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35 Engagement Rings that WOW

35 Engagement Rings that WOW

The box opens and of course, your engagement ring is a stunner and what you always dreamt it would look like. You immediately put it on after all of the times you say yes and your mind immediately has all of these thoughts about wedding planning. It’s so exciting to begin this new chapter in your lives, but it’s also practical to think about the safety and care of that very important ring. There’s nothing like the assurance that you get from that they will protect and ensure that your priceless jewelry will stay around forever. We’ve picked 35 beautiful unique engagement rings we are loving right now to remind us of the importance of insuring your own ring.


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For over 100 years now, has been leading the game in keeping your precious rings and jewelry of all kinds safe. Their policy is straightforward and puts your mind at ease, letting you know that you are free to wear your most valuable pieces as often as you want, wherever you want, while being protected against all types of damage, loss, mysterious disappearance or even theft.

35 unique engagement rings that WOW

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has jewelers and jewelry experts on staff, so they are understanding of the fact that jewelry insurance should be based around your way of life. They offer coverages that are broad and comprehensive; flexibility to work with your own jeweler (should you need to make a visit for a repair or a replacement); personal assistance with highly-trained and knowledgeable staff; worldwide travel coverage; and a fast and professional claim experience.


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If the unfortunate happens and a loss or damage occurs, if you ever need a repair or replacement, you can expect to receive an item of the same kind and quality as the original. Regardless of how old, new, or unique your jewelry is, strives to retrieve exactly what was lost from you. This quality of service is why Jewelers Mutual is such a frontrunner in the jewelry insurance industry.

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If you’re recently engaged, if you’re bound to receive a sweet wedding heirloom, or any instance that involves a piece of jewelry that is certainly irreplaceable, insure it today with and get the peace of mind you deserve.

Underwritten by , Neenah, WI. Coverage and pricing are subject to underwriting review and approval, and to policy terms and conditions.

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