative metal rings provide durability and are seemingly scratch and shatter proof. has a huge selection of Tungsten wedding bands and other metals.


doesn’t offer just Tungsten wedding rings. Their alternative metal rings also include Cobalt, Titanium, Ceramic and Black Zirconium. Learn the differences and see which metal best suits you or your fiance’s lifestyle:

Tungsten: This material is right next to diamonds on the hardness scale providing a lasting and tough wedding ring. Tungsten is not only a heavy metal but the most wear-reisitant ring out there and will never bend or change shape.

Titanium: Harder than cobalt, this material provides a higher level of scratch resistance and is also hypoallergenic and bio-compatible. It’s a hard metal and extremely light in weight.


Cobalt: Being highly scratch resistant and durable, this material will maintain its finish while not cracking or bending as you wear it. This ring won’t tarnish and the material is hypoallergenic and bio-compatible.


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Black Zirconium: This material is neither coated or painted black providing durability and shatterproof components. It is heat-treated in black color and is malleable.


provides awesome deals and even offers a lifetime warranty, lifetime sizing and lifetime replacement if anything happens. They can’t promise you won’t lose your ring, but they can promise they’ll replace it. By choosing TungstenWorld’s rings, you are getting more bang for your buck with a band that’s not only durable but also economical.

Check out to design or pick your wedding band, and all Ruffled readers will receive a percentage off of their purchase!

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