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Next week we’ll be sharing a lovely vintage wedding where the bride wore this amazing Art Deco inspired wedding dress, and when I heard it was by Johanna Johnson I had to see more. Doing a quick Google search, I found the entire collection. You can zoom in to see every little detail. Every inch of these bias cut gowns screams 1930’s glamour, with tactfully placed crystals and the most dreamy sleeves a wedding dress can have. Not to mention the vintage inspired hair and makeup heaven this collection is – and they’re natural looking, too. What about the vintage inspired cap veils? I was never fond of long veils, but this first one got me.

It was very difficult to pick just a few, but I think these will give you a taste of Art Deco delight…

Art Deco 1930's wedding dress vintage cap veil
Art Deco 1930's wedding dress v open back
Vintage Wedding dresses from the 1930's 1920's
Art Deco 1930's wedding hairdo makeup ideas
Art Deco 1930's wedding dress cap sleeves
Art Deco 1930's wedding dress headband veil
Art Deco 1930's wedding dress vintage cap veil

  • Wow, they are amazing! The second one is just incredible.

  • I love art deco. I’ll take the 2nd and 3rd ones, in exchange for the weight I will have to lose to wear it properly :) Satin can be so unforgiving, but I imagine anyone will look beautiful in these.

  • Nichole

    awesome awesome awesome, thank you!!!

  • Oh my, I can’t stop drooooling. BEYOND stunning. (Now I just need to figure out how to afford one since I already have my dress!)

  • So beautiful, sexy, glam retro wedding.. Love it

  • Fiona

    Great designs, something out of the ordinary at last.

  • Gosh the whole collection is thrilling. How I adore the accessories!


  • jen

    Where were these dresses when I got married? I love the look!

  • fallon

    this is why i love your blog! not cookie-cutter at all. my heart lept in my throat at the sight of these stunners! if only i had a limitless budget.

  • Polka Dot Bride

    Johanna Johnson is truly a master at what she does. Love love her work!

  • WOW! These are stunning! Are these available in the US? If so, where? What are the price points? I’m in love with them!

  • The Professional Bridesmaid

    WOW! Those headpieces are just stunning.

  • these dresses are ridiculous!!! i wish i would have seen these before i bought mine, serious dress envy over here.

  • Newly wed

    I wore Johanna Johnson’s ‘The Vivienne'(named after Vivienne Leigh) at my recent wedding. Everyone said it looked fantastic and now I have it for sale. So, anyone who would like this fabulous dress, greatly reduced please post a message with your email or phone number and I will contact you.

    • mina

      I’m interested!!! what size.

  • bec

    Nelwy wed, I am interested! I have been looking at Johanna Johnsons collection and I have fallen in love with all the dresses. I’m engaged and looking for a dress. My email is Thanks : )

  • Sonja

    Newly wed I am also interested! If it doesn’t work out with Bec – my contact email is Thanks, Sonja.

  • Newly wed

    So pleased you have now found a dress Sonja. Just let others know that my dress is still available. It is size 8 and in perfect condition. Just send me your details and I will contact you.

  • Melanie

    Newly Wed – is your Vivienne still available? If so I am extremely interested – my contact email is

  • Hannah

    Hi Newly Wed. Is your dress still available? Im live in the UK.

  • MIchelle

    Beautiful! Does anyone know where i might be able to find a similar style of gown in Melbourne?? Thanks.

  • Rachel


    I’m engaged and looking for any of these dresses! Anyone selling one or no where to look?

  • Rachel
  • Newly wed

    Hi Melanie,

    Yes, my lovely Vivienne dress is still available. Please send me your email and I’ll contact you. I’m sure I could send it to the UK if you would like me to.

  • Newly wed

    Hi Michelle,

    I’m sure I could get the dress to Melbourne, if you are interested. It is a size 8, but could be altered to fit if needed.

  • Newly wed

    Hi Hannah,

    Yes, my lovely Vivienne dress is still available. Please send me your email and I’ll contact you. I’m sure I could send it to the UK if you would like me to.

  • I love the 30s look. I especially love the long veil.

  • Gillian Hunt

    Hi Newly Wed, if your dress is still available I would be very interested in purchasing from you, if you can please email me, thanks!!

  • Newly wed

    Hi Gillian,

    I have sent you a message but not sure if you have received it? Are you still interested in my dress? Look forward to your reply if you are. Fine if not.

  • Sally

    Hi All

    I absolutely love the Viva dress and have no idea where to start looking for contacts who may make similar types. Would anyone have any suggestions?



  • *Gasp

    GORGEOUS pictures. Thank you so much, Amanda, for this awesome post! The second dress is absolutely to die for!

    Have a wonderful week. Thank you for this visual inspiration :)


  • Seriously dreamy!!! I am drooling over the 4th dress down with the cowl back. Wish I could get hitched all over again just to wear it…

    Thanks for this fantastic post – I love seeing gowns that aren’t strapless & princess-y. ;-)

  • bren

    These are STUNNIG, absolutely gorgeous pieces. The 6th and 7th dresses are so cool! What a cool bride to wear a wrap-bandana-like veil! So chic!!!

  • This. Is. Special.

  • vintage bride

    Hi newly wed,

    I presume you have already found a wonderful home for your Vivienne dress but I had to take the chance and check to see if its still available just in case! I adore it!
    you can contact me at

    and thanks to ruffled for making me smile everyday with your fantastic blog!

  • gina

    dear newly wed,
    I will be wearing a JJ dress for my pending wedding and am interested to hear what head piece you wore with your Vivienne? I must have tried almost 50 dresses on and JJ dress just topped every single one of them in both design and feel…Cheers!

  • Newly wed

    Hi Gina,
    I wore a JJ veil with my hair up and the veil connected to the back of my hair. I hope you wedding goes well.

  • Kash

    Hello Newly Wed: is your dress still available? I’m interested, my email is

    thank u!

  • Jillianlittle

    Hi Newlywed,
    just wondering if your dress is still available and how much you are asking?
    my email is


  • Newly wed

    Hi Kash and Jillian,
    I have sent you an email to let you know my dress is available. I hope you received the message and some more details?

  • Bec

    Hi Newly Wed,
    If you haven’t already sold your dress I’m really interested in finding out more. Could you please email me at Thanks!

  • Fabsee

    Hi Newly wed, getting married in January was interested to see if your dress is still avaliable, and how much you are asking for it? e-mail is Cheers :)

  • Rebecca

    these dresses are sssssooooo beautiful, but very exspencive! So I am having a 1930’s style gown custom made for alote less…. Just wish I could find headpiece/viel to match… any saggestions????

  • Helen

    Dear Newly Wed,

    Is your johanna johnson dress still available? If so I’d love to hear from you:


  • Stephanie

    Hello Newly Wed,
    Is your dress still available?
    Or does anyone else have a JJ dress (size 8) for sale.
    PLEASE let me know if you do.
    I’m getting married April 9 2011 so will keep my eye out for one.

  • Maisy

    hi newly wed,

    i was just wondering if your dress is still available, im absolutly loving the jj dresses!
    would you please be able to email me if it is or anyone else who has a jj dress for sale?
    thanks, maisey xx

  • DecoQueen

    They really just don’t make then like they use to, it thrills me to see wedding gowns and a traditional art deco style,

    to back then clothes and those periods had so much to offer. attitude, personality, beautiful style. and so many other things I can’t even begin to describe. its like modern cars now a days don’t really have much personality of their own but back in time when cars had beautiful lines and curves, but above all just plain simple but elegant beauty just like the clothes and artwork of the “Art Deco” period.

    there is nothing like it I hope it comes back in full swing!!

  • Annie

    Hello Newlywed!! I am very interested in your JJ dress!! Please e-mail me at if it is still for sale!! Thanks so much!


  • Katie


    I love your dresses, are they stocked anywhere in the UK- I am Brighton/London based. I love the Susannah


  • Barbara


    I got married in December 2010 and wore a JJ Dress. I fell in love with it the minute I tried it on and had loads of comments on the day. It is ‘Isla’ and a perfect size 8 if anyone is interested in buying it. (I am 164cm tall so hemmed accordingly). I went all out and also got the Harlow hair piece and the cathedral length french sill tulle veil. As much as I would love to keep it, I would also love to see someone else wear it.

    My email is if you are interested.


  • Shannon

    Hi, I am recently engaged and would love to wear a jj dress but I don’t think I can afford to spend the full RRP. If there is anyone out there who has worn one or has one to sell for a size 12 I would love to be contacted. Thank you so much!

    My email is

  • Toni

    Hi I am looking for a jj dress, size 8. I live in Melbourne but may need to travel for it. Ilove these dresses! Are there any stockists in Melbourne or anyone in Melbourne looking to sell their jj dress? Toni

  • Anna

    Hi all

    Have also been hunting for online for second hand JJ dresses. Unfortunately no success yet. I saw these two for sale though at a shop in Sydney (not my size) and thought I would share:

  • Ros

    Hi girls,

    I would love to buy the Harlow or Garland headpiece from any of you who might be selling one. I am also interested in having a silk tulle veil.

    If anyone is selling, please email

    Many thanks,


  • Belinda

    I just found this site, and wanted to let you know that I wore a jj dress for my wedding in March this year which I absolutely love but feel like its a waste to keep it in a box!
    If anyone is interested it is size 10 – The Sussanah (similar to the viva)!

    • Teganalexandra

      Hi Belinda,
      I’m very interested in your Susannah gown if its still available.
      My email is

  • lucinda

    Hi Belinda,

    Do you still have the Sussanah Dress for sale?, email me if you’d like to sell, my email is:

  • Belinda

    Hi Lucinda,
    Yes the dress is still available!
    my email is
    feel free to contact me with any questions :)

  • Em

    Hello everyone just wondering if anyone knows Or is interested in selling their jj viva dress? I’m in love with it and can’t afford it! Thanks! After a size 8 if any luck can u email-

  • L.J on 2 August2011

    Hi Everyone,
    I live in Melbourne & have a 8mth old baby & was hoping if anyone has a JJ dress seize 10/12 FOR SALE Style’s I like Ophelia, Charlie, Sienna,Viva, Ella, Estella but ha most of the JJ collection is breath takingly stunning. Thanks Pretty please email me

  • Caitlyn

    Hi everyone,
    I have just tried on the Johanna Johnson Viva dress at JJ Boutique in Sydney and am soooo in love with it…but it’s also $$$$ Does anyone know of anyone selling a second hand one..size 6-8.
    My email is
    Thanks :-)

  • Lisa

    Hi ladies
    If anyone knows of a former JJ bride selling a ‘Satine’ dress in a size 8 I would be ever so grateful! xxx

  • Chanel

    Hi there =] Who is the designer of the second picture? I would love to have that exact dress!!! i love your blog =] Thank you!

  • Carly

    Hey ladies

    I am also a little JJ obsessed!! I found a place ( that I am going to visit on the weekend that seems to have lots of Johanna Johnson second hand dresses! Sadly this dress isn’t my size – but it is my dream dress!!

    Anyway, thought it might help someone else!

  • Cassarndra

    Hi I am interested in buying a secondhand JJ dress, size 8. If anyone has one please feel free to email me on

  • Freya

    I have a JJ Viva dress for sale in a size 10. I wore it for my wedding in October and would be willing to sell it for half the price. If you want pics or more info email me

  • Portal randkowy

    This cast might be interesting

  • Debbie Brashear

    how do i find out about one of the dresses on this website

  • Brenda

    Hi Everyone,

    I’ve recently purchased a JJ “Viva” dress for my wedding in July 2012.

    I will be looking for a buyer afterwards, if anyone is interested please contact me on – It is a size 10, no alterations were made other than to take it up as I am 170cm.

    • Tegan

      Hi Brenda,
      Just wondering when your wedding is this year and what type of JJ dress you have.
      Jm getting married in April and am still looking for a gown! :-\

  • Brenda

    Hi Tegan,

    I purchased the “Viva” gown ( second photo) In a size 10, but my wedding is in July 2012 and I will only be selling it afterwards.

  • Joan

    My daughter is getting married nexy year and is trying to purchase a 1930 veil does anyone know where she can get one or buy second hand. MANY THANKS

  • Beth

    Hey everyone,
    I am after a Johanna Johnson ‘The Kate’ wedding dress second hand if anyone knows of someone selling in a size 10 (or near I will happily get alterations done). My email address is if you do! Thanks do much!

  • Laura Lindley

    Hi everyone, if anyone is selling a jj dress size 10 or 12 please let me know. It would be my dream to wear one!

  • Elaine

    I’m looking for a jj dress in size 8 for my wedding in dec! Can anyone help? Thanks : )

  • Elaine
  • Brenda

    Hi Everyone,

    I got married this past July in the beautiful JJ “Viva” gown (second picture) and am now looking to sell it, if you are interested, please contact me by email at

    Thank you,


  • Ashley

    Does anyone still have a Sussanah dress that they would like to sell?

  • Corissa

    I want to purchase the second dress in this list. The JJ viva. If any one is selling it I WILL BUY. Also, plese let me know where I can purchase this dress asap. Thank you!!!

    My emai:

    • Maria

      Dear Corissa, I am selling if you are still looking!

  • Maria

    I have a Johanna Johnson Viva dress in size 10 to sell for £2,000. Please reply if you’re interested!

  • Julie

    Looking for a preloved Johanna Johnson wedding dress. Wedding is July 4, 2015