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A Flea Market Wedding

A Flea Market Wedding

There are so many things you can find in a flea market for your wedding! My husband and I go almost always go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market, and a few weeks ago I remembered to bring my camera. You can usually get the best deals later in the day when sellers are starting to pack.

For brides who don’t know where to get hanging crystals for their DIY projects, a flea market is a great place to buy crystal pendants from old chandeliers.

Vintage textiles and vintage milk bottles. You see where this is going – you know, awesome vases and matching napkins.

Teapots as vases. This seller had vintage teapots in every color combination you can imagine. Love the brown one with white flowers.

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My husband snatched a pair of vintage cuff links for $4! If you have the patience to find a matching pair, it is totally worth it.

Silk scarves for $1 each. That would be the most fabulous wedding favor in history of weddings, for the ladies at least. Maybe a gift bag stuffer?

Metal numbers and letters. Oh, how cute would be to hang these metal letters with a delicate satin ribbon on a door?

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