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5 unique cardboxes…the vintage way

5 unique cardboxes…the vintage way

Incorporating vintage items that were never meant to be used in weddings always add a touch of whimsy in any decor. I love how creative and unique a simple vintage box can be if used as a cardbox. Browsing the web, I found 5 types of vintage containers that would make great cardboxes. They are large enough to hold cards, and can always be used again after the wedding.

1. Cigar Box: this 1910 wooden cigar box goes with any color scheme and you keep after your wedding to store mementos, DVDs or photos.

2. LP Vinyl Box: perfect for a Rockabilly wedding, roomy for large sized cards. This teal blue vinyl record case is in mint condition and ready to rock.

3. Vintage Mailboxes: this clear glass mailbox is also ready to take your mail.

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4. Vintage locker basket: can be used before, on, and after your wedding day. Image is from here, but also found here.

5. Vintage Luggage: this train case luggage is so cute! I can see a whimsical wedding using one of these…

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