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A Sweet Alabama Affair

A Sweet Alabama Affair

There is so much to love about Libby and Lee’s stylish wedding shot by Heidi Geldhauser from Our Labor of Love! The amazing bouquets made with love by Libby’s aunt, the fun plaid bowties on Lee and his groomsmen, and Libby’s chic Melissa Sweet gown with ruffle detailing just to name a few. By the way, how perfect is the ruffled gown detailing for Ruffled Blog?! A little cheesy, but I couldn’t help myself- I had to say it:)

More from Libby:

We wanted our wedding to be slightly vintage without being too themed, intimate, personal, and above all fun!

Me and my now husband live in Providence, RI, but originally I am from Mobile, AL. Since my family and friends are mostly in Alabama (or at least generally in the south)I wanted to have the wedding near my home town. Fairhope is a beautiful idealistic community overlooking the Mobile bay, and without question, I knew my wedding would be there. After some research we decided on The Fairhope Inn, a small restaurant and bed and breakfast near the downtown area. They had that perfect natural, southern, intimate atmosphere we wanted – not to mention AMAZING food.

Since I live in Rhode Island, but my wedding was in my home town area of Fairhope, AL, so I had to get a lot of help from my family. My aunt and mother are both very talented and have excellent taste, so i put them in charge of decorating. I told them what I liked, what type of flowers, and what I didn’t like, and they brought it all to life.

We originally decided on the color scheme of spring green and white. However, after a very short period of time, that plan dissolved, and I remembered how much I loved color. I decided that if I chose all things that I liked, that surely those things would all go together. Since we had a limited budget, I decided to covey color through the most obvious things… bridesmaid dresses, invitations, antique vases, and flowers.

Since flowers are so expensive, we decided to use vintage milk glass and hobnail vases to decorate the table and add color. My mother found those at a small antique shop in Mobile. My mother also cut burlap runners for the tables and found the ‘gourmet’ pretty birdseed for the bottom of the candle vases.

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Since my husband’s family and friends are from the north. we also wanted to infuse some southern flare…. charming, inviting, and (by the end of the night) hopefully rowdy.

Some advice from Libby:

My advice to all brides it to have balance. It can be the most amazing experience or the worse, and it all depends on your perspective. The joy of the process comes from the experience and not the material things you are creating or buying.I loved every second of it. Even when I was sad or angry or stressed, deep down, I still really loved it. It is such an amazing way to express you and your future husband’s personalities and life together. It is such a unique opportunity to band together with family and friends to work towards a cause. As long as deep down, all along, you are loving it, then you are good. Do not let anything that goes wrong over ride the true joy of the experience. And if everything doesn’t go as planned, then who cares! Just dance.

Wedding Vendors (Fairhope, AL):

Venue: The Fairhope Inn / Photographer: Heidi Geldhauser from Our Labor of Love / Florist: The Bride’s Aunt / Caterer: The Fairhope Inn / Cake: Cakes by Judi White / Band: Peek / Hair Stylist: Jeffery at Shear Glamour / Bride’s Dress: Liliana by Melissa Sweet / Bride’s Veil: Veiled Beauty / Bride’s Shoes: Nine West from Piper Lime / Groom’s Suit: J.Crew

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  • “Sweet” is darn right! I love how all the details maintain the same dreamy, romantic feel throughout the celebration. I especially adore the couples’ ensembles, so stylish!

  • Love the bridesmaids dresses! It’s my favorite shade of green, and I think it works perfectly for the spring and summer!

  • Wow, what a stunning wedding! I love the bride’s dress. All the details were charming.

  • Wow, what a beautiful wedding!

    Does anyone know where the wonderful large sparklers are from? I don’t think we get them in England but would love some for our wedding…

  • Wow! I hope to have a wedding like this some day. Beautiful couple with lots of style! What gorgeous children they’ll make.

  • I love EVERYTHING about this wedding…the bride’s dress, the shoes,the color of the bridesmaid dresses,the photography. What a great wedding. The bride should be proud!

  • this is one of the most beautiful weddings i’ve ever seen! way to go. absolutely stunning. and on a budget? wow. i’m floored.

  • We are all so proud! Handsome, stunning, gorgeous, and lots of fun!! Yes, we were on a budget, and it was still perfect! I shopped for months ahead of time picking up small things that would make a difference. I just kept my eye out for anything with a vintage touch. I made several trips to antique stores to find an array of vintage vases… there were about 30 all together…and made small groups of them on the tables. Also, thank goodness for TJ Maxx!!! I found the larger apothecary type jars there and put the candles with birdseed in those. I wasn’t sure about using the burlap runners on the table, but it was so inexpensive and was the Pièce de résistance!
    The MORGAN sign was made by the bride’s sister with letters and materials from a craft store and an old fence board.
    The sparklers came from a regular fireworks store here. You have to ask for the ‘wedding sparklers’ because they are larger and last longer. I’ll be happy to get the contact info for you if you can’t find them where you are. I wish there was a pic of the sparkler’s from the wedding here, it was gorgeous and so feastive!

  • yay for an ALABAMA wedding!!! home state represent!! 🙂

    seriously though, this is stunning and totally making my friday favs! thanks for sharing!

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