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Add Style and Detail to Your Wedding with Rentivist

Add Style and Detail to Your Wedding with Rentivist

We’re suckers for a beautifully styled wedding – with artfully placed props, decor and dinnerware, to name a few. This is where rental companies can fill a specific need, by offering all kinds of beautiful items to bring cohesion and style to your ceremony and reception. Making the rental process much more simple and friendly to couples that are planning on renting for their wedding is , an online platform that allows anyone looking for quality rentals to rent and list pieces for any event, whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large fête!



is the idea of co-founder Alyson Newquist, along with co-founder Gretchen Culver and CFO Mary Ellen Reihsen. These ladies wanted to make the whole process of event renting more simple and hassle-free, so they strove to reinvent the traditional event rental process by creating .




It’s becoming more and more common for couples to rent pieces for their wedding events. Since is a virtually-based rental company, you can rent pieces from all over the country, including from couples who purchased items for their wedding and would like to make a profit by renting their items out. Simply head to their website, use their filters that allow you to narrow down specifics like location, style, and item type and voila! A plethora of event rentals to suit your wedding, right at your fingertips. Another huge plus to online presence: if you had your heart set on a certain item that’s not available at a local event rental company, it’s always a possibility it’s available through inventory.



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Make your way to now and see how awesome it really is. Not to mention, they have this great promo going on that offers a steal of a deal at 30% off for a one-time subscription sign-up list. You can opt for 30% off one month if you’re paying for their monthly subscription to their useful site, or you’re welcome to use that 30% off the entire year if you pay the fee at the start. Either way, you’re winning! Ruffled readers can use code rf1630 to take advantage of the discount. Discount code is good through 9-1. Rent on!

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