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A simple explanation, my dears

A simple explanation, my dears

Is it true that a litle bit of background is due? It is my hope that you are not overwhelmingly confused by the throng of guest bloggers that have inundated your blogging lives via Vintage Glam. For this sake, I give you history…

Hello, hello! I very well may be one of the last guests to make a debut here, but you may remember this inspiration board, if you will, from the voting a few months prior: ( I will confess that part of this is inspiration, and part is reality, as that is my engagement ring as well as one of my bridal photos, taken in November).

Allow me to introduce myself! I am Ashley Sue, and I am finishing school for Marketing and Interior Design in Nashville, Tennessee. Though originally from NE Texas, I’ll be moving to Oklahoma City to join this boy after the wedding in May 2009. Ok, ok. Way more about me than you want to know, and not enough about the wedding, right? I get it. ; ) The juicy details? We’ll be wed in a small sanctuary here in Nashville. Think wooden floors, wooden pews, overflowing with natural light. I vow to curse the concept of “themes” until my grave, as they become obsessive and cheesy, our feel will be reflected by pieces declaring a connection/resemblance to the earth, but with a definite and distinct appreciation for artistic and vintage expression. Tennessee songbird plus eclectic fabric goes less-is-more. Yes? All of the ladies in the wedding party will be wearing a moss green, full-length gown, but each has chosen the style that is most in unity with their style. Additionally, their personalities have determined the look and feel of their ensemble as well as their accent color, i.e. Kaley is Grecian Glamour (peacock feathers and long, dramatic earrings), Emily is Romantic Charm (cameos), etc.

The part everyone seems to ask most about: our budget. Yes, we are planning a wedding for 150+ guests with a strict $3000. WHAT?! Yeah, dude. It’s almost done. Our reasons? We know this is a huge day, but it is only one day, for which I am willing to put much effort and thought into, but want to make decisions that reflect wisdom and meaning, and not only frivolous, forgettable beauty.

That’s enough for my soapbox. Today. ; ) I hope that you are slightly caught up, and will be able to follow along with this journey alongside me with clarity! If you have questions, speak up! Dying for more info about us as a couple? (Who isn’t? Come on, really. Sooooo not serious.) You are welcome to visit our website HERE!

My plan now is to clue you in on my many, many projects and ask for your input as I make some pretty big decisions.

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