Alice in Wonderland Wedding Inspiration

Simply Sarah Photography knocked it out of the park with a fashion editorial + whimsical wedding inspiration based on the classic Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. This is such a classic, though it never ceases me to amaze how incredibly unique this one is. With styling and design by Elisa Event Design is Alice in Vogue-land is just magical. Here’s the proof.

Alice in Wonderland wedding inspiration

From the photographer, Sarah: I am fascinated by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. This story describes so well the distortions of perception—how the obstacles we perceive in our lives start to take actual form. These distortions might have us convinced, for example, that a Mad Hatter could never find true love. In our version of Carroll’s story, the Mad Hatter invites Alice and her friends to tea, with the intent to propose to Alice, his One. We chose the beautiful, idyllic setting of Serenbe, Georgia as a magical, almost haunted place for the shoot. We took to the wood to create a sort of natural dressing room among the trees, where the girls primped and prepped for the tea party. Claire LaFaye’s dresses gave the girls an ethereal aspect, making them appear like nymphs in the woods. While there, the girls had a visitor, a lost artist trying to capture through a painting the kind of magic that only exists for a moment in a photograph.

editorial wedding inspiration

Alice in Wonderland wedding inspiration

editorial wedding inspiration

editorial wedding inspiration

alice in wonderland wedding

alice in wonderland wedding

alice in wonderland wedding

alice in wonderland wedding






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I wanted the shoot to have a lot of texture, from flowers and feathers to old paper bundles. There was also to be a great deal of movement—the fabric in the woods, the girls dancing by the barn. Even the flowers were chosen because of their movement—both the hellebores and tulips bend so beautifully, as though in reverence to a love so powerful that it could bring such unlikely people together.







Shoot Location: Serenbe, GA / Photographer: Simply Sarah Photography / Dresses: Claire LaFaye / Design/Styling: Elisa Event Design / Florals: Elisa Event Design / Paperie: Ink Lemonade / Ring: Scarlett Jewelry / Chandeliers: Shabulous Chandeliers / Vanity + Couch: Rhapsody Attic / Farm Table: Goodwin Rentals / Desserts: Blue Eyed Daisy / Models: Max Owen, Kirstie Allen, Kayla Foster, Caroline Frese, Nathalie Joy Nicoara / Hair + Makeup: Nathalie Joy Nicoara / Metal Heart Garland: Anita Spero Design / Books & Letter Bundles: Brian Wynn / Hat: Delight Worthyn / Charms: Ingredients for Lovely / Painter: That Mustache Man

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  • Thanks so much for featuring the hat I made for this shoot.The photography is just breathtaking.The styling is sublime.

  • I’ll try to keep the plot description to a minimum since Alice in Wonderland is such a well know title. Alice (Natalie Gregory) is a little girl in England who is in the woods one day when a White Rabbit (Red Buttons) runs by and she follows him down a rabbit hole and ends up in Wonderland. She meets the strange inhabitants and ends up on the wrong side of the Queen (Jayne Meadows). Things seem resolved but then Alice is chased by the Jabberwocky through the looking glass and she has another set of adventures in Looking Glass Land.

  • This is so fabulous! Finally Alice and Wonderland done right for a wedding! No blatantly obvious cliches. Alice found her vintage perfection down the rabbit hole and her groom.. So in love

  • I love the Claire la Faye bridesmaids gowns I’ve been looking feverishly for the blue one for the bridesmaids in my own wedding. It will be an alice in wonderland themed wedding as well. Is there anyone who knows the style name of that dress or where it can be bought because I couldn’t find it on Claire la Faye’s website anywhere

  • I think the photography is stunning, and they have captured the main elements of this wedding theme. I personally like the creativity put on the decor, the dressing for the bride and groom (hairdo, bow, hat, food). Incredible! The macaroni and the invitations! Fairy tale and fantasy put together with great taste.

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