Vote for your Favorite Couple!


Time to vote! It was very hard to pick two finalists so Caroline Ghetes and I narrowed it down to three lucky couples! The winners will receive free wedding photography by the talented Caroline Ghetes in 2010. The wedding photography package will include unlimited wedding day coverage, 400-600 professional 4×6 prints, CD with 400-600 high res images & release and online viewing for 60 days. Please take a moment to read their stories, they are all very special and unique.

Vote for your Favorite Couple! Free Wedding Photography by Caroline Ghetes

About Rebekah & Michael:

I am writing you to nominate my good friends Rebekah Bentley and Michael McBride, who are getting married in July of 2010, for the free wedding photography give-away. Rebekah and Michael are two of the sweetest and friendliest people you will ever meet. They love kids and have a heart of service for helping the underprivilaged. However, they are a young couple and this economy has been really hard on them. Michael has been searching for work for an extended period of time and just finds that no one is hiring right now. He has recently found part time employment but is having difficulty finding a full time job that will help him support his new wife. Rebekah and Michael both love dancing and Rebekah works as a ballet instructor.

Michael’s dream is to someday be a ballroom dance instructor. Despite difficult economic times, this sweet couple has decided to dedicate the first 8 1/2 months of their married life to ministering to orphaned children in East Asia.
I would love to see Rebekah and Michael be able to have beautiful pictures of their wedding to look back on when they are away from friends and family in East Asia. I have seen the gorgeous work displayed on your website and know that they would be absolutely thrilled to have you do their wedding photos. Please consider Michael McBride and Rebekah Bentley for the Wedding Photography Give-Away. Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

Vote for your Favorite Couple! Free Wedding Photography by Caroline Ghetes

About Alice & Matt:

Matt and I live in Nashville. Matt has decided to join the Marine Corps reserves unit. He has taken a 6-month military leave of absence from work to complete boot camp and then School of Infantry (SOI). Matt will be home for 10 days from November 13 – 23 before he ships out to Jacksonville, NC for SOI. Matt works for Vanderbilt in the Development and Alumni Relations office for the College of Arts and Science (CAS). Matt was a history major and CAS alum. I know that Matt really hopes that he will get to go overseas in 2010. We will get married before he tours, for sure.

I am currently working for on a grant through Vanderbilt’s Kennedy Center. The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Education and Human Development was one of twelve original members of a national network of Mental Retardation Research Centers created by the Kennedy administration in 1963. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of persons with disorders caused by the disruption of typical development. We support and apply scientific research to bring better services and training to the community. The grant that I am working on provides a postsecondary education opportunity for students with intellectual disabilities. These are students who have graduated high school, but did not receive a standard high school diploma. With their special education certificate, there aren’t any postsecondary education opportunities open to them in the entire state of TN, until we came along. I am honored to be doing what I do!

We haven’t exactly set the date yet, but it will be in 2010. My younger brother (he’s 18 now) just enlisted in the US Air Force. We’re waiting to hear his schedule and coordinate with Matt’s military schedule as well. A laid back and casual wedding. Very simple with maybe 70 guests. I want my parents to feel comfortable and I want everyone to have a great time. My parents do not have the finances at this point to help out with the cost of the wedding, so Matt and I have been saving up. Matt’s parents will chip in some as well, but we really want it to be simple and filled with family, friends and lots and lots of love. I know we can make that happen on a small budget!

Vote for your Favorite Couple! Free Wedding Photography by Caroline Ghetes

About Erin & Jeremy:

Jeremy and I have overcome a lot in our relatively short relationship. We met in Santa Cruz, I was moving back home after graduating college and he was living there. We were immediately attracted to one another but tried to keep our relationship brief and impersonal. But we quickly realized that our attempts to avoid one another were fruitless. I moved north and he wrote letters and drove up frequently to visit me.

Distance was not our only obstacle. Jeremy didn’t believe in marriage and I did. He was vegan and I was not. But our greatest obstacle was that I was a committed Christian and he was a self proclaimed atheist. It broke my heart to see how he shut God out of his life but something kept me coming back to him. I soon realized that God was stirring in Jeremy’s heart. He began to ask me questions and read the bible on his own.

Before too long he asked me to pray with him and I knew that God was breaking through. All other obstacles seemed to melt away after that. He moved north to be with me. I took vegan cooking classes…and he proposed!

I am blown away by our relationship and so incredibly thankful. We are getting married on March 13th, 2010 in Sonora, Ca. I work at a church and he works at a wellness center for mentally challenged adults. We have little money but our anxious to start our life together. I am so excited to be his wife!

To vote:

Simply leave a comment telling us which couple should win and why. Please vote only once – repeat entries will be discarded. You will have till November 30th, 11:59p EST to cast your vote. Family and friends from the couples picked are welcome to vote as well!

Voting has now closed.

Good luck!

  1. Coley

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael. They seem to give so much of themselves that they deserve something wonderful done for them!

  2. Erika

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael. Agreeing with Coley, they not only are overcoming their own obstacles but are also addressing the strife others deal with on a daily basis head-on. We all overcome obstacles to various degrees with our fiancees, but their story really shows strength and love. They deserve something wonderful and wedding pictures are an heirloom they’ll cherish forever.

  3. Alex

    I vote for Erin & Jeremy! How precious. God is good!

  4. Christine

    My vote is for Rebekah and Michael. I’ve seen how much the economy has effected people and give them credit for not only planning their wedding through such difficult times, but for their intentions after they are married. Best of luck to all three couples!!

  5. Janelle

    All 3 couples seems just amazing, but I cast my vote for Erin and Jeremy. Not only do they seem to be a fun and happy couple, it’s great to hear what amazing things God can do. Faith is a blessed thing, and it will only help them to grow together in their marriage more and more.

  6. Emily

    Erin and Jeremy… i like how the relationship has already started on an unselfish level… seems they’re both willing to meet the other in the middle — that’s commitment!

  7. Abby

    I gotta go with Erin & Jeremy, just because God rocks!!! I wish the very best to each & every couple.

  8. alysha hernandez

    rebekkah and michael .. what a great way to start a marriage and they would need the pictures. ..they need a break!

  9. Hillary G.

    Erin and Jeremy. This is such an amazing story, and it would be really cool to see this amazing couple who has already gone through so much win!

  10. liz

    erin and jeremy..

    for they realized that true love is something that can only happen when God makes you whole

  11. Roxy Lee

    vote for Jeremy and Erin – God is SO GOOD – and his is IN all things and THROUGH ALL THINGS! I love it when we can recognize that He works in mysterious ways! good luck you two!

  12. Emily

    I would like to vote for Rebekah and Michael for dedicating their time during the first months of marriage!

  13. Lauren

    Erin and Jeremy for sure! What a story! The Lord works in such unexpected ways, so cool how he made their dreams come true!

  14. Claudia

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael

  15. Sarah

    Erin + Jeremy! Their story is so incredible! I am glad God brought them together for His purpose and I know He will shine through them! Blessings on y’all for your wonderful marriage and life together!

  16. Ada F.

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael. Not only because I think it is wonderful that they are dedicating the first few months of their marriage to helping others in need, but also because I have a big soft spot for dancers and those who teach dance — we all need dance in our lives.

  17. lindsey

    Alice + Matt! They are concerned about family first, and themselves second. A small, intimate affair is very realistic with their budget. Lastly, Go ‘Dores!

  18. Shayna

    I’m voting for Alice and Matt!

  19. Jessica

    All are deserving, but my vote is for Erin & Jeremy. It is always amazing how God can bring two people together – despite seemingly impossible obstacles through living apart, lifestyle choices and even faith. What an amazing story for the start of their lives together!

  20. Gloria Ibarra

    Erin and Jeremy…they have had their ups and downs and still hold strong…God is good!

  21. kelly

    hooray jeremy! get excited to see how life is new and precious every day in ways you never knew.
    i vote for erin and jeremy! weddings can be expensive and no one could be more deserving than a commited couple who have shown their passion and dedication to each other in overcoming multiple obstacles along the way. i think that, instead of the wedding planning being another obstacle, they could really be helped and have this be one of the points in their relationship that came easy and celebrated all they have accomplished so far :)

  22. Julia R

    Rebekah and Michael – I love that they are very selfless and are giving to others in need despite their own economic difficulties. While they’re doing good for others, I think we should do something good for them. =)
    Ps. I love the story of Erin & Jeremy though. Very cute you two!

  23. Deanna

    I vote for Michael and Rebeka-he was my teacher in dance :D

  24. Krista

    Rebekah and Michael! They are the only ones who seem deserving! I’m amazed how many people are voting because someone got converted to god!!

  25. jacqui

    michael and rebekah!

  26. Natalie

    I vote for Erin and Jeremy, their story is beautiful and it seems as though they really need this

  27. emily a

    I Vote for Erin and jeremy! They have a pure relationship and amazing hearts. I love them so much!

  28. Susan

    I vote for Michael and Rebekah. :)

  29. Sarah

    Erin & Jeremy for sure! They seem like such an amazing couple that would really deserve this. It is awesome to see how God is working in and through their relationship.

  30. Lindsey M Nelson

    I am voting for Rebekah and Michael because I would also like to see two such giving people have beautiful pictures to keep their hearts and minds close to their friends and family while they are far away serving others.

  31. DestinedToWedHawaii

    Rebekah and Michael!

  32. matt

    Michael and Rebekah. I love what they want to help the poor.

  33. Jason

    My vote is for Rebekah & Michael.

  34. Caroline Ghetes

    Krista, I don’t think it’s just because someone converted to God. Erin works at a church, and Jeremy works at a center for mentally challenged adults as well, and it takes a very special kind of man to do what he does. Him turning to Christ is just one of the many obstacles they’ve overcome since many couples many times, no matter how ‘good’ they may be for each other will not marry someone of another faith. The fact that they followed that ‘small voice’ inside and decided to be together shows the amount of faith they had for each others’ love, not just in God. I love all three couples and I cannot wait to find out who I can serve on their wedding day!

  35. Erin

    I don’t know if I’m allowed to vote for myself…but I vote for Erin and Jeremy!!
    We want to look at beautiful wedding pictures all throughout our beautiful marriage :)

  36. virginia

    Erin and Jeremy!

  37. Christin

    Rebekah and Michael please! They seem like very sweet people.

  38. Allie

    I vote for Erin and Jeremy!! I think their story is absolutely beautiful and their love for each other is so selfless. They are willing to make sacrifices for each other which will only make their marriage stronger. God is good.

  39. Kris H.

    Rebekah & Michael for sure! We are in our own financial crisis so I know how much of a pain it is to have to pick and choose where to skimp at. Photography should not be it for these deserving two!!!

  40. libby

    Erin and Jeremy: Theirs is such a sweet story of love persevering and conquering all obstacles. I wish them a very happy life together!

  41. KathrynS

    Michael and Rebekah are such amazing young people, who give and serve others as a way of life. So I’d love for them to receive this amazing gift of beautiful wedding photographs.

  42. Kristen howard

    I vote for Jeremy and Erin !!! I have seen their relationship grow from the beginning and if anyone deserves to have their dream wedding it is them; they have grown together immensely and will be together forever I guarantee it :)

  43. Alicia m

    I vote Erin and Jeremy! There is just so much love and happiness in them! They
    deserve nothing but the best

  44. Heather

    Rebekah & Michael!! Those pictures are going to be so special to them while they’re so far away from their families.

  45. Carmen

    JEREMY AND ERIN!!! Because even i still don’t know Erin i love you both!!!

  46. Megan

    I vote for Erin and Jeremy. They both took the time to see where the other is coming from… and both made positive changes in the process. If they can keep that going their whole life, it will benefit the marriage in a huge way.

  47. Jordan

    I vote for Rebekah & Michael. They are a very sweet couple. =)

  48. stacy

    erin & jeremy!!!

  49. fallon

    Rebekah & Michael!

  50. Rachel

    I vote for Erin and Jeremy!

  51. Stacey

    I vote Erin & Jeremy. They clearly know how to work together.

  52. Rachel

    Michael and Rebekah! They’d be blessed, I know. :)

  53. roseanne

    I vote for Michael & Rebekah! Who else?

  54. Melissa

    Erin & Jeremy have been through so much! They are such a cute couple and I wish them the best! Good luck lovebirds! :)

  55. Sadie

    I would like for Jeremy and Erin to win. Because, they are the best, and need a really good photographer.

  56. mere...

    alice & matt… as a military girlfriend, i know just how hard it can be to commit to someone who is owned by a branch of the military – it’s not just a job, it really is being subordinate and 100% obedient to a cause that doesn’t care about your personal life. knowing that this couple will most likely spend holidays, anniversaries, and other major “couple” moments apart and can only hope for a phone call those day, my heart goes out to them & their service to this country. having awesome wedding photos to look back on when they are worlds apart and possibly in danger, would be an amazing thing to hold on to.

    God bless all the couples, congrats!

  57. Lauren

    erin and jeremy. they have an incredible story!

  58. Mary Frances

    I vote for Erin + Jeremy!

  59. JayAre

    I vote for Michael & Rebekah. Their willingness to give in life, despite the personal cost. I believe deserves to be rewarded. Plus, they are a wonderful couple that could definitely use this gift.

  60. Chanel

    Erin and Jeremy!!

  61. Photographer … maybe « life according to a frantic wedding planner.

    […] […]

  62. Nicki

    I vote for Michael and Rebekah! They are so giving and unselfish. I think that is awesome!

  63. Lia

    Erin & Jeremy :). Because they’re precious.

  64. bartholomew cubbins

    Erin + Jeremy. These two have an amazing relationship that blesses the people whom they love. Their partnership makes them better people and they deserve to win this contest!!

  65. lindsey

    I vote for Erin & Jeremy! Very sweet story.

  66. Bethany

    I vote for Erin and Jeremy! They are adorable and obviously have so much love for each other.

  67. Casey

    Erin & Jeremy!!

  68. Alex

    Alice + Matt- they look like a super fun couple.

  69. Jordan

    I’m voting for Jeremy and Erin because I am so filled with joy for them and their obviously beautiful love for eachother!

  70. Lindsey

    I vote Jeremy and Erin, they have overcome so much to be together.

  71. Kandice

    ERIN AND JEREMY! They are great people! :)

  72. Andy

    Michael and Rebekah!

  73. Maria

    Erin and Jeremy!

  74. Raquel

    Erin and Jeremy, what a beautiful love story. May God truly bless your marriage!

  75. Dalene

    Erin and Jeremy fo sho!

  76. michael

    Michael and Rebekah, because I know them. Hey, let’s be honest, isn’t that why we came here in the first place – to vote for the people we know? Besides, they really are wonderful people.

  77. Diana

    I vote for Rebekah and Micheal! They are giving up alot to serve the underprivileged in Asia, and will be spending their first months of married life to serve those in need!

  78. Becky

    Erin and Jeremy!

  79. Kristina

    I vote Erin & Jeremy! What an incredibly beautiful story!

  80. Kathryn

    Erin and Jeremey- true evidence of the “give and take” necessary for relationships.

  81. Dana

    Erin and Jeremy!!

  82. Andrea

    Each couple is very deserving, but my vote is for Rebekah & Michael.

  83. Haley Hohengarten

    I VOTE JERIN!!!!!! jeremy and erin are lobsters. that’s all anyone needs to know.

  84. Miriam

    Michael and Rebekah!

  85. A

    Michael & Rebekah.

  86. A

    Erin & Jeremy

  87. Jason

    I vote for Rebekah & Michael!

  88. Simon

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael! In addition to being clearly at ease with one another, I am moved that they wish to spend the first 70% of their marriage doing God’s work and being an amazing witness!

  89. Elise

    Erin and Jeremy! I can’t think of a more deserving couple. I love them both!

  90. SteveJ

    Erin & Jeremy

  91. Jenny Tarau

    I vote ERIN + JEREMY. What amazing patience and perseverance Erin had. They truly deserve this gift. :)

  92. Ruth

    Being artistic, Bekah is very picky about photography styles and had wondered where to find a wedding photographer who would capture the look she was hoping for. Of all the friends and recommendations in this area, Bekah discovered Caroline Ghetes’ work and absolutely LOVED her work. Bekah and Michael entered this contest because they didn’t see how it would be possible to afford Ms. Ghetes for their wedding.

    I would love to see Rebekah and Michael’s dream come true of having Caroline Ghetes capture their wedding in a style that will mean so much to them throughout the coming years.

    My vote is for Rebekah and Michael. :)

  93. Kodi

    Erin and Jeremy. It’d be a great wedding gift for them.

  94. G.H.

    Alice & Matt!

  95. Desha

    Rebekah and Michael! I don’t know them but their story touched me! Anyone who’s willing to give when they themselves do not have is amazing!

  96. Kati

    I vote for Michael & Rebecca hands down! They are a dear couple with hearts of gold.

  97. Kati

    I cannot believe i misspelled her name!! Rebekah!!

  98. Jillian

    I vote Michael & Rebekah!

  99. Alejandra

    Erin & Jeremy :) Erin is obviously so God centered that Jeremey’s love for her soon bloomed into a love for God. What beautiful commitment and sacrifice to each other, blessed by God’s love :)

  100. Jamie

    My Vote is for Michael and Rebekah

  101. Jason

    Michael and Rebekah!

  102. Jimmy

    Michael and Rebekkah for the win! They strike me as a couple who really have a heart for the lord!!

  103. Marie

    My vote goes to Erin and Jeremy. It is undeniable that they were meant to be together, and I think this opportunity for a free photographer would be such a blessing to them… also, they see like they would be fun to capture on film!

  104. Craig

    Erin & Jeremy, cuz Erin’s got an awesome voice and has great taste in Fiances :)

  105. Darryl

    Michael and Bekah

  106. Lynette

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael because they are starting a marriage with generous hearts.

  107. Frank

    Michael and Rebekah, definitely.

  108. Erin Glesner

    My vote is for Michael and Rebekah! They seem like such a caring couple who deserve this chance as they devote themselves to helping those who are less fortunate!

  109. Kayla

    I vote for Michael and Rebekah. They are very sweet, genuine individuals. They love their Lord and it is evident through their daily walk with Him.

  110. ashley

    I vote for Alice and Matt. My best friend forwarded me this blog because I went to Vandy and she is in a similar situation with her brother and fiance in the military.

  111. Jocelyn

    Vote for Michael and Rebekah…all the couples are deserving, but that’s my vote…

  112. Heather

    My vote goes to Alice & Matt! My fiance recently enlisted in the Air Force and my little brother is a U.S. Marine scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan in early 2010. It has been hard trying to set a date so I can definitely relate to their situation!

  113. Erica

    Michael and Rebekah– both wonderful people with giving hearts and beautiful lives!

  114. Preston Hay

    Jeremy and Erin

  115. Virginia S.

    I vote for Michael and Rebecca! A wonderful young couple starting off with very little but so willing to give of themselves to help others.

  116. Bree Cartwright

    Michael and Rebekah!

  117. kristen

    Such tough choices…all these couples are deserving…but I say Erin and Jeremy

  118. Samantha

    My vote goes to Rebekah and Michael!

  119. chelsea

    Jeremy & Erin because God is so good.

  120. Sara

    Michael and Rebekah

  121. Liz

    Jeremy and Erin.

  122. Jordan

    Michael and Rebekah

  123. Shelly

    Michael and Rebekah – starting a marriage built on the foundation of Christ is extremely important. They’re ready to live for Christ together:)

  124. Amy

    Michael & Rebekah! They’ve got my vote!

  125. Jaime

    Rebekah and Michael – They have hearts devoted to serving others selflessly!

  126. CMC

    Michael and Rebekah for the WIN!

  127. Lindsey Olsen

    My vote goes to Erin and Jeremy!

  128. Rory

    Mike and Bekah got my vote!

  129. Raquelle

    Michael and Rebekah! Fabulous people!

  130. Danielle

    Michael and Rebekkah all the way! It’s unfortunate that Michael is unemployed, but that shouldn’t get in the way of them having a fabulous day! They are giving people and it’s time they received something in return!

  131. WEndy

    Michael and Rebekah for the win!

  132. Amy

    Michael and Rebekah should definitely get this nomination. They seem like a really sweet couple and I think it so neat how they want to serve the Lord in missions work. I nominate them number one:)

  133. Nancy Johnson

    Erin and Jeremy!! They are by far the most photogenic!!

  134. E

    Rebekah and Michael

  135. Vicki

    Erin and Jeremy are great!

  136. Susan

    Michael and Rebekah!

  137. Vicki B.

    Michael and Rebekah — Their desire is to serve others, and both have been very involved in ministering to others for years. I happen to know that Rebekah has invested thousands of dollars of her own funds to work numerous times at an orphanage in India and to publish materials to encourage young ladies–money she could have put aside for her own wedding fund. She is trusting the Lord to provide for her wedding and it would be neat if this were part of that provision. (All the couples are deserving, so I know it’s a difficult decision; any of the couples will be grateful for your generosity, I’m sure! Thanks for doing this.)

  138. Monica L

    Alice + Matt. Good luck!

  139. Andrea C

    Michael and Rebekah-the best couple in the world!!

  140. Naomi

    Michael and Rebekah. They seem precious.

  141. Rachel

    Michael and Rebekah

  142. Sharon

    I vote for Michael and Rebekah.

  143. Cory

    Erin and Jeremy! Duhh. Those 2 are the best.

  144. Emily

    I vote for Michael and Rebekah.

  145. Katherine

    Michael and Rebekah

  146. Lance

    Erin and Jeremy FTW! Cutest. Couple. Ever.

  147. George

    My vote is for Michael and Rebekah.

  148. Laura

    Alice & Matt

  149. Sarah G

    Michael and Bekah. :)

  150. Robin

    Michael and Rebekah. They have put others FIRST for a long time. Now it is their time! They deserve to win!!

  151. Sharon

    I vote for Michael and Rebekah as the winner to receive your very generous offer for the gift of beautiful wedding photography.

  152. Michele Nester

    I vote for Rebekah & Michael. I like their story the best.

  153. Hannah McMichael

    MICHAEL AND REBEKAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Noelle VV

    I vote Michael and Rebekah!

  155. Olivia

    I vote for Michael and Rebekah.

  156. Jeremy H.

    gotta vote for jeremy and erin… cuz i’m jeremy

  157. Brooke K

    Michael and Rebekah!

  158. Anita

    My vote is for Rebekah and Michael. Her wedding gift to my family was taking my wedding pictures, and she did an awesome job. I hope to meet Michael some day. I’m sure they will have a tremendous impact on their world.

  159. Emily

    I am most definitely voting for Rebekah and Michael. Rebekah was one of my dance teachers when I was little so I really hope they win! Best of luck to ya’ll :)

  160. Kris

    I’m with Robin: Rebekah & Michael! Seriously, they sound beautiful inside and out–they deserve a bit of help in the form of lovely photographs.

  161. Sarah

    Rebekah and Michael

  162. Brian H

    My vote is for Michael and Rebekah!

    “They have put others FIRST for a long time. Now it is their time!”

  163. BT

    All these couples have neat stories but Rebekah and Michael pulled at me extra hard with their heart for the orphans. Definitely have to give them my vote!

  164. Pilar

    Erin and Jeremy, whoot!

  165. Mona

    I vote for Erin and Jeremy. They are fun, loving, and inspirational.

  166. Laurie

    Michael & Rebekah

  167. Jess

    Erin & Jeremy are amazing folks…they’re putting together a wedding celebration (it truly will be a celebration!) on not much and they deserve any help they can get. They’re incredible friends to all who they come in contact with!

  168. Kim

    Erin & Jeremy…they are two amazing people. Good luck you guys !!

  169. Rachael

    Rebekah & Michael!

  170. vunc

    erin & jeremy. cause LOOK AT THEM!!!!

  171. Rachael

    Michael and Rebekah

  172. Ellen

    Rebekah & Michael!!! =)

  173. Jamie T.

    Erin & Jeremy – good luck here and hereafter!

  174. Harriet

    when i looked up love in the dictionary, i found erin and jeremy’s faces.

  175. Gretchen

    Rebekah & Michael

  176. Jessica P

    Alice & Matt

  177. Jessica

    Rebekah & Michael!

  178. Kelli Penner

    ERIN AND JEREMY!! They’re story is beautiful.

  179. Susan Tucker

    Michael & Rebekah

    Seem to be a very sweet couple

  180. Vanessa

    I vote for Michael and Rebekah.

  181. Sarah

    Michael and Rebekah!!!

  182. Amber S.

    Rebekah & Michael, because they seem to have very kind hearts!

  183. Rose

    Rebekah & Michael!!!!!!

  184. Ashley R

    Erin and Jeremy, of course, support that local love!!!

  185. Savannah

    Rebekah & Michael!

  186. Sue M.

    Jeremy is an awesome former math student of mine. I would love to see him and Erin win!!

  187. Becky

    Michael and Rebekah

  188. J

    Erin & Jeremy

  189. Stephanie

    Rebekah and Michael

  190. Dana

    Rebekah & Michael!

  191. djmase

    Erin & Jeremy…HANDS DOWN!!!!

  192. Beth

    Michael and Rebekah!

  193. Larry

    Rebekah and Michael

  194. Cherrie Moore

    Go Rebekah & Michael

  195. Sadie

    Erin and Jeremy!

  196. JD

    Tough choice, but the first couple for sure!

  197. Katie

    Erin & Jeremy

  198. Mary

    I vote for Rebekah & Michael.

  199. L

    Michael & Rebekah :)

    Great people as individuals. Even greater as a couple.

  200. Sabrina Mix

    Erin & Jeremy

    Does international votes counts twice?


  201. jen

    erin & jeremy! I love how God intervened in their lives.

  202. Courtney

    Rebekah and Michael! :)

  203. Christena

    Rebekah Bentley and Michael McBride

  204. Faith Bland

    I would like to vote for Michael & Rebekah! Knowing them personally, I know they are such a deserving couple. Thank you!

  205. Katie B

    Erin and Jeremy because their love is true and they respect one another and those around them and make the world a better place by being together.

  206. Gabrielle


    I’ve known Bekah for a really long time and she’s absolutley amazing! Always has been SUCH an encouragement and a really dear friend. Her heart towards the orphaned has been such an example and a wonderful testimony! Not to mentnion she takes pretty awesome photos herself. ;) Michael I havent known as long, but if Bekah likes him, it’s cool with me!!!

    Love to you both!!! :)

  207. marmar

    Erin & Jeremy…they deserve it. I could feel it in my heart from their picture.
    My husband and I just got married and we have a similar love story. Opposites do attract.
    Also just look at Jeremy’s voting response, he has a great sense of humor and compassion to other people.

  208. Nicole

    My vote is for Erin and Jeremy. I get the chills whenever I hear their story. How amazing God is to his children! They deserve it.

  209. Josh

    Michael and Rebekah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean ballroom dancing, tis awesome ;)

  210. Aislan

    Erin and Jeremy,
    These guys deserve to win! I love them so much they are the best people ever and such an inspiration to me I look up to them and love them so much!!!!

  211. Greg

    Michael and Rebekah. ‘Though I have yet to meet Michael, I’m sure he’s a wonderful guy… And Rebekah is an amazing sister in Christ to the children in Vishakhapatnam! It’s wonderful to know that they’re spending the first months of their marriage together serving in India… May God’s blessing be on them!

  212. mary ann eagleson

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael just because I know Rebekah and her wonderful family. Super folks, working hard to do God’s will and leave His love to all they touch and do.

  213. Lisa

    Michael & Rebekah, love that they’re doing what God has called them to do!

  214. Emily

    Erin and Jeremy! All three couples seem great, but I was so inspired by their story… God Bless!

  215. bethany

    rebekah & michael!

  216. Ansley Teller

    Erin & Jeremy should definitely win!! Their story gave me goosebumps!! God is so good, and this is a couple that truly deserves all the best, and the most amazing photography to capture every moment of this special celebration.

  217. Liz

    Erin and Jeremy for sure! I was drawn to their story and wish them every happiness!

  218. britt

    erin and jeremy

  219. Mark

    I vote Rebekah & Michael. I’ve been out of full-time work for a while as well and couldn’t imagine supporting a family at this point. And giving the firstfruits of their new life together by serving with orphans overseas seems like an amazing display of Christian love for a newly married couple to show. Not sure I would be so self-sacrificing in their place, especially in light of their financial concerns. The gift of free wedding photography seems like a great way to honor that service.

  220. emily n

    Would love to see Erin and Jeremy blessed with this gift! They give so much of their time and talents to others that it would be swell if they were lavished upon by winning this!

  221. Matt

    Erin and Jeremy! Cause Sonora is where it’s at! Good luck guys, you rock.

  222. alyssa

    the second couple. military life can be so hard good pictures to stare at will help :)

  223. Kerry

    Erin and Jeremy for sure.

  224. Marilyn

    Rebekah and Michael. They are thinking of others instead of themselves in spending the beginning of their marriage in another country caring for little children with no families.

  225. Stacie H

    Erin and Jeremy! They seem so down to earth and have really embraced each other. Accepting God and accepting him being a vegan are big steps and having done so shows there love for each other. Sonora is a beautiful place too!

  226. lori

    Go erin and Jeremy! They are a genuine and cool couple! They should win!

  227. Laurie Ann

    erin and jeremy! So exciting! They need this so badly!

  228. Hillary

    jeremy and erin

  229. tony

    erin is my daughter and I am so happy for them. erin and jeremy for the win!

  230. Kelly

    Erin and Jeremy! Love conquers all….and shows us who we are and who we want to be. Go get ’em!

  231. Eric Turner

    Oh man I have to vote for Erin and Jeremy!!!

    This couple is amazing!!!! I wish that you all could see the greatness of God putting them together in life. The love that they have is amazing, it will persevere thru all the storms and I gaurentee that these photos would hang on the walls for the rest of there lives cause this couple will be married till the end of time! They beyond deserve it!!!

  232. Jamie

    What a great contest! They are all deserving couples, but my vote goes out to Rebekah & Michael.

  233. Bryann


  234. Sofie

    Rebekah & Michael
    We’re in a similar situation so I know how hard it can be. All the best!

  235. Gina

    Rebekah and Michael!

  236. Nellie

    Michael and Bekah. They are a wonderful couple and winning this giveaway really would be a huge blessing to them.

  237. Jane

    My vote goes to Erin+Jeremy. What a lovely couple!

  238. Joanne Chaplin

    I vote for Michael and Rebekah, a wonderful couple!

  239. Nick

    Definitely Rebekah and Michael! They are so awesome together, and what a sweet story they have!

  240. Lisette

    Rebekah & Michael

  241. Becky

    My vote goes to Erin & Jeremy.

    Happy marriage to all three though!

  242. Katie

    I vote for Michael and Rebekah. :-)

  243. Desiree Jennings-Meyer

    I think Matt and Alice should receive the photography package. They’re looking at a long separation and having beautiful pictures would certainly be helpful, and as Matt is risking his life for all of us here in the states, I think they deserve to have something special given to them. I wish them the best of luck.

  244. Britany

    Rebekah and Michael are a sweet couple who have a heart for serving God and showing His love to the people around them. I vote for Rebekah and Michael! =)

  245. Elisabeth

    Michael and Rebekah :)

  246. Shanna Gonzalez

    Rebekah & Michael because so many others will benefit from their life together.

  247. Jeannie

    Matt & Alice!

  248. Katrina

    Rebekah and Michael!

  249. Rachel

    Matt and Alice! Alice is one of the sweetest and most generous people in the world and Matt is such a selfless guy, they really deserve to have a wonderful wedding!

  250. Mike

    I vote for Matt & Alice. Both seem to have dedicated their lives to the service of others, and there’s no higher calling than that. The photography package would be a small but important gesture recognizing all that they do.

  251. Nicole Woo

    I vote for Alice and Matt! I’ve known Alice for about 13 years now. She is one of the most beautiful and kind-hearted people you will ever meet and she deserves the best wedding ever with a great photographer!

  252. Elyse

    Alice and Matt because giving them great photos of a wonderful and beautiful day would be the best way to send Matt off!!!

  253. mollie

    matt and alice! i’m sure it’s very difficult with military life and her working at a non-profit!

  254. Leah London

    ALICE AND MATT! No doubt about it!

  255. Ana

    Rebekah and Michael, they just seem like such a great loving couples!!

  256. Abigail Trumbo

    I’m voting for Rebekah and Michael because they are an excellent couple, and friends. :)

  257. Molly

    Michael and Rebekah :-)
    I’ve known Bekah for quite some time… she’s been patiently waiting for that special someone, and I’m thrilled for she and Michael!

  258. Eve

    This is a very tough choice because each couple has an amazing story and all would do well with the contest.

    My vote is going to Erin & Jeremy because I like that, rather than being frightened of their differences, they embraced those qualities, respected one another and learned to find common ground.

  259. Naomi

    I vote for Erin & Jeremy. It’s great to see how a couple works through their differences.

  260. .escamilla.

    erin and jeremy…i’m a sucker for people who overcome the odds!
    good luck to all the couples!

  261. MiMi

    Alice & Matt!!

  262. Alessia

    Alice and Matt ALL THE WAY! Alice is the most selfless person and completely deserves this wonderful gift for her wedding. Both Alice and Mike have both dedicated their lives to helping others and what a wonderful way to give back a little something to them!!

  263. jean

    alice and matt. i’ve known alice since hs and she’s a beautiful person. she and matt deserves the wedding of their dreams. =)

  264. Lauren

    Rebekah & Michael Because their Awesome!!!

  265. khelly


  266. kirsten

    Rebekah and Michael

  267. Jennifer

    Alice & Matt :)

  268. Military Wife

    Alice and Matt. I wear blinders when it comes to supporting our military members. Anyone willing to put their life on the line and defend their country gets my vote every time!

  269. Ingrid

    I vote Erin and Jeremy. Erin is a wonderfully transparent person and I love their story.

  270. Prakash

    Alice & Matt! Hands down! Alice is the most selfless person, and is one of those people that can turn your frown upside down in an instant with her bubbly personality. Plus Matt is doing a tour, god forbid something happened, it would be a nice thing to have photos to remember such a blessed event. CONGRATS ALICE & MATT!!!

  271. Rebecca

    Alice & Matt! They have both made sacrifices and dedicated their lives to serving others. And they are a stunning couple!

  272. Ruth

    Erin & Jeremy.

  273. Jess

    Alice and Matt for sure!

  274. Heather

    I vote for Michael and Rebekah. They are a sweet couple!

  275. Mrs. Jess

    I’m putting my vote in for Rebekah & Michael – what a wonderful couple. May they continue to help others with their talents. (All the couples are wonderful though, it was so hard to choose!)

  276. Meaghan

    Matt and Alice deserve this! What they are doing is very noble and unselfish. I’ve known Alice since 5th grade and she has always been a very sincere and generous person. VOTE FOR MATT AND ALICE!!!

  277. Florella

    Each couple has an inspiring story but my vote goes to Michael and Rebekah. My fiance and I are in similar circumstances and I am inspired by their commitment and selflessness in times of widespread economic difficulty. Congratulations and good luck to all of the couples!

  278. Lisa

    Michael & Rebekah – I love that they have started making a plan for their lives together and think it is wonderful that they will begin their married life in mission work. I know they are having to save in order to make that happen and winning this great prize would be a big help to them.

  279. Tiffany

    I’m voting for michael and rebekah. to be so young and so willing to serve God wholeheartedly expresses faith enough to move mountains, let alone live a healthy and loving relationship. May God richly bless them in all their goals.

  280. Daniel Gardner

    Voting & cheering for Rebekah & Michael!

  281. Marie-Marine

    Alice and Matt!!

  282. Lydia

    Michael & Rebekah

  283. Melanie

    Erin and Jeremy

  284. Angela R.

    Alice and Matt. They are selfless individuals and deserve nothing but the best.

  285. Susannah

    Michael & Rebekah

    ‘Cause their the BEST!!!

  286. Thomas F.

    Alice & Matt!

  287. Esther Woo

    I vote for Alice & Matt. I have watched Alice grow up along my daughter. They have been friends for…forever! The young couple deserve every happiness in life.

  288. Mary Ann

    Alice and Matt. How amazing.

  289. Billie

    My vote is for Rebekah & Michael.
    Good Luck to all.

  290. Kelly

    I love you Erin and Jeremy!!!

  291. Jessie

    Alice and Matt for sure! They have both made such incredible sacrifices and are dedicating their lives to serving others.

  292. Ji Yun

    Alice and Matt! Knowing Alice, I know they will have an amazing wedding.

  293. Sarah

    Alice and Matt! They have dedicated their lives to serving others and deserve to have amazing wedding pictures to remember their special day.

  294. Lynn

    Alice & Matt!

  295. Lynn

    Alice + Matt!

  296. Elissa

    Erin + Jeremy because they are helping each other grow as individuals and as a couple :)

  297. James

    Alice & Matt.

  298. Robin Hermann

    Rebeka and Michael have bigs hearts and are willing to give the
    first 8 1/2 months of their married life to ministering to orphaned children in East Asia. How inspiring, in a world full of me, me, me.

  299. Bradley

    Alice and Matt! Hope you get it~ :)

  300. Cynthia

    erin and jeremy for sure! you have a beautiful history.

  301. Kait

    Michael and Rebekah

  302. Sarah Zauner

    I have known Rebekah for many years. She is one of the sweetest and most selfless people I have ever met. She has given so much to the world that I believe it would be a true blessing to see her receive beautiful pictures of her wedding day. Good luck Rebekah and Michael and congratulations!

  303. Lauren

    Erin and Jeremy FTW! woo!

  304. Pam

    Rebekah and Michael. They seem like selfless and thoughtful people.

  305. Glenda

    Alice and Matt. They really deserve it because of the great things they are doing.

  306. Brian

    Alice and Matt!

  307. elizabeth

    erin and jeremy. i love to see them meeting in the middle to form the foundation for their future together!

  308. Naomi Kolozsy

    Rebekah and Michael. I was with Rebekah in East Asia, and saw first hand how dedicated she is to helping those less fortunate than herself.

  309. Mary

    Alice and Matt stand out as a stellar couple for their unity and commitment as a couple to their families and to their country. They obviously care for each other and for the well being of those around them, and are a beautiful couple to boot! Let’s get those cameras going!

  310. Crystal

    Erin and Jeremy!!!! They are extremely kind, thoughtful, supportive and loving people..always self-less, always flexible, always dancing, always silly. mmmmmmmmm mmm I love them! They should have special photographer deal!

  311. Mel

    Michael & Rebekah!!! :)

  312. Linn

    Erin and Jeremy!

  313. HattieLee

    voting for Rebekah & Michael!

  314. Jordan

    Alice and Matt

  315. Greg

    Alice and Matt.

  316. Amanda

    Erin and Jeremy! :)

  317. dowhk

    Alice and Matt,
    What a wonderful couple !!!!!!

  318. Winnie

    Alice & Matt! Congrats!

  319. Ravi

    Voting for Alice and Matt, their love for this country is only surpassed by the love for each other

  320. Natalie

    Erin and Jeremy! It’s so awesome to see God work. :) (my parents met and had a similar type of relationship… God used my mom to bring my dad to Him)

  321. shannon

    ERIN AND JEREMY!!!!!!!!!!!

  322. Steve

    Erin and Jeremy, because they rock!

  323. Natalee

    Erin & Jeremy because their story is just like mine with my fiance! love it and God bless! :)

  324. lea

    Rebekah%Michael. There dedicating their lives to help others in need and its time to help them now when they need it!

  325. Kay

    Alica and Matt!

  326. Klaus

    Michael and Rebekah!

  327. Jacquie

    Alice and Matt!

  328. Chelsea

    Erin and Jeremy, a relationship built on the Lord is a wonderful one to have!

  329. Efiina

    Rebekah & Michael. Because it was written by a fried, I’m sure there is no overstatementing. And they just seem so sweet!

  330. Janet Tobin

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael!

  331. Ashlee

    Erin & Jeremy.

  332. sumir

    Alice & Matt

  333. Rebecca

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael. They seem like great people!

  334. George A Marsh Jr

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael. They are the sweetest couple.

  335. Caroline N. Wade

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael — I have known Rebekah for many years and know of her generous spirit and deep commitment to helping those in need — she has been willing to make many financial sacrifices to do this and so these beautiful wedding photos would be a wonderful blessing for them for them!

  336. Ms. Angie

    Michael and Rebekah deserve this. I have known Rebekah and her family for over 15 years. They are truly a great family and Rebekah has been a faithful daughter, “lady in waiting”, and a true servant of the Lord. I believe that Michael and Rebekah deserve this wonderful gift because they have both prayed and patiently waited on God to bring them together. There is no better choice. VOTE FOR Michael and Rebekah.

  337. Sharon Ramey

    Michael & Rebekah

  338. A4patch

    Rebekah and Michael

  339. Mitchell K

    Micheal and Rebekah for sure!

  340. linda

    Rebekah and Michael

    Yes, yes! They are striving to do God’s work in a difficult time.
    If given a free photo op, they could save towards the tickets to fly to India for ministry.

  341. Janet

    Rebekah and Michael

  342. Eric

    Erin and Jeremy!!!! They are an amazing couple and awesome friends! We just got married and I am totally excited for these two, they totally rock my world!!!

  343. Ann

    Michael & Rebekah, Best Wishes and Prayers!

  344. Christine

    Voting for Rebekah and Michael, though you have three wonderfully deserving couples here I’m sure. Rebekah has a true heart for service to anyone in need. She takes after her mother who works tirelessly for others. Rebekah’s a sweetheart.

  345. Daly

    Erin and Jeremy!!!

  346. Tracy

    I would love to see Michael & Rebekah win–God bless them!

  347. Amy R

    Michael & Rebekah

  348. Mike Duby

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael

  349. Vanessa Justice

    Michael & Rebekah.

  350. Erin L.

    Erin & Jeremy, please.

  351. Bonnie M

    Michael is my son, he has grown into a wonderful man, and I am so proud of he and rebekah for what they have done, and what they plan to do. My vote goes for Michael and Rebekah

  352. Regina

    Rebekah and Michael! Because they’re friends of ours.

  353. Gwen

    Rebekah and Michael – how selfless to give time to working in another country with orphans

  354. Karen

    Erin and Jeremy

  355. Brooke

    Erin and Jeremy!

  356. Boyd M.

    I vote for Michael and Rebekah.

  357. Sarah

    Michael and Rebekah.

  358. Sarah

    Michael and Rebekah

  359. Celeste Y

    Rebekah and Michael!

  360. Kelly

    Rebekah and Michael seem like a lovely couple and well deserving of the free photos!

  361. Missy

    Erin and Jeremy! What an amazing Lord we serve!

  362. Sophie

    I vote for Alice and Matt. I’ve known Alice her entire life, and cannot think of someone who would be more deserving of this package. Their dedication to each other has been an inspiration to me, and I wish them all the best in the future. This package would help them commemorate this special day in their lives.

  363. Dorothy

    I vote for Alice & Matt because they are my favorite.

  364. Beth

    Erin & Jeremy because it’s the one of the three stories that brought tears to my eyes!

  365. spoooky

    erin + jeremy

  366. Sheri Bennett

    Rebekah and Michael…definately!

  367. Chloe

    I think it should be Erin and Jeremy. They are the nicest people and have touched soo many lives. They truly deserve it

  368. Ray

    My vote goes to Rebekah and Michael.

  369. Belinda

    Erin and Jermey, Their story is so much like mine and my boyfriend!

  370. Phebe H

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael because Rebakah’s mother is one of my best friends. As a mother, she has been a shining example to all of us who know her. Love and faith are the core values in Rebekah’s family and I think love and faith should always be rewarded when it is possible.

  371. Jared

    jeremy and erin really deserve this. they are working hard for a great wedding and are on a tight budget. plus they are awesome.

  372. chie

    alice and matt! they are so cute!

  373. Beth S.

    Michael and Rebekah
    Love you guys!

  374. Donna B

    My vote is for Michael and Rebekah. Adjusting to marriage is hard enough w/o dedicating 8 mos to bettering life for others in another country. Blessings to you both.

  375. Darleen R.

    I vote for Michael and Rebekah. Good Luck!!

  376. Sunny

    Alice and Matt!

    This shouldn’t be a popularity contest. Read their story and their commitment to society and to each other. They are a lovely couple. Best of luck to them.

  377. Debbie

    Rebekah and Michael – for sure! They have spent such a large part of their lives helping others and now they will continue to so only in an even more powerful way as husband and wife!

  378. Susie Tortolani

    Rebekah and Michael!

  379. Alexandra Lilja-Nilsson

    Alice & Matt- while all the couples seem deserving it goes to Alice & Matt for me!!

  380. Maddie

    Michael and Rebekah!

  381. Amanda

    Erin and Jeremy! What a great story.

  382. Beverly S

    Michael & Rebekah

  383. Lexie

    Erin & Jeremy- They are amazing people and are selflessly serving others in their professions. They definitely deserve it!

  384. pat o

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael! Rebekah and her family are such wonderful people! Rebekah and Michael are blessed by the Lord and show it by the way they live. They are sooo deserving of this!

  385. isaac

    Alice and Matt are so cute

  386. Meridith

    I vote for Alice & Matt — they are both actively working in service to others and this would definitely help with their wedding budget.

  387. Mary M.

    What a wonderful way to GIVE to a couple that will be GIVING most of their first year to orphaned children. My vote is for Michael and Rebekah!

  388. Demitria

    Jeremy and Erin sound like they could really use this free photography, and I think their story is beautiful.

  389. Andrea

    Michael and Rebekah – I am always inspired by those who choose to help others before helping themselves.

  390. Stephanie H

    Rebekah and Michael–good luck to them both!

  391. Terry Wilkinson

    Rebekah used to take caree of my two beautifulboys , Gary and Joseph. She is the most amaing womenI have ever met and I look forward to seeing many beutiful wedding pictures inthe future

  392. Suzanne

    Rebekah is a precious young lady, and I would love to see her and Michael win the photography.

  393. Marty G.

    Michael and Rebekah. I think they deserve it because of their love and devotion to others.

  394. Katharine Edwards

    Please count my vote for Michael and Rebekah!

  395. pat m

    Rebekah and Michael-are the best couple.

  396. Ashlie

    Erin and Jeremy

  397. sam

    Michael and Rebekah!

  398. Casey

    Michael and Rebekah. They’re giving their time to go overseas, which is difficult for any couple much more so a newly married one. Also, since they’re volunteering, the free photography would help them out with expenses. And they’re really nice. And are great dancers. Go Mikey!

  399. staycee

    erin & jeremy! they are cute and the story shows how love can really change people. and how you shouldn’t shut people out of your life before you get a chance to really know them!

  400. Bobbi P

    Rebekah and Michael.

  401. Cate

    Erin and Jeremy. She has grown into the most selfless, lovely young woman. I admire her strength, devotion, and kind attitude in all situations.

  402. Sarah

    Alice and Matt. Its wonderful to give back to people who give so much of their lives to others.

  403. Casey

    Erin and Jeremy!

  404. annie

    erin and jeremy!

  405. Rhonda Johnson

    I think that Erin and Jeremy are so deserving. All of the couples’ stories warmed my hearts, but wow, Erin and jeremy just seem to be so in love! I really hope they win!!

  406. Chic 'n Cheap Living

    Alice and Matt. They seem to be so selfless (both them and their families) in their professions and deserve to have a treat/

  407. Vickie Kloth

    Rebekah and Michael. I am impressed that they want to give of themselves to help orphaned children in Asia…especially during the first part of their married lives when most couples want to have time alone. What they want to do is so selfless. What an inspiration!

  408. Carol Clark

    Michael & Rebekah. Very deserving, selfless people who have hearts for the Lord. To win photographs of the wedding would be a real blessing to them and their families.

  409. Laura Coppola

    Michael and Rebekah

  410. Yvonne Bunn

    Michael and Rebekah.
    Their desire to serve others in their married life is a great foundation for a successful marriage. Serving others shows genuine love. Having beautiful photographs to remember their special day will be a treasure for them.

  411. Karen Cox

    Michael and Rebekah

    They deserve your vote!

  412. Mike S

    Michael & Rebekah – I have known Rebekah since she was a child and she has always had a giving heart and spirit. For her to receive this gift on her wedding day would be an amazing reward.

  413. Lisa

    Erin + Jeremy

  414. Martin Johnson

    Michael and Rebekah, although all three couples seem to be splendid!

  415. Tiffany

    Rebekah & Michael, you could not meet a sweeter couple!

  416. Brittany

    Rebekah and Michael

  417. Kyrie

    erin and jeremy! not only is their story amazing, they are getting married in the twob i grew up in!

  418. Jamie

    Erin and Jeremy. Erin is a selfless, amazing girl who I wish I knew better, but I only wish them the best!

  419. Bruce

    Rebekah & Michael

  420. Jaclynn

    I vote for….Rebekah and Michael!
    Rebekah is a girl that I believe is much like me. ;o)

  421. Tom

    Rebekah and Michael

  422. Joshua W.

    Erin and Jeremy!

  423. Matt

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael.

  424. Susan

    Erin and Jeremy!

  425. Jenn

    Rebekah and Michael all the way!

  426. Jessie Taylor

    Erin and Jeremy!!!!!!!

  427. Deanna

    My vote goes to Erin & Jeremy! Good luck.

  428. Hannah I Hicks

    erin and jeremy for life

  429. Robin Jones

    Jeremy and Erin!

  430. Monica

    Erin and Jeremy — It’s amazing to see God change a life, and I think they deserve something like this! It’s so encouraging to see a sweet young couple with their relationship founded on God. I wish them all the best!

  431. amanda holliday

    Rebekah & Michael…for their spirit of giving in uncertain times.

  432. Mary

    Erin and Jeremy
    They have a wonderful story and they are from
    my hometown !!!

  433. Lindsey

    ERIN & JEREMY!!!! they are young, cute, and deserve the best wedding photos, and for free!

  434. Nathan

    Erin and Jeremy!

  435. Amber

    Erin and Jeremy, cute couple : )

  436. ET

    Definitely Alice and Matt!

  437. Megan

    Erin and Jeremy! These two seem to have really grown with each other and will be a beautiful couple, as will they all :)

  438. Rena

    Erin & Jeremy. You can see how much they both adore eachother when you see their pictures or read their blogs. Good luck guys, you deserve it!

  439. Steffanie Reed

    Erin & Jeremy

  440. Brenna

    erin & jeremy

  441. Jen Bellah-Bodenmuller

    Erin and Jeremy. Their story is very sweet, and I’m so excited for their future together. :)

  442. Kristina

    Erin and Jeremy

  443. Cynthia

    My vote is for Erin and Jeremy. Good luck!

  444. Jenny D

    Erin & Jeremy all the way!

  445. Pat

    Erin and Jeremy

  446. Jake Hurst

    Erin and Jeremy deserve it the most!!!

  447. Kimberly

    Erin and Jeremy!!! They believe in true love and each other!

  448. Todd

    Erin and Jeremy!

  449. Danielle

    Erin & Jeremy.

  450. clark parkan

    Erin and Jeremy! when they win, you are going to have so much fun shooting their wedding!!!

  451. Tim

    Erin and Jeremy!

  452. Mellisa Reeves

    Erin and Jeremy!

  453. Katie B

    Erin & Jeremy!

  454. Betsy Sipe

    Erin & Jeremy

  455. Angela Pinocchio

    Erin and Jeremy

  456. Jenelle Smith

    Erin and Jeremy! They are by far the best couple and deserve a perfect wedding.

  457. karley mase

    erin and jeremy for life. these guys stinking rock!

  458. salty

    Erin and Jeremy.

  459. Jason

    Erin & Jeremy. They have given so much to there community and i believe it would be great to give something back to them.

  460. Haley Stolp

    Erin and Jeremy. It sounds like they need all the help they can get.

  461. bethany

    jeremy & erin!!!

  462. Ali

    Erin and Jeremy

  463. Sheraden Mundy

    Erin and Jeremy

  464. meganwe

    Alice and Matt

  465. Luca Giovannini

    Erin & Jeremy! =)

  466. Heather

    Erin and Jeremy!


    I vote for Erin and Jeremy ;)

  468. al

    Rebekah & Michael

  469. shelley

    Rebekah & Michael

  470. emily mcvey

    Erin and Jeremy!!!!! They rule!

  471. Debbie Chancey

    Erin and Jeremy!!!! They have overcome many things already and deserve only the best in the future.

  472. Joyce Hohengarten

    Yea for the beautiful, crazy couple Jeremy and Erin….I vote for their wedding to be blessed freely with photography!

  473. Leah

    Erinn and Jeremy! They’re sooo cute!

  474. Melissa

    Michael and Rebekah!

  475. coralie

    Erin and Jeremy! because when you look at them, they just irradiate love,and every pictures of them make me happy when i look at it!

  476. Ruth

    Michael and Rebekah

  477. Nash

    Go Jeremy and Erin. Love you

  478. Joe Readel

    Erin and Jeremy

  479. Bill Boyd

    Erin and Jeremy, 4sure, 4ever.

  480. Jon Coats

    Erin and Jeremy

  481. Lauren G.

    Erin and Jeremy!!!

  482. Tami

    Erin & Jeremy! Woohoo! Congratulations!

  483. Leah B.

    Michael & Rebekah!

  484. JORDI

    Erin & Jeremy

  485. Camden C

    Michael and Rebekah! I mean c’mon, they’re going on a missions trip! They don’t have extra money to spare.

  486. Jessica Mullins

    Erin and Jeremy = coolest

  487. Arora

    Erin & Jeremy- they have a beautiful story and are a great couple.

  488. Calen Davidson

    Erin and Jeremy deserve EVERY bit of winning this contest!!! I’ve known Jeremy since we were little Soulsbyville munchkins, and he has always treated everyone with the UP-most respect. Good luck and enjoy your lives together you two!!

  489. Dustin James

    Rebekah and Michael

  490. Jenny Stevens

    Jeremy and Erin!!

  491. Mike H.

    Rebekah & Michael!

  492. Arthur Turner

    Jeremy and Erin!!!! I love this couple soo much and it would be the most amazing gift for them ever!

  493. T. Hawk

    Rebekah & Michael

  494. Kelly Marquardt

    Erin and Jeremy! Congratulations and Good Luck with your marriage.

  495. April

    Erin & Jeremy!!!!!!!! Best wishes!!

  496. Laura

    Rebekah and Michael.

  497. Malasdair

    Rebekah & Michael!

  498. Paultany

    Erin and Jeremy!

  499. Robert

    Erin and Jeremy

  500. Ben W.

    Erin and Jeremy!!

  501. Sofia S.

    Erin and Jeremy!!

  502. Pedro

    Rebekah and Michael

  503. Katie B.

    Rebekah Bentley and Michael McBride! I love that their friend signed them up for this and they didn’t write about themselves. Plus they really seem to fit the guidelines the BEST… helping others and in need!

  504. ashley

    My vote is for Erin and Jeremy! They are definitely in love and meant to be together.

  505. Kendall

    Erin and Jeremy! :)

  506. Jessica A.

    I vote for Erin and Jeremy!

  507. Lauren

    Erin and Jeremy

  508. EJ

    Erin & Jeremy

  509. Amy

    I vote for Michael and Rebekah…I spent several days in close quarters with Rebekah, and she is truly a wonderful example of a dedicated follower of Christ living out service without any bravado. :)

  510. Megan

    Michael and Rebekah

  511. Kelsey

    Erin & Jeremy =)

  512. Piero Mattarelli

    Erin and Jeremy. They look so young and enthusiastic.

  513. Tiffany

    Erin and Jeremy <3

  514. Tommy T

    Erin and Jeremy! I haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet Erin, but Jeremy is an awesome human being who brings nothing but positivity into the lives of those around him, and I’m sure that any woman he chooses to wed must be equally amazing!

  515. Jo M.

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael.
    They have high and beautiful aspirations, and I would love to see them have this special treat.

  516. Jessica

    Erin and Jeremy for sure.

  517. Riccardo

    Erin & Jeremy!!

  518. Kim

    ERIN AND JEREMY!!!!!!!!

  519. Amanda

    Michael and Rebekah… I want to show support for my fellow alumni. God bless! :-)

  520. Vanessa

    Rebekah & Michael! I was really touched by their story… They seem like amazingly selfless people that really deserve something like this!

  521. Kelsey Peterson

    Erin & Jeremy! They are adorable!!

  522. Tom M

    I vote for the spiritual leaders of Jeremy and Erin

  523. Jay

    Michael and Rebekah

  524. Wyatt Young

    Rebekah and Michael! They sound really humble, kind and most importantly in need. It’s pretty cool that they are going on a mission trip after they wed, not many people will give that much of themselves to others. They sound like they are by far the most deserving!

  525. Alie

    erin and jeremy! love love love!

  526. Jay


  527. Emily Turner

    Erin & Jeremy DEFINITELY!

  528. Katie

    Erin and Jeremy! A true-love romance!

  529. Kayla

    I vote for Michael and Rebekah. They are great individuals with hearts devoted to doing God’s work. India needs missionaries the most, and this couple is giving up the “American dream” to give their hearts and their hands to God.

  530. EJ

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael! Congratulations you guys!

  531. Grace

    Michael and Rebekah!

  532. Heather

    Michael and Rebekah!!!

  533. E

    Erin and Jeremy!! Woohooo!

  534. Natalie

    Erin and Jeremy!

  535. R N

    Michael and Rebekah!

  536. Hugh

    Erin and Jeremy!

  537. Anna Marie

    Erin and Jeremy, their story is beautiful

  538. Tanja Lippert

    Erin and Jeremy! They are good kids!

  539. Andrew Plett

    Michael & Rebekah!

  540. Jenny

    ALICE AND MATT!!!!!!!

  541. Joe H

    Erin and Jeremy!!!

  542. Jess G

    Erin and Jeremy! Such a beautiful couple!!

  543. Gabriella

    Erin and Jeremy!! It’s such a sweet story – someone should make a movie based on their lives and Sonora is a great town. I’m still waiting for my guy to realize that God is the answer because being equally yoked is a must!

  544. Krystal

    Erin & Jeremy!!

  545. Scott

    Erin and Jeremy for sure

  546. Mary

    Michael and Rebekah!!!

  547. Xandra

    Erin and Jeremy!

    But watch that religious stuff, being married is not about praying together…

  548. Barry Woodward

    Go Erin and Jeremy! YOU ROCK!

  549. Ekaterina

    Rebekah and Michael :) because dancing is cool!

  550. Amanda Grace L.

    I vote for Michael and Rebekah.I’m excited about their new life together and know that their sweet servant hearts will be a blessing to so many others!

  551. margaret weightman

    definately erin and jeremy!!! they are so so so sweet and you can tell they are in love!

  552. Abigail

    Rebekah & Michael!

  553. Casey

    I vote for Erin and Jeremy!!!!!!!

  554. Bethany

    Rebekah and Michael

  555. Emily Irwin

    Erin and Jeremy Ho!
    Jer-If you actually read these-check your email por favor.

  556. danae

    Michael and Rebekah!

  557. Evan

    Michael and Rebekah

  558. Valerie

    Erin and Jeremy, because of their story of growing together.

  559. JoAnna

    Michael and Rebekah!

  560. Tessa

    Erin & Jeremy!

  561. whitney

    Erin and Jeremy! They are truly in love and so sweet together. I have known Jeremy since he was in Jr. High, and I’ve never seen him as happy and committed as he is with Erin. I’ve only met her this past year, but she’s also an amazing person. These two bring so much light into the world on their own, they will be such a force of good together!!

  562. Marc

    Jeremy and Erin all the way. They are a super cute couple, and suck kind people. They bring love with them everywhere they go.

  563. Ashley R

    I vote for Erin and Jeremy! I am touched by her faithfulness in the Lord to restore Jeremy to His kingdom. Also, I am a little bit biased because my fiance and I are also getting married on March 13, 2010!

  564. Lynn

    Definitely Michael and Rebekah for their willingness to serve and love.

  565. Nikki D

    Michael and Rebekah!!

  566. Fran and Rob

    Michael and Rebekah are a most deserving young couple!

  567. Jim K.

    Put me down for Michael and Rebekah…


    Jim K.

  568. Jeannie Castleberry

    Michael and Rebekah! “This sweet couple has decided to dedicate the first 8 1/2 months of their married life to ministering to orphaned children in East Asia.” What a beautiful way to start a life together!

  569. Stephenie

    I vote for Erin & Jeremy!
    They are soooo adorbs!

  570. nina

    GOOD LUCK you two!

  571. Holly

    Jeremy & Erin!!!!! Their story seems absolutely insane to me, but love doesn’t follow rules, timelines, or other norms. These two are wonderful people who are giving back to their communities and making the world a better place. Free wedding pictures are just the beginning of what these two deserve. :)

  572. Nicki

    I vote for Erin and Jeremy..Jeremy is such a wonderful guy, with a very generous heart..His fiance is a beautiful and smart girl..I think they deserve it…

  573. Phuong

    Alice and Matt!!! Both are dedicating their lives to serving others. Beautiful people with big hearts.

  574. Jake

    Good luck Erin and Jeremy!

  575. Becky

    Michael & Rebekah

  576. charles

    Michael & Bekah

  577. Kira

    Jeremy and Erin!!!

  578. Beth

    Jeremy & Erin.

  579. Liz

    Erin and Jeremy. They are such a fantastic couple and I know they will do amazing things together.

  580. Julie

    Rebekah & Michael!!!!!

  581. Julie

    Oops…I forgot to say why! Because Rebekah is a precious, precious servant. I have watched her grow into a beautiful and godly young woman who loves the Lord with all that she is. I am filled with joy that she is going to be married, and want the best for her, and that includes the memories. Your photography will be an awesome blessing that will enable them to relive the day of their covenant over and over. Thank you for doing this for a special couple!

  582. Gina Peters

    I vote with high hopes and fantastic positivity for Erin and Jeremy..good luck guys!

  583. Dave Standley

    Rebekah & Michael

  584. Dakota

    Michael and Rebekah

  585. E. Frostner

    Erin and Jeremy

  586. Stacy

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael. I haven’t met Michael but Rebekah is a sweet lady!


  587. C.S. Charles

    Erin and Jeremy. :)

  588. Thomas Farnsworth

    Erin and Jeremy. You guys ROCK!

  589. vicenta

    I vote for Jeremy and Erin :)

  590. Britt T

    Erin and Jeremy! Because they are two of the most wonderfully fantastic people I know. They give of their time and love to so many…..I adore them

  591. vicenta

    Jeremy & Erin… you can see how in love they are… beautiful smiles. I wish all the couples happily ever after.
    I want Jeremy and Erin to win

  592. Leanne

    I vote for Erin and Jeremy. The story of their relationship is genuine and inspiring. They make such an amazing couple. Good luck and God Bless!

  593. Anna

    Rebekah and Michael :)

  594. Kirsten C.

    Michael and Rebekah!

    I’ve been blessed by Rebekah’s sweet, gentle spirit each time I’ve met her, and am so very happy for her and Michael!

  595. Jenny

    Rebekah and Michael!

  596. Meredith

    Rebekah & Michael

  597. Megan

    Rebekah & Michael! To serve others during the first 8 months of marriage is amazing. I would high five them if I could.

  598. Amber

    I would love to see Michael and Rebekah win this prize. :) Rebekah is a good friend and I’d love to see them both blessed on their wedding day. :)

  599. Crystal Wilson

    Micheal and Rebekah

  600. Michaela

    Michael and Rebekah!!!!!! :)

  601. dav

    Rebekah and Michael

  602. Karen

    Michael and Rebekah!!!

  603. John

    Alice and Matt

    if he is willing to serve our country I say let’s support him!

  604. Drew

    Rebekah and Michael

  605. Sarah Ann

    Michael and Rebekah ;-)

  606. Lisa W

    Rebekah and Michael have my vote. :) Congratulations to all 3 couples though!!

  607. Jim

    I think Michael and Rebekah are a great couple!

  608. Rafael Acuna

    Erin and Jeremy please

  609. Debbie B.

    Rebekah and Michael

  610. Tammy L

    Michael and Rebekah! They have a servant’s heart and seek to bless others…

  611. Alissa

    Erin & Jeremy!!

  612. Nicole

    Erin and Jeremy

  613. Susan Sikes

    Michale & Rebekah!

  614. Christina

    Michael and Rebekah!

  615. Brandy

    Rebekah & Michael!! To be devoting the first 8 1/2mo of marriage ministering to orphans? Amazing!

  616. Nicholas

    Michael and Bekah

  617. Roxanne

    Erin & Jeremy, I love a good romance story

  618. Sally

    Erin and Jeremy

  619. Brian

    Erin & Jeremy

  620. SarahLee

    Rebekah and Michael! Congratulations to you all.

  621. Meghan

    Matt and Alice!!!!!

  622. Elliot

    Alice and Matt!!!

    Matt is a Marine. How can you NOT vote for them?

  623. Ili

    Michael and Rebekah!

  624. Travis

    Erin and Jeremy

  625. Courtney Wagner

    Rebekah and Michael :o)

  626. Beth

    Erin and Jeremy! :)

  627. Andrew

    Alice and Matt!

  628. kahpo

    Rebekah & Michael (Love any one who workes with orphaned childeren)

  629. sheryl

    Michael and Rebekah

  630. Allie

    Alice & Matt!

  631. kara lee

    Rebekah & Michael =D

  632. Aelinn

    Rebekah & Michael… I’m a sucker for dancing. And oh, yeah, that heart of service is pretty cool, too. :)

  633. Sombra

    Oh finding a photographer was the only thing I spent money on for my wedding.. and I was so disappointed in the results.. Please give Bekah and Michael wedding photos they’re cherish for their whole lifetime

  634. maria

    Erin & Jeremy :)






  635. Lydia

    erin and jeremy!

  636. Claire

    Michael and Rebekah

  637. Eric Lansing

    Rebekah and Michael! =)

  638. Chelsea Miller

    Michael and Rebekah!

  639. Annette

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael! =)

  640. Melissa Munson

    Erin and Jeremy because they sound like they deserve it the most!!

  641. Angie I.

    Michael and Rebekah please!

  642. Rachel R.

    Michael and Rebekah. I’ve seen those sweet Indian children. :)

  643. Mary

    Michael and Rebekah!

  644. ERICA

    eRin AND jErEmY!!!!

  645. JulieC

    Rebekah & Michael!

  646. A. Williams

    Erin and Jeremy for sure!!!!!!

  647. Adrienne D

    I vote for Michael and Rebekah.

  648. Allison W.

    Michael and Rebekah!!!!

  649. Charlotte Baker

    Michael and Rebekah! Thanks!

  650. Anne S.

    Michael and Rebekah!

  651. Cathy

    Rebekah & Michael

  652. Megan

    Erin and Jeremy

  653. Marie

    Erin & Jeremy

  654. Melissa B.

    Michael and Rebekah

  655. teresa

    rebekah and michael

  656. Stacey

    Erin & Jeremy!!

  657. JonathanH

    Rebekah and Michael!

  658. Amy Clifton Photography

    Erin and Jeremy. Their story brought tears to my eyes!

  659. Kendra L Neal

    Rebekah and Michael!!

  660. Kelly J

    Michael & Rebekah!!!!!!1

  661. O. Linde

    Micheal and Rebekah! :)

  662. A.W.

    Michael & Rebekah

  663. Michelle S

    Rebekah and Michael!!

  664. Emma

    Erin and Jeremy!!!!!

  665. emily

    Rebekah and Michael!

  666. Barbara

    I would love to see Michael and Rebekah win this prize

  667. Cherise

    Michael and Rebekah! :)

  668. Ethel

    Definitely Matt and Alice!!! :)

  669. roara

    erin & jeremy


  670. Nina

    erin and jeremy

  671. Julia

    Rebekah and Michael!

  672. Jennifer

    Michael and Rebekah deserve to be blessed with this gift as they are soon to be blessing others with their ministry in East Asia.

  673. Dan A

    Erin y Jeremy!

  674. Julie

    Rebekah Bentley and Michael McBride. How exciting it is to hear about how they will be serving in the orphanage! I too would love to see them blessed on their wedding day!

  675. holly

    Jeremy and Erin!

  676. cody nesper

    erin and jeremy

  677. Christie

    I cast my vote for Michael and Rebekah. I have known Rebekah for many years and have witnessed her dedication to minister to the children of India. What a beautiful gift for Rebekah and Michael as they begin their new life together.

  678. Kristy

    I vote for Michael and Rebekah!!

  679. Aino

    Jeremy and Erin!

  680. Nikki

    It would be awesome to see Michael and Rebekah win this prize!

  681. Mary Sue

    Michael and Rebekah!!

  682. ali

    Rebekah & Michael – they will be away from their families for so long..

  683. Charlyn

    Michael and Rebekah!

  684. C.M.

    Please choose Rebekah Bentley and Michael McBride!
    The sweet spirits of Michael and Rebekah are readily apparent… their willingness to give and serve others should be rewarded! Thank you for allowing their friends to be a small part of this “gift,” we hope they win!!

  685. Jared

    Erin and Jeremy!

  686. Dana

    Bekah and Michael!!
    I think that the fact that inspite of how bad the economy is that they still want to devote so much of their time ministering to others and doing so without any job guarentees and such they seem like a very deserving couple!!

  687. Luke

    Rebekah and Michael

  688. jan

    Erin and Jeremy, and congratulations!!

  689. Joe

    Michael & Bekah, definately!!!!

  690. Britt

    Erin and Jeremy. Beautiful people and a beautiful story.

  691. Mads

    Rebekah & Michael

  692. Charlotte

    Erin and Jeremy

  693. JB

    ERIN AND JERRY DOVER, aka Jeremy!!!

  694. Joey Olsen

    Erin and Jeremy for the win!

  695. Alyssa

    I vote for Erin and jermey because they are my mentors.I look up to them as my second pair of parents!! I love them both dearly and hope to grow with god the way they do together.

  696. K. Frank

    Erin and Jeremy

  697. Carrie


  698. Briana

    Jeremy & Erin! They are the greatest couple!

  699. Mike Freels

    Michael & Rebekah.

  700. Kevin

    JEREMY and ERIN all day!

  701. Jennifer

    Erin and Jeremy!!!!!

  702. Gabriel Peterson

    Erin & Jeremy

  703. Kristy

    ERIN AND JEREMY!!!! <3

  704. Adam

    Erin and Jeremy all the way!!

  705. Regina Alderman

    Rebekah & Michael.

  706. Kristin

    Erin and Jeremy!

  707. Paige Ready

    Erin and Jeremy!

  708. abby

    Erin and jeremy!

  709. Tonya N

    Erin and Jeremy!!!

  710. Allie H.

    Erin and Jeremy fo’ sure!!

  711. Stephanie H.

    Michael & Rebekah!

  712. Andrew

    Erin & Jeremy!

  713. Lexy

    Erin & Jeremy. Congratulations :)

  714. Hayley

    Erin and Jeremy, good luck you guys I wish you the best!

  715. Danae

    Erin and Jeremy!!!!

  716. Katelyn

    Erin and Jeremy

  717. Alicia greenleaf

    ERIN and JEREMY for EVER!!! Xox

  718. Sara

    Jeremy & Erin forever.

  719. Becky

    Erin and Jeremy, for sure!!

  720. taylor

    Erin and Jeremy!

  721. Krista

    I vote for Erin & Jeremy! I would love for them to win this prize.

  722. Jestin

    Erin & Jeremy

  723. K. R.

    Erin & Jeremy for sure

  724. Shelley Rittenbach

    Erin & Jeremy (isn’t it obvious?)

  725. KPR

    Erin and Jeremy

  726. Nick

    Erin & Jeremy

  727. Kristine

    Erin and Jeremy!

  728. Nick

    Erin and Jeremy!

  729. Courtney

    Erin & Jeremy!!!

  730. Franz Bodenmuller

    Erin and Jeremy

  731. AM

    Erin & Jeremy!!

  732. Jake

    Erin and Jeremy!

  733. Monique

    Erin & Jeremy!

  734. Jordan

    Erin and Jeremy

  735. jenni

    erin and jeremy! they are such wonderful, selfless people. <3

  736. Kayla

    Jeremy and Erin!

  737. Sarah

    Erin and Jeremy! :)

  738. Jerelyn Gentry


  739. Sarah

    Michael and Rebekah – they are so selfless!

  740. Christian

    Erin and Jeremy!!!

  741. Amanda G.

    Erin and Jeremy really deserve to win this! They are an amazing couple and they are so giving of themselves that they so deserve to have this given to them.

  742. Ali in WA

    Jeremy and Erin!

  743. Thomas

    Rebekah and Michael, ftw!

  744. Phillip Master

    Erin and Jeremy they rock the house twice!

  745. Nicholas L.

    Erin and Jeremy, because they are awesome.

  746. leonora

    erin and jeremy!

  747. MIchele

    Erin & Jeremy

  748. Allie

    Erin and Jeremy!!

  749. Ellen

    Michael and Rebekah

  750. becca

    Erin & Jeremy!!!

  751. Aaron Merritt

    I vote for Erin And Jeremy!

  752. Donn

    Erin and Jeremy because I will be officiating their wedding. And for every other reason.

  753. Karen Minard

    Erin & Jeremy, definitely! I’ve known Erin for a long time; she’s a wonderful person and friend. She’s so committed to going forward with life & marriage with Jeremy, and I would love to see such a deserving couple win this special prize!

  754. ilithya

    Erin and Jeremy. Lovely story!!

  755. K. Moore

    Erin & Jeremy!

  756. erino

    erin and jeremy; thats so sweet:)

  757. Nancy Haan

    Erin and Jeremy, for sure!!

  758. Terri from Events Extraordinaire

    Erin & Jeremy.
    Congratulations and good luck with this contest. I really hope you win.

  759. Kristen Moore

    Erin & Jeremy, definitely!

  760. erik

    erin and jeremy he’s wicked cool

  761. Tiffany

    Erin and Jeremy… a love story already written and will now be lived aloud.

  762. Dusty

    Michael and Rebekah McBride!!

  763. Molly

    Erin and Jeremy

  764. Paula

    Jeremy and Erin <3 Good luck!!!

  765. Jules

    Erin & Jeremy get my vote!!

  766. Casey

    Erin and Jeremy!!

  767. Amanda

    Erin and Jeremy. It’s meant to be.

  768. Hayley

    Erin and Jeremy!

  769. Nikki

    Erin and Jeremy

  770. Liz

    Erin and Jeremy, no question about it!

  771. Natasha

    Erin and Jeremy

  772. Diandra

    Erin and Jeremy!

  773. Sam

    Erin and Jeremy!

  774. Nancy Warehime

    Alice and Matt please!

  775. Jami

    Erin & Jeremy! Their story is amazing and just look at how cute they are!!!

  776. Ashley Townsend

    Erin and Jeremy! =)

  777. Chris

    Erin and Jeremy/I’m not sure if this counts as a vote, but I gave it a shot guys.

  778. Samantha

    Erin & Jeremy because they are the

  779. Mike Mason

    Erin and Jeremy!

  780. Kyrsten

    Michael & Rekah, for sure :)

  781. sam welch

    erin and jeremy

  782. Julie

    Erin and Jeremy. I’ve known Jeremy for a long time and this story is incredible! Congrats!

  783. kellyn

    Erin and Jeremy!!!

  784. Robert Carter

    Jeremy and Erin! =)

  785. Charlene

    Jeremy and Erin… and Congratulations

  786. jack frickin' hanley

    ERIN AND JEREMY RULE! they have both inspired me towards better living in different ways…if that aint worth a phototrapher, than i shouldn’t be voting

  787. Emmie

    Erin & Jeremy

  788. Becky

    I vote for Jeremy and Erin! I’ve known Jeremy since sophomore year of high school, and I’m SOOO happy for him and Erin both. I love their story! It sounds like it was just meant to be. :o)

  789. Carmela

    Erin & Jeremy! They do really deserve it!

  790. Maddie

    Erin and Jeremy all the way!

  791. J.L.M.

    erin and JERMMSSS

  792. Augusto

    Erin & Jeremy, congratulation!

  793. Tonia

    Erin and Jeremy

  794. Christian

    Jeremy & Eric, most definitely.

  795. Christian


  796. Stacy

    Erin & Jeremy!

  797. Jackie

    ERIN AND JEREMY!!!!!!!

  798. Candace

    Jeremy and Erin, of course.

  799. Tony

    Erin and Jeremy are my favorites

  800. Anna

    Erin and Jeremy

  801. Catherine Weightman

    Erin and Jeremy! Erin and Jeremy! Erin and Jeremy!
    Their wedding is sure to be a Divine event not to be missed. You can’t ask for anything more beautiful than Sonora in March as all the buds are bursting with dazzling possibility! Blessings and Good Luck to this beautiful couple as they prepare for their journey together!

  802. Trudy

    Jeremy & Erin

    A WONDERFUL Beginning for a truly Christian life.

  803. Rocky

    You best believe I’m votin for my main man Jeremy and his beautiful wife to be Erin.

    See you at the wedding Caroline!!


  804. Becca

    My vote is for Erin and Jeremy. An awesome story to illustrate how God can and does immeasurably more than we could ever imagine! Continue to put your hope and trust in Him:)

  805. Cammy Fumar

    Jeremy and Erin!!!! For the most deserving couple.

  806. Marti

    Yes, I vote for Erin and Jeremy. Their hearts are bigger than all outdoors! Honoring them, honors countless others in a way that can not be imagined.

  807. Amy L.

    Rebekah and Michael because they give so much of themselves to help assist others while living frugally.

  808. Sara McMillen

    Rebekah Bentley and Michael McBride!!! God bless you guys :)

  809. Wendy Yoder

    Rebekah and Michael!

  810. Leah Woolfenden

    I VOTE FOR REBEKAH & MICHAEL!!! They are such a sweet and awesome couple! The danceing will be amazing at that wedding. ;0) It’s been awhile since seeing you, but I love you Rebekah! God bless you both!

  811. Anthony

    Erin and Jeremy seem like very deserving people

  812. Megan

    Erin & Jeremy

  813. Becca

    All three sound like awesome couples, but I’ll vote for Rebekah and Michael.

  814. Anita W.

    Rebekah and Michael

  815. Kyle Murphy

    Erin and Jeremy

  816. tia reagan

    i vote for Jeromy and Erin….God bless their journey into life together!!!! T

  817. April

    Casting my vote for Erin & Jeremy!!!

  818. Karen

    Rebekah & Michael

  819. Karen

    Rebekah and Michael!

  820. dick

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael to win. Good people and worthy of winning.

  821. Micha

    Rebekah and Michael!!!

  822. Tammy Raetz

    Rebekah & Michael!

  823. Ellisa

    Rebekah and Michael – generous and deserving

  824. Sheri

    Rebekah & Michael

  825. Carrie

    Michael and Rebekah. They are a wonderful and selfless couple, and she is such a blesing in our lives!

  826. Sheryl

    Rebekah and Michael of course!

  827. A homeschool mom

    A vote for Michael & Rebekah because the luxury of wedding photos is clearly unaffordable but would be a significant gift for which they would give thanks for a lifetime.

  828. Chris

    I’m voting for Rebekah and Michael. God Bless this sweet couple!

  829. Cindi Bixler

    Rebekah Bentley and Michael McBride!!! Always seek God first!

  830. Sara

    Rebekah & Michael have my vote … they are an incredible couple and a blessing to so very many in our homeschooling group plus!

  831. Sara

    Rebekah & Michael

  832. Lauren Deel

    Rebekah and Michael!

  833. Javier

    Jeremy and Erin!!

  834. Susan H

    I have known Rebekah for several years and she is a very unselfish and giving person. I think they should be blessed with this gift because they have blessed so many other people!

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael!!!!!!!!

  835. Jennifer Wages

    Rebekah and Michael-they are such a blessing to many people.

  836. Carmen Madre

    Erin & Jeremy, of course

  837. Kim Rosen

    Rebekah and Michael…they truly deserve this on their special day!

  838. penny Metzinger

    Rebeka and Michael…. What a blessing it has been to watch this young lady grow up!!! She deserves this!!

  839. Amanda Riese

    Rebekah and Michael

  840. Sandra Kinnaman

    Michael and Rebekah!!!

  841. Jenny

    Erin and Jeremy – with big smiles and open hearts, these two will have a huge impact on the betterment of our society. best to you both!

  842. Rachel

    I vote for Rebekah and Michael. I have been greatly encouraged by the web site designed by Rebekah for her family’s business. I’d like to see her win this package for herself, but also to help out her family.

  843. Mary M.

    Rebekah & Michael! Of course!

  844. Nancy Hiett

    Rebekah and Michael

  845. Alison

    Erin and Jeremy

  846. Samantha

    Rebekah and Michael

  847. Yvonne

    Erin and Jeremy

  848. suzanne

    Rebekah and Michael!

  849. Karen

    Rebekah and Michael

  850. tara

    rebekah and michael

  851. Vicki

    Rebekah and Michael

  852. Rita

    All the couples seem very deserving, but my vote is for Rebekah and Michael.

  853. Emily

    Erin and Jeremy!

  854. Susan

    Rebekah and Michael

  855. Kimberly

    Rebekah and Michael

  856. Marie

    Michael and Rebekah have my vote!

  857. Justin Bishop

    Erin and Jeremy because they are great people

  858. Chris Scott

    Erin and Jeremy

  859. Tabitha

    Rebekah & Michael

  860. sabrina

    Rebekah & Michael

  861. Alison Overstrom

    erin + jeremy

  862. Michelle

    Rebekah and Michael

  863. Nicole

    Rebekah & Michael

  864. Diane Morrison

    Rebekah & Michael

  865. denise

    Rebekah and Michael

  866. Tabitha

    Rebekah and Michael are a very sweet couple!

  867. Dan Donlevy

    Erin and Jeremy

  868. Rebekah Bruce

    Rebekah and Michael

  869. Kris

    Michael and Rebekah!

  870. Lisa

    Rebekah and Michael

  871. Mattie

    Rebekah & Michael, they look so cute together!

  872. Kandice

    Erin & Jeremy

  873. Matt

    erin and jeremy!!!

  874. Sherry

    rebekah and michael

  875. Catherine Groenewold

    I vote for Erin and Jeremy!

  876. Gail Mayer

    Rebekah and Michael

  877. Amanda

    Rebekah and Michael, Sounds like they really deserve it!

  878. Kyle

    Rebekah and Michael

  879. Heather

    I vote for Rebekah & Michael!

  880. Anita

    I would like to vote for Rebeka and Michael. They deserve a free photo package because of their heart for ministry to children and lack of employment due to economic factors.

  881. Joshua Colburn


  882. Krista

    Rebekah and Michael – I love what they are dedicating their lives to, and that they are doing it right at the beginning of their marriage vs. waiting until they are old and gray. :)

  883. Amy

    Rebekah and Michael

  884. Ben

    Erin and Jeremy!

  885. John and Debbie

    Erin and Jeremy hands down!

  886. Sara Watson

    My vote is for Rebekah and Michael

  887. Cally

    Erin and Jeremy!

  888. Josh D

    Obviously Erin & Jeremy. It’s so obvious

  889. Anne

    Rebekah and Michael! They are an inspiration!

  890. Pam

    Rebeka and Michael

  891. Pat

    Rebekah and Michael

  892. Meredith Bain

    Rebekah and Michael!!!!!!!

  893. Christy

    Rebekah and Michael!

  894. Catherine Valentine

    Michael and Rebekah!

  895. Nick

    Erin and Jeremy

  896. Peg B

    Rebekah & Michael

  897. Kayla G

    Erin and Jeremy because they are the and I love them!

  898. tyler

    ERIN and JEREMY! 8)

  899. Faith

    Michael and Rebekah- they seem to have it all together and are willing to spend the first year of marriage in a very unselfish way, that is something you don’t see many couples do today.

  900. Tammy

    Rebekah and Michael

  901. Ruth

    Rebekah & Michael

  902. Jessica

    Erin and Jeremy!!

  903. Connie Wojcik

    Rebekah and Michael….wonderful couple !

  904. Lexi

    erin and jeremy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  905. Robin

    Rebekah and Michael!!

  906. Ava J-C

    Rebekah and Michael!

  907. Julie

    Rebekah and Michael!

  908. Mat

    Rebekah & Michael

  909. justice s

    erin and jeremy!!
    they are truely the perfect couple! they are a true love at first sight story. they true care for one another :)
    they have shown me what true love is.
    plusss their wedding will be stunning and beautiful to photograph :D
    pick them!!!!!!

  910. J danielle

    erin and jeremy because they are the perfect couple and addorable.
    plus they are super photogenic :)

  911. V

    Erin and Jeremy! Such great people!

  912. TX

    erin & jeremy

  913. Sara

    rebekah and michael!!

  914. Becky Mihill

    Rebekah and Michael

  915. Dani

    Rebekah and Michael!

  916. Michelle

    Rebekah and Michael!

  917. Renay Hartman

    Rebekah and Michael!!!! They are an incredible couple! They have made a huge difference in the lives of my children and they are adorable!

  918. Donna Diaz

    Rebekah and Michael

  919. Jake

    Rebekah and Michael

  920. Michelle

    Rebekeh and Michael

  921. Bria

    Michael and Rebekah for their selfless lives of service.

  922. Susannah

    I vote Rebekah and Michael!! :)

  923. Julie

    Rebekah and Michael

  924. Michael Hartman

    Rebekah and Michael! They are wonderful and would make a beautiful couple to photograph!

  925. Lori

    Rebekah and Michael

  926. Anne

    Rebekah and Michael

  927. Tim Mihill

    Rebecca and Micheal I hope you get the photography services. GBY!

  928. Ben

    Rebekah & Michael!

  929. Mary

    Rebekah and Michael!!!

  930. Abigail Hartman

    I love Miss Rebekah she is my favorite teacher!

  931. Becky M

    Rebekah and Michael!

    May God bless you in your plans to head over seas. :)

  932. Jamie

    Erin and Jeremy. They both serve others and are so so excited to be getting married!

  933. Esther Mello

    I vote for Erin and Jeremy. I caught them in front of Togos one day talking over lunch and he constantly looked her in the eyes when they talked. “Oh my goodness”, I thought, this guy is totally in love….He cannot take his eyes off of this woman. He seemed to really be listening. Listening is good. Of course she does sing like an angel. They are one beautiful couple inside and out!!!

  934. Kayleigh Torres

    Go Erin and Jeremey!

  935. REL

    Rebekah and Michael because they come highly recommended from a friend

  936. Sarah G

    ERIN AND JEREMY!! They are the best!!

  937. Stephanie


  938. Teresa

    Rebekah and Michael :D

  939. tami lewis

    Michael and Rebekah get my vote

  940. Pi Lar

    Erin and Jeremy

  941. Holly H.

    Erin & Jeremy! They are fantastic and creative!

  942. Linz

    Rebekah & Michael!!

  943. Anita Crookshank

    Way to go -I’m voting for Michael & Rebekah, they deserve to be able to go home for Christmas!!!!!So sorry I didn’t speak to you earlier, I would like to see them have a debt free honeymoom

  944. Tina

    Michael and Rebekah!

  945. Jenny

    Rebekah and Michael – I would love them to have beautiful pictures of their wedding especially since they will be leaving this country to minister to children in Asia. This would be a wonderful and lasting keepsake of their special day!

  946. Teresa

    Rebekah and Mickael! They are always putting others first, and will really appreciate such a blessing!

  947. Karissa

    Rebekah and Michael

  948. David Petersen

    Rebekah and Michael!

  949. Andrew

    Rebekah & Michael!

  950. J.J.

    I’ve known Rebekah for a few years. She is kind and thoughtful and a hard worker. I’ve met Michael, and together they create such a happy vibe you just want to be around them! It is wonderful to see such a deep and peaceful love between a couple in an era when relationships run hot and fast and fizzle when the newness is gone. This is a bond that will last for eternity.

  951. C

    Rebekah & Michael

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