We’re always so excited every time we have a giveaway from one of our Blue Label members, and I have a hunch that you’re going to fall head over heels with this one. Indigo Album Design is giving away one 8×8 Coffee Table Book with 10 full spread pages, which includes a custom album design and one album satchel ($440 value). It’s time to think up what your dream album would look like if you won! From their cover options to their end paper selection, you can mix and match patterns and textures to create something that is unique to you. They mix vintage elements with modern statements and bold colors, and the result is a fresh take on wedding albums. They are sold directly to brides, so you’re in touch with the design team who will be crafting your album.

modern wedding albums indigo album design

From Raina: Indigo Album Design was founded from our photography studio, Indigo Foto. In search of truly unique albums that would cater to the diverse tastes of their photography clients, they teamed up with local bookbinding artisans to develop the Indigo album collection. The result is a selection of top quality, handcrafted albums at a remarkably affordable price.

Indigo Album Design is also giving a special discount to Ruffled readers! Mention RUFFLED10 to receive 10% off any album.

To enter, simply leave us a comment below. Giveaway entries will close THIS Friday afternoon. We will announce a lucky winner in our next weekly wrap up this Friday. Good luck!

Indigo Album Design is a member of Blue Label. To find more vendors in your area and/or online, click here. If you’re a vendor and would like to apply, please click here.

  • such a great coffee book.. !

  • I love these! I have been watching this blog, I just haven’t gotten a chance to order yet. I would love to know more about ordering…and if I can design my own and just have it printed by you. I love all the choices, they seem really elegant. Will you be at any trade shows in the future like PDN in NYC? Its so nice to be able to hold them in your hands and talk to people about the product.

  • Rebecca

    This would be awesome!

  • Chelsea

    I would love to win this album! I know just what i’d do with it :)

  • Heather

    These albums are great! I need to do something like this otherwise I will never actually use my wedding photos!!

  • Stephanie

    I would love to win an album, SO CUTE!!!

  • Ginet

    I was just looking at the Indigo Album website when I saw this giveaway on my Google Reader :)

  • Tana

    I love these! I have been dreaming of one ever since I saw them, but it just isn’t in our budget.

  • Briar

    Man, I would love to win this album!

  • Devon

    The orange one with the names? I DIE.

  • veronica

    how adorable and classic are these albums! i am getting married in october. how amazing would it be to win a book for our special day!

  • Jane

    would love one of these, i love the typeface with the names

  • How wonderful! I’ve been putting off making my album for a year now… this would be perfect!

  • Ali Jarman

    these are seriously so perfect, i would love one!

  • Lindsey

    These are beautiful! I would love to win one…currently we can’t afford to get albums made (so perhaps a 1-year anniversary present?), so this would be quite a surprise!

  • Laura

    LOVEEEEEE the vintage feel of these, and all of the options that I’ve seen! Would love to have one make its home on my coffee table!

  • Sarah

    This looks great! I like that there is a satchel with it!

  • sarah bennion

    What style. What class.

  • Mary Jo

    My daughter would love this. Big fan of the orange with the names.

  • Melissa Johnson

    These look awesome! I’ve been researching albums lately, these look top notch!

  • Kate

    I love this book!

  • Missy allen

    i LOVE these albums! pick me please! :D

  • Johanna

    These albums are absolutely beautiful! Perfect way to display pictures of our special day!


    LOVE!!! I would love to have such a stylish and customized wedding album! Gorgeous!

  • Jessica Lago

    So pretty!!

  • Kristen

    I love this! Would love to have it on our coffee table :)

  • katieb

    this would be perfect!

  • Amber Cole

    These look amazing! I would love to win!

  • Alison Fyhrie

    My photography package didn’t include an album, and I would love to have a beautiful vintage inspired one like this!

  • Jeanae

    VERY cute book!!

  • coachwife6


  • Stacie

    So pretty, I’d love to have one. Cool stuff.

  • Ashley Daubenmire

    aw so in love……….just precious!

  • Kim

    What beautiful albums! We are getting married next month and would love a way to showcase our wedding pictures!

  • Meg

    What a beautiful album! We won’t be able to afford one for our wedding (in September), this would be an awesome win! BTW love the Ruffled blog!! :)

  • Alisha Ledford

    Pick me! Pick me! The albums are gorgeous; I want one for my coffee table SO bad!!!

  • Ann

    The end pages look so bright and punchy and I loved the embossed names on the cover. What a beautiful album (and amazing giveaway!)

  • Kristen C.

    Those albums are absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  • Taryn

    Just beautiful. The kind of album you can leave out as art and not have to stow it in the bookshelf.

  • Raquel

    Would love one of these albums! Pretty please!

  • Kelly

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  • Love the simplicity of the Melissa + Norm album!

  • manda

    i love this blog! :)

  • savychacha

    These books are amazing! So super pretty.

  • Looks absolutely beautiful! Would love to win :)

  • Dana

    The one stamped Melissa and Norm is gorgeous! Stopped me dead in my tracks. I’ve been searching all sorts of DIY photo book publishers for engagement photos and the like, but it would be so much more special to have a custom album like this that is so beautiful and build to be a family heirloom!

  • Brittani Miller

    I am a bride from upstate New York. Running on a TIGHT $10,000 budget (esp for NY!) I booked my photographer which was an all inclusive with my reception location and decided to save the money by only getting my photos on a disc. This would be AMAZING to win!! eeeek! I will keep my fingers crossed :*)

  • MartiniPS

    Stunning! I would to have my wedding photos in one of those albums

  • Nadia

    We need an album for our wedding pictures, and I’m a fan of Indigo Album!!

  • Jennifer Fischer

    What a wonderful album! Would definitely love to have one for my coffee table.

  • Emily Anderson

    How beautiful! The winner will be incredibly lucky!

  • Terri

    We opted to do our own album to save money. But these are AMAZING. luck of the irish on my side???

  • Brianne

    so unique and bright! a real eye catcher!! crossing fingers here!!!

  • Abby

    This would be fantastic for my engagement photos!!

  • Ohmygoodness. I’ve been following Indigo Album Design for so long…can’t wait to have my pictures in one of their albums!

  • Sara Bunch

    I would absolutely love to win this! I love this website and all the fun Indie designs that are here and made available so I can take a piece of this for my house. I, myself, love the retro vintage-y feel of all the items and would adore the opportunity to win one.

  • Merritt

    Those are great albums!

  • These are so amazing! I have looked at these many times, dreaming of the beautiful books that you can make! Thanks for offering the chance to win one – what a fantastic prize.

  • Rachel

    love the type on the front! ( :

  • Brian Powers

    My future Mrs. won’t stop talking about this give away.. now that I’ve seen the book myself they really are differnt. C’mon you got a guy willing to spread the word about the RUFFLED blog!!!

  • Jennifer

    These are beautiful!

  • Cate

    Getting ready to buy a coffee table just for one of these pretties!

  • Holly Knapp

    I would love to win this to display the photos from my upcoming October wedding!

  • Justine


  • Melissa T

    Wow. I’d keep this on my coffee table year long. Beautiful work!

  • Margaret

    LOVE these, especially the ones stamped with the names on the cover.

  • Kelsey

    These are absolutely gorgeous! It’s so much better to spend a little money and have a quality item than try and skimp and end up with something…dumpy. Well done!

  • Brittany

    These albums are s pretty!!

  • Amy Jaz

    Would LOVE to win this book! I got married 8 years ago, and all my wedding pics are still sitting on CDs! :-(

  • Katherine

    I would love to use this to make my guest book, a picture book for my friends and family to sign!

  • Rebecca H.

    So cute!

  • Yay! Memories!

  • Ashley

    How beautiful ! I have been looking for a creative way to display all of our favorite wedding pictures without putting them on the well. This would have to be the BEST idea I have come across.

  • Taylor

    Finally–albums you can customize! I am so tired of companies telling me how many photos I have to have per page and only 3 color options. These are so beautiful!

  • Sara

    So beautiful! My fiance and I are getting married in four weeks and four days! We are so excited and would love a way to display our beautiful photos.

  • Jen

    Obsessed with the paper and look of these albums! Wouk love to win one for my wedding photos!!!

  • Lauren Canestrari

    Yet another reason I love reading Ruffled everyday!

  • I would so so so love to win this album!

  • Justine

    This would be such an amazing gift for me and my fiance. We are currently fretting over the budget for our photographer and getting such a beautiful album would help ease some serious stresses! Please pick me!

  • Ryan

    Would love to win this to surprise my lovely future bride!

  • MirellaC.

    So lovely!…the personal touches makes them trully unique! Love, M.

  • Love these! I would love to get one!

  • Katelyn

    So timeless and unique! Love them!

  • Ashley

    When my fiance and I were setting our wedding wish list priorities, we both agreed that photography was at the very top of the list! Since discovering Indigo Albums a little while back, I can’t bear the thought of seeing our photos in anything less beautiful! PLEASE pick me as your winner!!

  • Katrina

    This would be the icing on the cake for our upcoming fall wedding <3 groovy giveaway!!

  • These are truly fabulous! I’d be so honored to win one!

  • samantha

    oooh, i want! so lovely in their simplicity.

  • Christine

    Pick me please!!

  • Nikki

    Love that last one with the names on the front!!

  • Emily

    I have been obsessed with these books for months. They are absolutely amazing.

  • emily

    love it!

  • ann marie

    they are gorgeous!

  • We would really love one of these… They are just so timeless. We’ve had to cut out an album due to costs and would love to be able to have one!

  • Elizabeth

    How very cool…these are absolutely beautiful! I would love this for the wedding photos (which will hopefully be beautiful — the wedding is next month!!)

  • I would love to have one of these to give as a wedding gift for my nephew!!!

  • i would love an album for our wedding this past halloween : )

  • Lindsay L

    we are meeting with our potential wedding photographers today – I would love to have one these albums to display our pictures from the big day!

  • i would love an album for our wedding this past halloween : )

  • Jenny B

    OOhhh!!! What a great giveaway! We couldn’t afford the photo album in our photography package and were planning on getting for for a first (or second) anniversary present to ourselves. This is much better!

  • Sergio Ghio

    My wife would love if I got this for her!

  • SarahEEL

    I want one! This would be a great way to commemorate my upcoming wedding!!

  • jennie


  • Brittany

    Love love love!!!

  • Ann


  • Shannon

    Oh these are lovely! They would work beautifully with our Instax guest book idea!

  • Jasmeen

    I love these albums!!! I just got my engagement pictures taken and would love to win an album to showcase the pictures. :)

  • Laura

    LOVE these…could it be used as a guestbook? maybe paired with a polaroid camera? interesting…

  • Misty

    I love the stamped names…so cute!

  • kim

    Oh I would simply love to win one!!! Pick me!! Pick me!

  • Emmy

    These are amazing! Getting married November 12, and would LOVE to have one of these filled with our wedding pictures! :)

  • Jessica

    Just got our wedding pictures back and we’ve been scouring the web for album options. These are beautiful!

  • Tessa

    Beautiful. I love that Indigo allows you to add your own personality to the design. We were literally just looking at these to capture memories from our September 2011 wedding weekend. Crossing my fingers… xx

  • christine

    pretty & simple. I like!!! =)

  • Claire

    I love the last one, with the names on the front! It’s beautiful! I would love to have one of these on my coffee table!

  • What a great giveaway!

  • Katherine

    Love these! Would love to win.

  • Sarang

    My fiance would love to save on albums!

  • fei

    I love these albums. Would love to have one.

  • Christine

    These books are so lovely! It would truly be a treasure to have such a lasting keepsake for my wedding.

  • Hayley Rose

    These are so great! This would be so gerat for all of our October Day photos.

  • Kami

    These are stellar! I love mixing textures and patterns!

  • Jenny

    SOOOOO beautiful. I would love to have one for photos of my upcoming wedding. I’m an artist and photographer and have been planning on designing my own display – this would be perfect!

  • Kelsey Broders

    these albums are gorgeous! a perfect way to display the most special day in two people’s lives. i love the homemade, diy aspect of them, it makes them perfect for a ruffled bride!

  • Frances

    So beautiful!!! I would love one!!

  • Bea Zak

    Lovely albums,
    For the Big Day,
    Would love to win,
    This giveaway!

  • CyD

    I’d love to win this for my wedding! This is exactly what we still need.

  • Abby

    LOVE these albums. So classic and gorgeous! Pick me, please!

  • Emily

    I would love to win this!

  • Emily Millet

    These are absolutly stunning!

  • These are so beautiful! I would love to win!

  • Lindsay

    Oooh, I love this company. I have been wanting one of their albums but not letting myself even think about them yet- I have too much other planning still left. To win one would be killer.

  • heather lui

    This would be amazing! I’d love to be able to put together an album right after the wedding instead of sometime next year, haha!

  • Liz Piccione-Volger

    I would love to win one of these. I feel inspired by that delicious green one. Yes, please.

  • Wow I love these albums! My fiance and I just recently got engaged, and I know I want to put a couple photo books together (engagement shots, wedding shots, and one as a photo/guest book for the wedding). Hope luck is on my side! :D

  • Katie

    As a newly engaged and never-before-even-thought-about-her-wedding-details person, one thing I DO know about my wedding is that I want to include photos of family and friends who have impacted my fiancé and me. One of these nifty (and quite lovely) albums would be great for that!

  • Renée DuBois

    These albums look amazing! Our wedding theme is ECO-DIY and I would love to have an album created with the same theme in mind.
    Fingers crossed!

  • Kimberly

    Ooooh, these look fantastic!

  • Baird

    I love their albums and design! They make the album so personal!

  • I have always love paper and books – and still do despite this electronic age. I would love to have one of these albums. Perfect for table or even bringing with me to share photos with friends and coworkers.

  • Rebecca Marti

    My sister just got married, and I would LOVE for her to have one of these!

  • I’m getting married Sept 3rd and one of these would be AMAZING!!! Beautifully designed! Awesome give away!

  • Leanne


  • Katriina

    Much better than my homemade scrapbooks.

  • Bethany

    ohhh these are so beautiful! I can just imagine one sitting on my coffee table!

  • Jessica

    These albums are beautiful. I especially love the look of the one with the names on the cover.

  • Kelley N

    I’m getting married this October! We would LOVE one of these!

  • Malinda

    I looove these!! They’re so unique but classy. Just like me. :)

  • Seadar

    two words…yes please!

  • Gina

    Wow. Wow. Wow. I love these! I have a long way to go before the wedding but having one of these to look forward to would make the wait worth it!

  • with ‘the day’ less than a year away now…it’s time to start album hunting for sure. :)

    these are delish!

  • Alyce Che

    Awesome giveaway. It would make a great anniversary gift.


  • Kristyn

    Gorgeous! What an amazing company. Thanks for running this giveaway!

  • Sasha

    What an amazing giveaway! I would kill for one of these :)

  • Cassie

    I love how customizable these albums are! SO gorgeous!

  • Sayoko Lynn

    Probably one of the best giveaways I have seen! These books are amazingly beautiful and I would be thrilled, ecstatic, blessed, and flat out giddy if I won! My wedding is a day I want to remember and be able to show to people for the rest of my life, and these books capture just that.

  • Dee

    My brother is getting married next year, and I would love to win this for him.

  • Amber

    I love all of the options, these are gorgeous!! I would definitely be lucky to win one :)

  • Jacqueline

    Pick me! I love these albums, especially to lovely end paper choices. xo, Jacqueline

  • Jillian Rae

    Such cute stuff! That would be awesome to have for our coffee table :)

  • kate

    ooh what gorgeous albums! hope i get picked! :)

  • Lee Miller

    These books are fantastic. Just the kind of album that Ben and I would adore. A book that would live on for years. We’d show it to our grandkids when we’re old! We’re getting married at a farm in October, and this is the perfect way to remember the day we made it official.

  • Lisa B

    My fiance and I were introduced to Indigo Albums by our photographer. We absolutely LOVE them! It’s such a classic, artistic way to display our Big Day and our love! :)

  • Taylor

    These are beautiful! Great giveaway.

  • TK

    One of most beautifully crafted photo albums I have ever seen!

  • roschelle

    Pick me, pick me!! :) wedding is in nov. 2011. I’m a photo enthusiast. Would greatly appreciate and love this.

  • Catherine

    I would love to have this for my wedding album! Everything looks so colorful and unique.

  • Debbie

    My wedding is in 11 days!!!! This would be a fabulous surprise :)

  • Tabatha DeGreif

    I fell in love with Indigo Albums when I saw them in a Blue Label listing right here on ruffledblog.com. I would love one of these for our wedding!

  • i would LOVE to win! what a wonderful gift! xo jillian

  • Laura

    Ooh boy, this is a hot giveaway!

  • Saphiya

    These are gorgeous! I would love to have one to put my wedding photos in.

  • linda d

    i would love to win one of these! we just got married and i need a photo album still!

  • I love these albums but haven’t been able to give them a try yet. Would love to win one!

  • emily f.

    What a giveaway!!! Thanks!!! I can just imagine my wedding day played out in one of those pretty books!

  • Oh! I’m getting married next month and would LOVE a beautiful Indigo album as a heirloom keepsake :)

  • Lisa T

    I would love to show off all my engagement and wedding pictures in an album as beautiful as these! PICK ME PRETTY PLEASE!

  • Danielle Nurenberg

    I would love a free wedding album!!!

  • julia

    my fiance and i would love one of these babies. fun & quirky, just like us :)

  • Amanda W

    These are fabulous. I’ve been looking for something to do with our wedding pics!

  • We are about to celebrate our two year anniversary, and I have yet to find an album that I love (and can afford.) I would love to surprise my husband with a unique and personalized album for our anniversary. I hope we win!

  • Amy

    Wow! These are gorgeous!

  • Astrid

    I would love it! lovely giveaway :)

  • Mallory

    I just got married and was looking for just this item!

  • Rachael Gammon

    What adorable albums! Sign me up for the contest! :)

  • WOW what a beautiful coffee table book that would be!!

  • OMG! I would love to win an album for our wedding. :-)

  • Amanda

    My wedding is on august 11th and I would LOOOVE an album like this!

  • Amanda

    I am getting married on August11th and I would loooove an album like this!!

  • I love the patterns on the paper, so pretty!

  • jen baldinelli

    pretty pretty please pick me!

  • Sarah

    I am getting married next summer on June 9, 2012 in Iowa! I LOVE these albums and would be over the moon to win one!!!:) Thanks!

  • Rebecca Kesting

    These albums are super cute! I would be so lucky to win!!

  • Lindsay

    photo album, here i come!

  • Rachel


  • Eileen O’Rourke

    What an heirloom. I’d love to have one of these to bring out and show the grand kids when they ask what my wedding was like. Please please pick me.

  • Julia N

    A truly unique and handsome alternative to the typical wedding album. Love it!

  • Eileen

    I love photobooks, but these are beautiful!!! I want one please!

  • Michelle Thomas

    Excellent craftsmanship. The vintage feel without the frills, I’m sure whoever receives the gift will be thrilled.

  • Terrae

    I found these albums during a search a few months ago and fell in love with them!

  • Lauren Englert

    ME ME ME!!!

    Pretty pretty ruffled please?!

    xx, Lauren

  • Rachel

    We are not getting married for a year, but I’m already excited about the photographs! What a great keepsake from a wedding!

  • Alex Lewis

    What a great, unique give-a-way! Thanks Ruffled & Indigo Albums!

  • Rebecca

    This is an awesome giveaway. Would love to win! :)

  • Ashley

    These are amazing, my fiance said they were cute. So you know they are cute if a guy says it.

  • Virginia

    My biggest worry about the wedding is that it will go by too quickly! A keepsake this beautiful would help with that!

  • Ashley M

    Sign me up… Would love to win! Super cute!

  • madelynne miller

    I absolutely love Indigo Albums!

  • Danielle Berberich

    I absolutely love these albums! It would be great to show off my wedding photos in one of these albums!

  • These are lovely! I can just picture one (pages a- flippin’ in the breeze) at my wedding in September… fingers crossed.

  • I’m getting married in november!! I want it!!! The albums are totally our style :) thanks!!

  • Michelle

    Swoon! These are gorgeous!

  • I would LOVE to win an Indigo album. I’ve been seeing them on blogs left and right and I love them!

  • Emily

    Wow! What gorgeous books….Absolutely beautiful. Which ever bride wins this will be so lucky :)

  • SO great!!
    Yes please :)

  • Kim

    Although I’ve taken on photography as my most recent “serious” hobby it’s dawned on me I can never quite get my fiance and myself perfectly in the shot together! We searched long and hard for an amazing artistic photographer for this reason and Indigo’s modern leather album would be a perfect complement! Did I mention our wedding will be the first opportunity I’ll be able to catch my fiance smile in successive shots with me in our 6 years together :)

  • Abby Cowart

    My fiance and I would love to win this–what a chic way to showcase our wedding photographs! Thanks to Ruffled and Indigo Albums for the offer!

  • Nikki L

    Ohh these look beautiful, so much better than anything i have seen. I would love to win, as albums are so so expensive for weddings. Beautiful :)

  • Sarah

    I love these! It fit perfectly with our rustic vintage wedding in April in Alabama!

  • Dana

    These albums sound stunning!! What a great giveaway!

  • Danielle

    These are absolutely fabulous! We would love this to hold our memories from a special outdoor July 9 wedding

  • katelyn

    these are adorable!

  • Erin B.

    Lovely, lovely albums. My husband (of 3 days!) and I would be thrilled to feature our photos from Saturday in one of these beauties in our brand new San Francisco apartment.

  • Lindsay

    What a great giveaway! Sign me up!

  • Alison

    So pretty!!!

  • Laura

    My best friend is getting married this Saturday and this would be such a great surprise to give her :)

  • K L Eberhardt

    Beautiful and classic. The leather covers are gorgeous.

  • Wowee! Would love this for our October 15th celebration in Cincinnati, Ohio. ~candice & jordan

  • Breezy

    These are so simple, but have so much character. LOVE THEM!

  • Katie

    Super Cute!

  • im getting married 8/27 and this would be such SUCH a treat to win!!!

  • Amy

    So beautiful!!! I would love to have one of these to put on my coffee table!!! A wedding album that will actually never become dated and looks more like an art piece!

  • Kristina L.

    Their albums are timeless and personal, something that anyone would treasure for the rest of their life. I would love to see our wedding photos displayed in one of their stunning albums.

  • Katie R.

    I would love to win one of these! How beautiful! =)

  • Jennifer M

    These look so modern yet elegant! <3 them ;)

  • Colette Wyman

    These are great! What a wonderful giveaway!

  • Jeanette

    These albums are beautiful – the purple blue one would be so perfect with my wedding colors.

  • Madge711

    These are absolutely gorgeous!

  • ann-marie

    I’m getting married this Saturday however so much hasn’t gone smooth including not getting the dress I ordered and staring over 4 weeks ago. Winning an album like this to make the most of my unfortunate situation would be such a blessing.

  • Erin

    Ahh! Want please! My wedding is on Sunday – I think this is a sign!

  • Anne

    Beautiful! Love the one with the names on the front.

  • natasha

    here comes the bride… satchel with album inside…
    at home a coffee table book … with beautiful pictures they took…
    I want our memories … to be displayed in one of these…please :)

  • Jessica Carney

    I have been looking high and low for beautiful, simple, unique, leather albums. I am soooo happy I have finally found you!!!! I can’t wait to order. XO

  • Spring

    Beautiful! I would love to win this for my Aug 20 wedding :)

  • Jessica

    I love the mixing of vintage and modern, but I especially love the vintage aspects of Indigo Album Designs.

  • Jamie

    lovely albums! i like the different patterns :)

  • Cynthia Eckersley

    I was web surfing for wedding ideas and came across your website. The albums are beautiful and tres grande. I have never seen anything on vintage weddings before but the ideas and photos have captivated me.

  • Elle

    oh my wow! these are crazy amazing and I just got really excited reading this post! yes, PLEASE! :)

  • Love, love, love these albums! I’d love to get my creative fingers all over them! Our wedding is in February and I cannot wait to marry him :)

  • Anne

    Beautiful albums! I’d love to win one!!

  • Jenna Burden

    I am getting married in 5 weeks and would love love love this. Beautiful albums. Crossing my fingers it’s me!! :)

  • joy

    These albums are AMAZING!!!! This would be the perfect giveaway to win because since we are on a budget, I am only receiving our wedding images on a cd to make the album myself. What better way to be able to use our wedding pictures than to have an album created by INDIGO!!!! XOXO!

  • Oh! This would be so perfect. We can’t afford an album and I have had the WORST time trying to figure out what to do with our photos. It would be so lovely to have one of these.

  • Cherie

    Wow, what a wonderful giveaway. We’re in the middle of getting our wedding photos back and this would be amazing to win!!!

  • rachel m

    how lovely! i hope we get picked!

  • akris

    I’ve got my fingers crossed! Have always wanted to create a photobook!

  • Jalinda

    Wow, those are all so unique and beautiful! I’ve never seen an album quite like those :)

  • abby

    oh, please, please, please. these look beautiful!! thank you for the opportunity :)

  • melissa fenlon

    These are gorgeous albums!

  • So Pretty! I would love one!

  • Lynn

    coffee table book about US. *in love*

  • Alison M.

    Absolutely LOVE your work!!!!!! It would be such a great opportunity to receive this as a wedding gift for me and my fiance!

  • Aleksandra

    so so goregeous :)

  • Jessica Rawstron

    What beautiful albums! I would love to win one! Love your blog and I read daily.

  • Heidi McLaren

    Hello there adorably k-uu-te albums!

  • I’d love to win one of these beautiful albums :)

  • Maddy

    Love the modern/vintage feel to your albums – seems like an oxymoron but it works beautifully!

  • Jen

    These are absolutely gorgeous! I would lovelove to win one!

  • Jin

    Beautiful books! Just lovely.

  • Shelby Rae

    Love these!! Would be so excited to have one in my house!

  • Maria I.

    OMG!!!!! I want this! Scratch that, NEED this! I’ve been on the search for albums for this last week, I’m taking this as a sign :)

  • Alisa

    These are GORGEOUS! I would love to have one.

  • Holly A.

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    I’m going for the pity vote – after having our laptops stolen that included the wedding plans, inspirations, guest lists, ideas etc and all of my husband’s to be cameras(he’s a photographer)we could do with some good news before our September wedding!

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    I’m from Holland, and planning to get married next year. I’ve been looking at your website, actually using some ideas for my friends wedding, I think it’s an awesome website! Such cute and easy ideas, it inspires me for my own wedding. Winning this book would be such a wonderful piece to add to my going-to-be-the-best-day-of-my-life experience! It would be like a cherry on top of my three layered weddingcake ;)



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    My fiance and I are getting married in May, a British seaside vintage themed wedding, we have been together 9 years and are so looking forward putting our personalites into the day and sealing the deal in style :-)

    Would love an album designed to incorpirate a vintage/British seaside theme, so one designed from scratch would be perfect.


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    Amy Lustig

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    I will be drooling over these today…. xoxox

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