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5 Steps To Building The Ultimate Wedding Website

5 Steps To Building The Ultimate Wedding Website

You may remember when we first introduced you to the gorgeous website deisgns by . If you are looking for a seriously posh and limited-edition customizable website – this is the spot for you! Inspired by luxury fashion and interior design, Riley Grey helps couples to create unique sites reflecting their own style.

Riley Grey Chic Wedding Sites

We partnered with Riley & Grey to bring you: 5 Steps To Building The Ultimate Wedding Website with

1. Set the mood

Whenever I’m about to get creative or crafty I have a fool proof step to get those creative juices flowing. I create a space that inspires. Surround yourself with swatches of fabric in your color scheme. Use all of your senses here and think beyond color..what about texture? If you are planning a Fall wedding try burning an apple cider or a toasted marshmallow candle while you work on your wedding website. Follow Riley & Grey on and visit their for more ideas from other couples.


2. Define your Style

believes that your wedding website should be as beautiful as every detail and we happen to agree. You’ve put so much thought into your big day and your website should reflect the same attention to detail. Having a vision will help you pick the right design for you. Quick, jot down three words to describe your style. Need some inspiration? How about colorful, flirty and spontaneous? Try playing around with words like: modern, abstract, or timeless. Once you have your three adjectives you are ready to move on to step three!


3. Choose your limited-edition Wedding Website Design

With thirteen stunning styles to choose from and three adjectives to help you narrow your vision down, you’ll quickly find the design destined for you! Your wedding website will be the first thing your guests see so you want the design to be flawless. Don’t worry if you can’t decide between two, though. With Riley & Grey you are able to switch the design at any point without losing your progress. knows you will love their product. You don’t pay until you are fully ready to publish.


4. Build the ultimate tool for your guests

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Give your guests the best. Simply plug in the details your guests need. Create a detailed schedule. Beyond the ceremony and reception, you’ll want to include things like welcome drinks or the day after brunch plans. Include hotel recommendations, attire requirements and directions to the venue but remember this is a one-of-a-kind wedding website so be sure to include things like fun facts about your bridal party, upload photos and even video! And the best part? Riley & Grey’s customer service is top-notch. They will actually walk you through setting up your wedding website! How’s that for hands on? offers a mobile version of your wedding website so out of town guests can quickly find the city guide you and your fiance have created of all your must-stop spots. No need to download an app for a great mobile experience.


5. Let your wedding website work for you

Now that your Riley & Grey designed wedding website is up and running (pssst…be sure to grab the offer code listed below) you can start sharing your creation. Keep your guests organized. Let Riley & Grey do the work for you with RSVP management and address collection you can check that off your list. In fact, you can individually set up what each guest can see on your website. This useful tool will allow you to make sure everyone who needs to be at the rehearsal dinner gets the invite while the rest of your guests just see the information pertinent to them! If something changes – your guests will have up-to-date information at their finger tips.

Listen up, Ruffled readers! The first 100 readers to get started on a gorgeous site of their own will get 50% off. You heard me. Use code: RUFFLEDOCT to snag your deal today.

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