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Jenna and Dustin are such a sweet and playful couple! I think that is made pretty obvious in these gorgeous wedding portraits by Sloan Photographers. If you ask me, they pretty much killed it! You want to know the best part? This is just the beginning. Later today, we will be posting Jenna and Dustin’s reception! I know, I know. It’s off the hook.


  1. Album Boutique Team

    Beautiful! I love the garland in her hair and the round balloons – fun and definitely whimsical!

  2. WeddingXpert

    I adore all the zainy-ness. The balloons, her flower crown, her dress…all such divine details. This is so awesomely offbeat, I wanna see more!

  3. Anna

    My mom wore a dress just like this but without the flowers 23 years ago- It’s great to see that same simple beauty brought into 2010.

  4. nicole b.

    What a cute groom! Grooms don’t get enough praise for looking sharp. I’m bookmarking this and sharing it with my fiance.

  5. Dorothea

    I really like the balloon pictures, they’re like magic!

  6. jenna

    I adore her dress and headpiece they are stunning! Amazing photos thanks for sharing such gorgeous inspiration.

  7. Crystal

    This is one of my favorite Weddings by the Sloan’s. This couple is fabulous, their style is insane, and the photos are completely perfect.

  8. Stephanie

    I Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. jessica define

    DANNNG! I am speechless. This is just too too awesome. They did it right.

  10. lydia {ever ours}

    i love her headpiece!

  11. Weddingish

    Just bring in a few balloons to really make images POP!

  12. bgstumble9

    Great Pictures

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