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I’d like to introduce you to another great Ruffled sponsor – Wedding Window. They offer custom wedding websites with several color options and now they launched a feature that you can have unique photos on every page. Having a wedding website is a handy dandy tool in the planning process, specially when you’re in the phase of chasing after guests to find out if they are attending or not :)

Wedding Window

There you can include the 411 on your wedding, such as the story of how you met, who is in the bridal party, ceremony and reception address, contact numbers, maps and directions, RSVP online, travel and lodging accommodations, where you’re registered, and even an address book so you can mail out your thank you notes shortly after the wedding! Their most popular package, which costs $79, breaks down to just under $7 a month, which is less than traditional save-the-date cards, not to mention is eco-friendly!

Wedding Window is also giving away two 12 month hosting term packages (value $79 each). Simply leave a comment below telling me what is your wedding “splurge”. To increase your chances of winning, you can enter twice if you leave another comment telling me which theme would you choose if you win. Click here to start browsing!

Wedding Window

Giveaway entries close on Tuesday, May 25th at 11:59p EST. Deadline extended till June 1! A winner will be selected by Wedding Window and announced on Friday, June 4th. Good luck everyone!

  1. Anna-maria o'toole

    Our splurge is definately hiring our venue for 4 days but with immediate family coming from Ireland, England, Italy, Canada, the US and Pakistan. We didn’t want them to arrive say quick hellos and then be ushered out come 11.30pm. This way the guests can get to know each other, spend time with us and relax both before and after the wedding itself. The venue itself is an old monastery outside Rome on Lago Albano so if the sun shines it should be a fabulous holiday for everyone and with 4 days there can be no jetlag excuses to stop the party early. My personal spurlge has been a pair off green sequin shoes from Kurt Geiger the only purchase for the whole wedding not from a sale rail!

  2. Anna-maria o'toole

    If I was lucky enough to win (fingers and toes crossed) I would choose the retro in purple! I love purple so much so my brothers call me the bruise and who doesn’t love retro?

  3. Lauren

    I would choose Harmony (gold) and so far the biggest wedding spluge is going to be the location!

  4. Jamie

    Our biggest wedding splurge is a toss up between the food (we’re doing family style home cooking but we’re having three meals the entire day) and then taking off all the work we’ll have to for the DIY projects we’ve committed to completing. There will a balance with everything, though and well worth all the effort.

  5. Jamie

    I would definitely choose the mountains theme. We’re getting married in the mountains so it would be appropriate.

  6. Brit

    Our splurge is on the venue, food and drinks. Our venue is right on the water and has great sunsets and a balcony to watch them from. We will also ensure that our guests have plenty of good stuff to eat and drink right from the ceremony until the end of the night.

  7. Brit

    Its hard to decide, but I think I would pick the Charmed theme, eimple and natural.

  8. Becky

    My splurge was my dress!

  9. Brittany P.

    My wedding splurge would be food. I would love to have a beautiful buffet of finger foods, candies, and wonderful dessert dishes.

  10. Brittany P.

    The theme I would use on Wedding Website would most definitely be the Paradise one. It’s a nice color palette along with some places with bigger photos than lots of little ones, which is what I prefer. It fits the idea I’ve had going on in my head for our wedding.

  11. Ellie Atwood

    I think our biggest splurge will be with our food. We are getting married in a theatre and there is no kitchen so they insist on a buffet style set-up. Instead of a full meal, we are hoping to have a rotating menu of our favorite small bites from maybe spicy chicken to white wisps of cotton candy.

  12. Betsy

    Ours will most likely be an open bar. Typical, I know!

  13. Betsy

    The theme I would pick for my site would be “retro”

  14. Ray

    Our splurge is going to be on our photography. My fiance is a photography and photos are just super important to both of us.

  15. Ray

    If I won, I would choose the “Charmed” theme.

  16. Elise

    My wedding splurge was my dress. I knew I wanted a Claire Pettibone, and I was willing to make any changes to the budget necessary to get it.

  17. Elise

    If I won, I would choose the Serendipity theme!

  18. Maya

    We’re having a backyard wedding in West Texas, and our big splurge is hiring professional flamenco dancers and musicians from New Mexico to perform for our guests at the reception!

  19. Maya

    If I won, I’d choose the “Retro” theme; I love the whimsical details!

  20. Emily L.

    My big wedding splurge will more than likely be letterpressed invitations. I’m not a dress girl…and I’m a paper girl and I’m SUPER excited about them!

  21. Emily L.

    I would choose the Newport design. I’m a sucker for polka dots!

  22. anh

    our big splurge (comparatively) is most likely photography – i want to make sure we remember all of the good times.

  23. anh

    oh, and if i won, i’d go with moderne…

  24. Molly

    My biggest wedding splurge is paying for one of my bridesmaids to fly thousands of miles so that she can be there with us for our wedding. She’s had a hard time after being made redundant and although we can’t really afford an extra plane ticket I couldn’t imagine it without her. It’s be a bargain at twice the price!

  25. Carrie

    Our biggest splurge is our photographer. We’ve stuck pretty close to the budget and cut things out in order to have the quality photos we want.

    I think I’d go with serendipity and regardless will definitely be using wedding window as our wedding site, win or not – though free is way better!

  26. Robin

    We’re at the very early stages still, but I’m guessing food or venue will be the biggest splurge.

  27. Ashley

    My wedding splurge was my photographer- Clayton Austin
    He is to die for- has a vintage-y feel!


  28. Ashley

    I would choose “charmed” if I won this. This would be awesome!

  29. Kim

    We are going to splurge on the food cause that’s what we love and everyone can enjoy it!

  30. Kim

    I would choose the ‘celebrity’ theme :)

  31. Cherie

    It’s been said before, but our biggest splurge will be the food!
    My fiance and I (even when we were just friends!) are both known for our love and enjoyment of food! Memorable “pre-dates” included Dine About Town in San Diego and hosting a St. Patty’s Day Corned Beef ‘n Cabbage feast! While dating, we loved hosting BBQs with friends or cooking dinner for our families. These days, as we are trying to save for the upcoming day, we have been cooking most of our meals, but they are always delicious and made with love. :) On our big day, we won’t have the time to cook the meal ourselves, but we want to make sure our guests celebrate with happy hearts as well as happy tummies.

  32. Elaine

    Our splurge is the photographer. Photography lasts after the big day!

  33. Elaine

    I like the ‘simple serenity’ theme.

  34. Kimberly

    My wedding splurge is definately our photographer. I want to look at my pictures and remember every little detail!!!

  35. Kimberly

    Serendipity in either orange or turquoise.

  36. Maria

    Our splurge will be an open bar and probably photography!

  37. Maria

    I’m also loving the retro design. :D

  38. Cherie

    Most likely we’d choose Newport (cute lil polka dots) or Classic because of the huge color palette.

  39. Cera

    Our big splurge I think will be on the food. A week ago I would have said photography, but we decided to downgrade a little on our package instead.

  40. Cera

    I love the retro theme. It’s too cute!

  41. Anna Lee

    At almost 1/3 of our overall wedding budget, I’d have to say the photographer is our biggest splurge. This will sound really corny, but my fiance and I stumbled across our photographer’s work posted on her website several years ago when we had just started dating. Ever since then, we’ve loved checking her site periodically for new photo posts. So of course we had to book her when we became engaged! Our budget is small and the wedding will be almost completely DIY, but it’s worth it to us to have fantastic photographs that we can look at when we’re old and wrinkled :)

  42. Anna Lee

    Oh and I love the “Serendipity” theme!

  43. Shanna

    Our splurge is definitely the photographer! But she’s worth it:

  44. Shanna

    I like the blue Retro design, too!

  45. Megan

    Our splurge for the wedding was an amazing professional photographer. Other than having a party and celebrating with all of our friends, we decided photos will be what we can look back upon and reflect on how cute we were when we first got hitched. Those photos will be a direct link to our memories of laughter, fun, and (just a few) touching moments.

  46. Aurora

    My splurge by far is my bouquet! I’m putting together a brooch bouquet and those suckers aren’t cheap! Some are coming from family but it still will cost a pretty penny.

  47. Aurora

    Serendipity would be my choice for a layout. It fits PERFECT!

  48. Melissa M

    Our wedding splurge is the catering. We are big foodies and really want to wow our guests with fabulous local/seasonal organic fare. We are doing quite a few DIY projects to help offset the cost of the catering.

  49. Melissa M

    I like the Charmed layout. It definitely goes with our nature theme!

  50. Jenn Giles

    So far, our “splurge” is planned for the gifts for our family and friends. But, I still haven’t found shoes yet, so that might be one, too!

  51. Mallory

    Our splurge is my custom wedding band. I’ve come under budget on other items, so I wanted to go over budget on the one item that I will be wearing for the rest of my life!

  52. Mallory

    My favorite theme is Charmed, there are so many color templates in Charmed that would go perfectly with our rustic/vintage themed wedding!

  53. Melissa

    My biggest splurge in the wedding has been my venue! It’s overlooking a huge acreage and a river. I’m so excited!!

  54. Melissa

    If I win, I would choose Serendipity with the flower design. I love it! I really hope I win!! :)

  55. CupcakeCaliBride

    Our splurge will definitely be the venue. I think we’ve decided on renting a luxury home in Wine Country for 2-3 days (so out-of-town family can stay there as well, and so my cousin-caterer can have ample space to prepare the meals)! Beautiful, practical, and providing rooms for some of the guests….hmm I guess I’m being practical even with the splurge!

  56. CupcakeCaliBride

    I’d definitely pick the Elegance theme. Simple, elegant, and we can make it our own – sounds just like our ideal wedding!

  57. heather

    My biggest splurge is budgeting to have 9 of my best friends as my bridesmaids – rather than a budget conscious choice of narrowing it down to my sister as my MOH. The more the merrier right!? I can’t wait to stand up there with those lovely ladies.

  58. Carla Martinez

    Our biggest splurge is our photographer. We fell in love with our photographer when after seeing him and his wonderful team at many other local weddings.

  59. Carla Martinez

    WOW! What a great giveaway! I LOVE the Paradise theme template. It goes perfect with our destination wedding. I love the fact that you can include various size photos of us.

  60. Meenah

    This is a great wedding website! I love the Elegance template with the candles. It’s simple and matches our color palette perfectly.

  61. Meenah

    Our splurge is definitely our photographer. We’re so excited to see how our photos turn out after the wedding.

  62. Alison

    My splurge will probably be on the food!

  63. Alison

    I really like exotic in purple!!!

  64. Bevin

    My wedding splurge is my wedding dress. Costing a mere $400, I was able to find the dress of my dreams. My parents fell on hard times a few years ago, and I knew in the back of my mind that they would not be able to financially contribute anything to our wedding. So we have been engaged for 2 years now, saving up money, and are planning an October, 2011 wedding. Even though it will be small, I know that it will be full of love. And I can’t wait to wear my beautiful splurge of a wedding dress!

  65. Elise

    Our splurge will be a live band. I want my wedding to get everyone dancing, and in my experience, nothing gets everyone involved like a great band!

  66. Elise

    I think I’d choose Newport if I won!

  67. Lauren

    The photographer! Besides the memories, it is the one piece we will be able to look at for the many years after.

  68. Lauren

    Retro, the purple scheme is so fun!

  69. Miriam

    Our splurge will be for the photographer, because that is what you keep. That and the spouse…

  70. Miriam

    I would definitely pick “charmed”!

  71. Kendra

    Although my fiancee doesn’t know it, our splurge is my dress. It is absolutely the most beautiful garment I have ever seen. It is timeless and elegant, feminine and structured, and it makes me feel worthy enough to be marrying such a marvelous man.

  72. Jennifer

    I am splurging on photography!

  73. Jennifer

    I would pick a vintage theme.

  74. Jacquelyne

    Our “splurge” is the center pieces. We have searched high and low for milk glass vases at thrift shops. So far we have about 100 — all different sizes and shapes. We’ll be putting five on each table and filling them with a mix of spider mums, roses, and carnations in yellows. I’m hoping to throw in some blue delphiniums too. All total we’ll probably end up spending $400-500 on the center pieces and flowers. (We have a tight budget). :)

  75. Jacquelyne

    I think I would pick the Charmed theme with the yellow tulips.

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