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DIY Yipee! Ring Bearer Pillow

Two more projects to go! Erin made a ring pillow for her wedding with cutout script letters.

 yipee felt ring pillow

What you will need:
- Needle
- Thread
- Glue Gun
- Felt
- Batting
- Button
- Scissors
- Trim
- Ruler
- Pen
- Ribbon

 yipee felt ring pillow
 yipee felt ring pillow

Step 1. Cut out 2-8×8 inch squares for the pillow and a smaller 3rd square with a scalloped edge. Use the remaining felt to cut your letters.
Step 2. Find the center of your scalloped square and mark it with a pen. This is where your button will go.
Step 3. Using a glue gun, glue your letters onto the scalloped square.
Step 4. On the edges of one of your 8×8 squares, use a glue gun to attach your trim. Glue the two 8×8 squares together leaving one side open for the batting. Put the batting into the pillow and close the last side.
Step 5. Glue the scalloped square on top of your pillow. Add the button and sew thru the pillow so it creates a dimple in the pillow.
Step 6. Tie a ribbon around your button so you have a place to put the rings.

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    I want to try this for my own wedding! I love it.

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    made one for my wedding in two weeks! adjusted the colors a little bit–did a royal blue fabric with mustard yellow “yippie!”, the same white pompoms, then added a little red ribbon bow above the words. thanks so much for sharing this idea! it was really easy and fun.
    i smile every time i hold this pillow:)


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