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15 Engagement Rings to Obsess Over

15 Engagement Rings to Obsess Over

Shopping for engagement rings may very well be the most thrilling part of planning a wedding. I myself must have spent a whole afternoon just drooling over the screen for these handpicked pretties. Once you have that sparkly on your finger, fear often sets in. What if I scratch it? What if I lose it? Oh no, I am not taking it with me on my honeymoon for fear of being stolen! We cannot stress enough the importance of insuring your ring, and that’s what Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company is all about.

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Too often women leave their rings back home when they travel to avoid the risk of them being stolen, or leave them in the safe box of the hotel hoping and praying the room doesn’t get broken in — because that’s all you think about when you leave such a valuable piece behind when you’re out and about exploring the destination with your new spouse (how do I know this?). And speaking of traveling with jewelry, check out Jewelers Mutual’s tips for keeping your rings safe when you travel – it’s a must read for anyone who is contemplating leaving their rings at home for fear.


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At the end, the fear becomes a habit which turns into using your engagement ring only on certain occasions. Or, you start running a mental checklist on whether you should wear the ring or leave it in its box every time you want to go out.

Jewelry means so much more than what it costs; its sentimental value is just too precious to risk losing it. If you insure your car and other valuable possessions that you couldn’t afford to lose, then why wouldn’t you trust the experts at Jewelers Mutual and insure your ring which means so much more to you? You can get a free quote to give you an idea of how little it costs…you will be surprised.

Check out Jewelers MutualĀ® for more info on how to insure ring!

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  • Oh..that’s great to know about Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. Women don’t have to worry about their precious engagement rings.
    Thanks for the post…I’d definitely recommend this company to my friends.

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