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Wedding Songs Planner

We’re enthused to share this easy and user-friendly resource for choosing and compiling your wedding music from our sponsor Wedding Songs Planner! Wedding Songs Planner created a hassle-free way to curate your wedding playlist with their simple iPhone app.

From Wedding Songs Planner: After a frustrating experience trying to find the best wedding music on the web, we at Wedding Songs Planner made an iPhone app that would make choosing your wedding music easier and more fun! We looked through several lists of wedding song suggestions on the web and found that with most wedding song sites you can’t sort by genre, there’s no way to preview a song, and it’s not easy to remember which songs are your favorites. How frustrating!


Wedding Songs Planner has solved these problems by:
1. Sorting all of the songs by genre so you don’t have to spend several hours looking through songs that you’d never be interested in
2. Allowing users to preview songs with a YouTube video in one click
3. Allowing users to add a song to their favorite list with the click of a button. That list can then be easily emailed to your fiancé, DJ, friends, etc.

For $1.99 you can make your wedding planning less stressful and have fun picking the perfect music for your special day! You can find Wedding Songs Planner in iTunes.

Wedding Songs Planner is giving away free downloads of the Wedding Songs Planner App to the first 5 readers to submit a comment below!

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